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  1. If Daemien's mobile shop was Aincrad's best example of minimalism, Cintamani was the opposite. Bahr had taken notice of its arrival when he started catching alluring whiffs of freshly brewed coffee on his way to the Crusty Bahrnacle. More than once he'd found himself wanting to take a look around inside, but never really felt like he'd had the time. Today, he'd resolved to leave his residence extra early, just so he could afford to swing by and grab a brew on the way to work. And boy, was he happy that he had. In some ways, the shop reminded him of his own. Rich colors, quality handc
  2. It was... a campfire. Just a campfire. Not a giant to-do like Bahr had become so accustomed to with next door neighbor's shop. But as he and Oscar weren't seeing eye to eye at the moment, Bahr saw it fit to search for his meals elsewhere. It just so happened that he found just such a place, albeit on accident, off the beaten path and hidden away in a busty thicket. It was the smoke that had made him curious, the smell that had beckoned him closer, and finally the revealed arrangement beyond the row of bushes that left him gaping in awe that the surprisingly mobile business the young man h
  3. DYNASTY | Approved. Total EXP: 3000 Total SP: 35 Current Level: 7 Notes: Good to go.
  4. Thread Complete Thread Net Gains - 824 EXP (1 page) - 906 col (1 page) - (1) Demonic Shard - US Roll Requested US Roll: ID# 189397 results: Battle: 5, Craft: 8, Loot: 20, MOB: 1 Reroll Attempt: ID# 189398 results: Battle: 7 MOB: 10 (Beserker Claimed)
  5. After walking for what felt like forever, Bahr found himself back at the entrance to the dungeon. As he peered up those steps to the gleaming light that sat at the top, he pondered staying within its cool depths for a bit longer. But, in the end, he was tired. Not because it had been a particularly exhausting day, just because... this place seemed to have that sort of effect. It kept him on edge. Tense, pensive, on high alert. And while that was, at one point, a feeling that he cherished, he no longer did. He just wanted to relax. At whatever rate, he'd managed to score a nice treasure fo
  6. It wasn't the fact that other Players had had access to this sort of thing and he hadn't. Well, that was at least a part of it. There certainly was an aspect of jealousy to the whole thing, if he was being truly honest with himself. But more than that, Bahr wondered how many Players had met their end when they might not have needed to. How many deaths could have been prevented by access to this sort of item? Countless, he was sure. Not everyone in Aincrad was blessed with the sort of kit that Bahr had. There were tons of Players - even on the Frontlines - who were running around with Perfect g
  7. It was something called a Demonic Shard. The system promised that, apparently, one could collect enough to upgrade an item from Perfect quality to Demonic. He'd just found a priceless treasure. "All of that time I spent grinding events to assemble my gear, and a way to grind it out was sitting right under our noses the whole time." He was excited and annoyed all at the same time. On the one hand, this meant he had the potential to really control his build now. On the other hand, it meant that he probably did have such a capability all the while, and had simply failed to investigate i
  8. He picked up the small ornament and inspected it, taking note of the subtleties in its shape and coloration. It was violet in color, crossed with streaks of corruption; like an amethyst left to rot. He turned it over in his fingers and tested its shiny surface against whatever little light existed in the dungeon. From what he could tell, there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Just a rock in a chest, as though it was supposed to mean something. But just because his eyes couldn't deduce the true value of the object didn't mean the system couldn't provide more enlightening insight. A tap
  9. When he felt content in that there were no traps along the walls of the room, he made his way back to the chest that filled its center. Even after having conducted his inspection, he still felt apprehensive about opening it. He felt confident in his search, but he'd felt confident the first time as well. And sure, he could handle the mobs that started to pour into the room if the chest was indeed trapped. At least, presumably, he could. There was still no guarantee there, either. But, eventually, that nagging got the best of him and he flung the chest wide open, immediately grabbing the s
  10. It did seem, though, that the nagging had gotten through to him to at least some peripheral extent. Because as he rounded a corner and came upon yet another suspicious chest room, he couldn't help but feel himself drawn in by it. The mystique, the intrigue, the possibility of fortune. He'd never been a vain sort of person, and felt no tinglies at the sight of a horde of col or gold. But there was something about rare items that really did it for him. And if the last room was a fluke and this one could provide something a tad more tantalizing then, well, maybe it was worth it to check it out.
  11. There was a part of him - the more primal side - which seemed to nag at him for doing so. Dive forward and into the fray, it seemed to say. You used to do it all the time, and you turned out just fine. What's the worry? You'll be okay, and keep it together, just like you always have. But that part of him was a liar. This was uncharted territory, and the only reason he'd managed to come out alive on the other side of so many conflicts prior was due to the hard work and diligence of the prioneers that came before him. The ones that tested the waters, discovered what did or didn't work, and
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