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  1. "Everything here looks about right, yup." YOUR EVALUATION HAS BEEN APPROVED BY CHASER.
  2. Once Lucky was done with the quest, Chase expected her to hype over everything a bit, but she seemed to slow down for a more... friendly, so to speak, approach. He looked at her with a small, soft smile and gave her a nod. "Yeah, sure thing. If you want to keep going today, I can. Just let me bring Blizz first. We can go look for... whatever fire thing you have in mind.", he offered her and grinned, opening up his friends list and sending her a request quickly. He didn't expect things to roll around so well, but it seemed to do him good to hang around (different) people every now and then
  3. Her compliments did make him blush, zipping his jacket a bit and just smiling once he'd stuffed his face somewhere in the upright collar. "... Thank you.", he quietly said. It wasn't every day someone complimented him despite quite literally putting his life on the line on the daily, but he definitely loved the feeling of being cheered on after doing something good. And looking back, this was beyond good, this was an actual accomplishment worthy of praise too. By the time that he was comfortable enough and not with visibly red cheeks again, he looked over at her to see whether he could gi
  4. "Everything here looks about right, yup." YOUR EVALUATION HAS BEEN APPROVED BY CHASER.
  5. Chase scratched his chin, certain that the previous quests used to reward damage and mitigation consumables. Maybe he just wasn't remembering correctly, but the boar ones should have gone that way... If they didn't, Kayaba definitely messed that up. By the time he could decide he just didn't remember though, the bluehead realised the elder was already holding the fishing rod firmly and preparing to get the swordfish out of the waters. He would have handled the fishing himself, but the fisherman seemed to be ignoring him, as though he wasn't even present. That was definitely odd, as he rem
  6. The size that familiars could take up was honestly very up for debate, as he himself had never seen one exceeding Chase's, certainly not by a lot if any. They tended to be around the size of a puppy, so she would be disappointed with how 'big' it could become, but such is life in the flying castle. "Mm... They get friendly as you stay with them. We could find something in the 9th Floor, probably.", he thought aloud and started heading into the Town of Beginnings again, back to where Zackariah was originally. "The 9th floor is like a hot, barren wasteland. But it has a lot of rock creatur
  7. ChaseR

    3.1.1 Patch Notes

    Heyo! This patch isn't quite as big as the rest, but we've got interesting things lined up regardless- Custom Skills mostly! With this update, Custom Skills are being put back into play but with some rules to them to keep the process much more clear cut and easy to follow. So let's get down into the nitty gritty of things! Custom Skills So, first things first. The big stuff, every single CS that existed prior to 3.1.1 needs to be resubmitted for approval in order to be usable again. This is because the rules around Custom Skills have changed. You can find them in their [respective se
  8. It should have been decided by now. Chase couldn't understand girls- specifically Lucky. "Ah? N-No, don't worry, anything that's out of house is resting. I've slept so hard the last few weeks that I feel even just sitting here is productive. You're scared of the boars anyways, for good reason. If it helps, then I'm fine with it.", he tried to comfort her and make her feel like less of a burden, because he really didn't get why she felt so insistent on blaming herself for everything. "You apologize too much. That's why I feel tense around you, probably.", he huffed and shook his head, stre
  9. The age of my grandson? Well Erebus is about twenty five now, if I recall correctly?". Ah, so he was a wimp. The very idea of Chase leaving his own grandpa to do something like quite literally go around slashing things in his stead made him shake to the very core, but he wasn't one to comment on others behaviors' when his was just barely fixed as of recent. "Uuh, thank you, thank you.", he accepted the congratulatory words from the elder, smiling awkwardly at him. The whole scenario still felt rather unrealistic, but it was happening alright. He knew he recognised that company name somewh
  10. Ah... Safe, sound and 'fed'. Fed, huh? "W-Well, actually familiars in SAO don't need to be fed, that's mostly a vanity effect and they can sustain themselves off of no food from the minute that they're tamed, even if they can also eat food normally...", he grumbled under his breath, unsure if Lucky would hear it or not. The last thing he wanted was to be outed as a god horrible pet owner though, he really did feed it from time to time, but that was mostly to reassure himself he was doing an acceptably okay job. "Uuuhhh left for right?"... Wh-What was that supposed to mean. The material? "
  11. There was something endearing about the way that Marius spoke, and then there was the more modern vocabulary even Chase himself wasn't used to. In a way, it made his soul crawl right up his spine and fly out of his body to the high heavens. It felt so wrong to see someone the elder's age speak like that and behave... well... more casually than he initially anticipated. Yeah, definitely that. "Ah, good to meet you Mr. Marius. I'm ChaseR. Just Chase works.", he blurted out and shared an awkward laugh, stretching a hand out to shake his hand. "I'm Para-", hold on. He wouldn't even know what
  12. Now that she'd turned the quest in and had just a little bit more of Lyle's perfectly lovable attitude, Chase led her to the teleportation plaza and looked back to make sure she was still following along. He figured she wouldn't have used one in the past, so with a scratch of his chin he opened up his menu and looked through his inventory before closing it again. "So, this thing. You step on it, say a name, and it teleports you to that floor's settlement for free. So we can go straight to the 21st floor where my house is." And so, he stepped on it and gestured her to come close. When she
  13. Chase shook his head at her, laughing awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "W-Well, don't worry about it. I'm not a very good pet owner, so I've kinda... kept him at home for a large part since picking him up. I'm horrible at watching out for the little guy and I don't want him getting hurt. So most of the time when I'm home I'm with him, and when I go run errands he's waiting for me. I do bring him out when others have familiars too, but... I don't want him getting hurt, so~..." In his mind, all he was doing was admitting to having neglected his (thankfully virtual) pet. If he ne
  14. There wasn't anything more fitting he could do but stay silent. He looked at her quietly, as if agreeing and looking up at the clear, dusky sky. "...", silence took over the scene and he just let out a sigh, looking back down at her. Normally he'd feel cynical and make fun of the whole sappiness, but it was clear she was serious. He could resonate to an extent with her, and there wasn't much he could say other than 'me too.'. But he really didn't feel like standing around, wishing for things to happen. He'd rather go and cause everything to fall in place for himself. "I wished for Lily to
  15. <<The Third Lesson>> Just having finished cleaning his workshop up and putting everything in some form of order, Chase happened to stumble upon one of the oddest, most out there scenes possible. He was heading back to the teleport plaza to head home on the 21st, when he managed to spot what seemed like a grandpa, walking around fully armored and with a weapon on his back too. "What in the mother of..." And here he was, thinking aloud about how to pick up the final lesson quest. He was truly speechless. One day, he'd seen a tiny gremlin of a child and began to think how ou
  16. Chase nodded along, quietly listening to her. Bar the few people he'd met here that were either actually Japanese and didn't know English so well, or just obsessed with Japanese, he hadn't ever heard about it in any detail, so it was interesting. Then again, he wasn't going there any time soon, so it wasn't making a big difference to him. "Ah... Mine's more boring. I've lived in the states since forever, and... Yeah. I've this one friend since being a kid, Lily, and she's very kind. She kept me company throughout the years because I suck at socializing. She doesn't, but she isn't very compatib
  17. As they moved slightly more to the side, the boy took his blade back out of the earth as it slowly closed back up, sheathing his weapon once again and moving further to the side with her. And then, a sudden plop with his rear before they were both sitting down on the ground next to one another. The pat felt more like a relaxed gesture than anything else, so that was relieving. "Ah, right. Sorry.", he briefly apologised before reaching his own hand out and shaking hers. "It's ChaseR. But my name is Chase. Happy to meet you, Lucky.", he gave her a brief smile before sliding open his menu an
  18. Her antics didn't go noticed this time around by Chase as he only caught sight of her once she started to crawl back out of the foliage, but he heard her loud and clear. "I mean... Cardinal doesn't get in everyone's way or anyone's way... most of the time or always even. So it was probably just coincidence.", he said and crossed both of his arms, kicking some grass and scouting the fields once more. There were slightly less boars and players around, having all decided to retreat or take themselves elsewhere. Regardless, more peace and quiet. Maybe not the best match for how little convers
  19. Chase wanted to correct her and press a bit more on the matter, but he got a quick flashback of what happened last time he pulled this, a much more vivid one at that, and it was enough to just freeze him right in his tracks and make his heart skip a bit. He guiltily looked to the side, letting out a sigh and just nodding. "Y-Yeah. Whenever you think you can compensate, just tell me.". All he would need would be a few materials, he always ran his store cheap. No more than 3, hell, even 2 would do. But better not start asking for it again. The bluehead did his best to just mask his guilty s
  20. "Everything here looks about right, yup." YOUR EVALUATION HAS BEEN APPROVED BY CHASER.
  21. The boy's face soured a bit. He hadn't lost anyone yet, but he remembered that time back in Valhalla when almost he died because his party wasn't being careful enough. With a groan, he scratched the back of his head and looked up at the sky. "... Shit. Sorry.", he grumbled and continued to listen to her, just tried to avoid eye contact. Thankfully, he was still taking notes of all the game's systems and had used his basement as the library for all things Aincrad, so that could probably help her. "I've gone around and looked for every single skill in the game. People that have them and use
  22. Her behavior so far and the way she acknowledged she's participated in as few fights as possible, maybe she just wasn't suited for combat. He knew a few people like that, like that sleazeball Sven, that midget cook with the cart, and a few more. A lonely month though? "Lonely? They never came back once they were done here, or... did they..?", he quietly asked, looking at her with furrowed brows and a bit of worry for what she'd say in response. As for no battling... That could work. Hell, that might as well be a better outcome than another battle-crazed player. "Mm... It's not bad if you
  23. Lucky's question almost snapped Chase out of this poor attitude again and got him to stop, look at her and space out. What did he want to do when he started playing? He always wanted to be of help to others, but having cowered in an inn for a good few years didn't really do him good. Was it years though? Or was it months, hell, even weeks and he just thought it too long? Despite the questions he was drowning himself with, he didn't externalise it in his expression too well because he ended up just looking down at the grass wide eyed like a fish for a good minute or so. "I was sitting in s
  24. The question took Chase by surprise, but more than anything else he just looked at one of the boars, down at his own literal jacket for armor he was wearing, and then back at Lucky. "N-No, the red just means they're mobs. There's not enough of us for all of them to have killed, and them... They uh. Do you have mitigation on your armor? They can't damage you if you have a single slot at the lowest level. They suck.", he told her with a sigh, scratching the back of his head. It was a very odd question for a newbie, and it's not that he wanted to belittle her, but maybe she was being a bit d
  25. Although her remark could have been seen by rude, it'd be hypocritical of Chase to take offense. He was so much worse when he started out since going into the game and even further back. It was only recently that he could speak without offending anyone and everyone at the same time with his remarks, crassness and overall tone. "Ye, take your time.", he told her and yawned, putting both hands behind his head and looking up at the sky quietly. "Oh?", he heard her and turned to the side, giving her a nod when she mentioned the gathering task she was given. He simply smiled again and just sta
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