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  1. #189346: CD: 7 + 1(ACC) = 8 (Hit) DMG: 4 * 2 = 8 DMG
  2. After hearing everyone talk little more about their personal life she gives another smile before Astreya dragged another one towards them. With time though she would attack it but before she charged the same sword art. This time though it would hit and deal it’s max damage to the boarlet. “Well that’s easy. To bad” Etherial didn’t mind. She actually was more interested in becoming a support than dealing ton of damage. But for now she’ll be content with doing what she’s doing. “I’ll have to agree it be easier if we did them one at a time. Considering that I can only deal a max of
  3. With no time to waste she went to unsheathe her rapier, charging up her sword art she would target it at one of the boarlets that was hanging around the area. Unfortunately she missed it. Although it was a miss it didn’t bring her down at all. It was actually to be expected for someone like her with her stats to not hit her target instantly. “Awe. I missed. I’ll get it next time.” She smiles a little. The next thing she notice was the red haired girl pulling right next to her with her sword already out and ready to go. It was no doubt she was ready to defeat this quest as much as she did.
  4. Listening to the two of them talk as she sees Astreya point in the general direction. It was here on out she started to move little faster than normal. Seeing the forest and a few boar and other creatures hanging around the outskirts of it. Looking to the right though is a open field with more mob that wasn’t as important at the moment. Looking behind her real quick to see where the other two are at compare to her she was shocked to see them still right behind her. The only thing now is the fighting part of the quest. “I hope you brought you’re a-game on. We’re going boar hunting” As
  5. She smiles a little before being waves on into the door. It wasn’t often that she would have to deal with a grumpy person offering quest. But this didn’t really bother her at all. The only thing interesting for her is the quest. After accepting the quest she looked over at the two. “You guys ready?” She grabs onto her rapier as she starts heading toward the door. Now the only thing she needs to worry about is what’s going to be ahead. Fighting boars shouldn’t be to difficult. But she’ll find out when she’s out there on the field. “So… where are we heading to? You probably know the wa
  6. HP: 80/80 | EN: 26/26 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 3| MIT: 5 | Para: 2 Etherial waited as her new friend Astreya was suppose to meet up with her to do another quest. But this time they would have another person joining them. From what she heard about this quest even low levels kind of have issues fighting the mobs. But that shouldn’t stop her from completing it. After all there’s going to be two of them working on it. As she sees the two approach she hear Astreya shout out something but as they got closer she heard her clear as day. Then the introduction between the two of
  7. She didn't mind being a solo player. But with her goal she figured it's a best time to look for a guild. After all most frontline teams are group up with people they're comfortable with fighting right? She looked up and notice him almost slipping then hear him call it out. "Thanks..." She said as she continued to climb up eventually getting over the ledge and stand right beside Val. Dusting off her dress she looked around. It was quite impressive to see a compound all the way up here on a mountain like this. The young girl stared into the the area for a little longer. "I just
  8. She paused for a moment. The location for the server and shutting down the game. She thought for a second. “You don’t think they already found it but can’t shut it down without risking our lives, do you?” She thinks carefully. “I mean think about it. If you shut the server down that is almost like ripping the Nerv Gear off our head which is an instant death. They probably have to wait for us to defeat the game before they can do anything with the server.” It was not too much longer until they reach Zak’s shop as she walked up to the door once more. This time with all her materials require
  9. She smiled before nodding. It was only a matter of time, before she'd finish this quest and. In the matter of walking back she looked over at her friend. "I might need a lot of people to help with that project but it might help figure out why people like us join this game and how can we help someone if this happens again. " She pauses for a moment. "Matter of fact I don't think there will be another time..." Of course they wouldn't know. It's something the government probably already thought about but haven't put into a law yet. They're probably waiting for the survivor
  10. It was nice to see her happy. Although just studying psychology can lead you to many thing, going for Neuroscience first seems to get you into another world. “You know. As much as this sounds terrible. The Game Master has a perfect experiment with all of us. If only he was someone like me that was interested in a brain and not just wanting us to play in ‘his world’.” It didn’t sound to bad if everyone here agreed on doing it as long as they were able to log out. Kind of like what would it be like to live inside a game but able to take care of your actual body with it. It’s something that
  11. She looked at her. It wasn't like her parents absolutely forcing her to do this. "No actually... Being stuck in here I was curious about everyone's brain and what's it going through while we're in this endless slumber. Are people going though depression or are the excited. There's actually been things on here where some people this was the best thing they've ever did because they found their significant other. Other's it was ther worst thing ever... I guess for me It's a toss up. I haven't found my significant other here but I also can't say I'm sad." She left that note after finding he
  12. While spotting another herb she was listening to what the black hair girl had to say. And she had to agree with it. But still no one should think they're not smart because they don't know math or science. But then she talked about Zack. Listening to his story made her think about what her parents wanted her to do. "To be honest. My parents wanted me to do something with medical. Like a doctor or a nurse. I told them 'I'll do medical but I wanted to be a Neuroscientist.'" she said "I always enjoy studying about someone's brain. I was thinking about doing psycology but I want to exam
  13. She smiled a little. Nothing feels more awkward hearing someone telling her that she’s a smart person. She doesn’t think anyone isn’t smart it just takes time and focus to be successful. “Thanks… But don’t let yourself down. Everyone can be smart. You just have to push yourself into doing what you want to do in your life.” With that thought she continued on until she found more herbs that she attempts to pull but failed. It’s coming to the point now where no matter what the game decides to roll it doesn’t want her to finish the quest any time soon. But for now, she would continue mov
  14. She laughed with her as they continued to look as there was one directly next to it a couple of feet always. But as always it didn’t want to budge. Getting up off the ground and brushes the dust off of her she continues on with what they were talking about. “I was always interested in how the brain worked. So I started looking up degrees I could go for and Neuroscience was the one. I’m not sure what path I want to go down with after. A lot like to be brain surgeons but I don’t want to go to deep into the medical. I enjoy the sciences.” But before she was able to continue she decided
  15. She laughed a little while they talked about these boys of theirs. It wasn’t to often you’re able to have these conversations and it actually make searching herbs fun after a while. “Hey you know Zack doesn’t sound like a bad guy. He just wanted to spend all the time with you.” The only thing that she had to go with Alex was the times they spent hanging out for student council . Then it hit her. College… She wasn’t ready for it since being trapped in here. Knowing how things going to be if they ever leave the game the government will shoved all the survivors that are minors into a sc
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