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  1. Although the quest did seem as exciting as Lugi would have hoped he still wanted to get this so called “EXP” that this quest had to offer. Even though it seemed simple enough to collect some materials off the ground, it was surprisingly difficult to find any. Hoping that his brother might have had some better luck he turns to him only to find that this task might be a lot harder than what he first though. “It seems like we both are not the best at looking for some supposedly “easy to find” materials. Let’s give it another shot and perhaps try to be a bit more perceptive.” Who would have though
  2. Happy to see his brother in high spirits and ecstatic to finally find the reason why the only thing he can cook is a disgusting mush. “It seems like we should find a way to finish as many missions as possible to be able to reach our previous level of cooking. I have also heard of this fellow Zackariah, he’s an old man that makes something called “HP Potions”, I will lead the way.” Patting his brother on the back he starts walking in the direction of the old man’s shop. The way to the shop is littered with roadside attractions and merchants selling their wares. Finally reaching an old building
  3. Having come to terms with the system and not being able to cook anything worthwhile, Lugi stares into the horizon with no real motivation. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye he spots a system notification, it seems to be a message from his younger brother, he wants to meet at the plaza and start a quest. Seeing his brother finally surpass the misery he was in for the past two years gave Lugi the motivation he needed to start doing what this cursed game wanted. Walking towards the plaza he got to see many enjoyable sights, from merchants selling their wares to blacksmiths hammering
  4. Profile Username: The_Infuser Real Name: Lugi Locatelli Age: 38 Gender: Male Height: 5’8’’ /179cm History & Personality. From a young age Lugi had a fascination with cooking and found he had a talent for it together with his younger brother Antonie who he loved cooking with. While growing up they both proved themselves as talented chefs. While Antonie always went by the book, Lugi was always trying out new ideas which although looked horrific, they ended up tasting like a 5-star meal and would even make critics question their beliefs. For this reason, Lugi was nickname
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