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  1. The duo made their way through the dimly lit streets of the city, heading towards Raidou's estate as Pinball guided them. Bahr's determined strides led the way, with Pinball trailing behind, his cloak concealing his form as they approached their destination. As they neared the imposing residence, Pinball deactivated his Tracking skill, and his eyes shifted to a more muted hue. He intended to maintain a watchful eye on their surroundings while Bahr took the lead in the upcoming confrontation. It made sense, Bahr supposed, that his companion would err on the side of caution, being that his
  2. Bahr nodded thoughtfully as he absorbed Pinball's assessment of the situation. He knew better than to underestimate the potential consequences of Raidou's actions, and Pinball's hunch about the lack of a clear endgame resonated with his own concerns - although Bahr had his own opinions on the matter. The notion that Raidou might be trying to do the right thing in his own way was a point of contention for both of them. Bahr had seen enough of the world's complexities to understand that good intentions didn't always lead to positive outcomes. The scowl that briefly marred Pinball's features
  3. As Elora's expression deteriorated into sour disappointment, so too did Bahr's conviction falter. His eyebrows furrowed into a concerned curve, before a twinge of annoyance contorted them. Her struggle was palpable, and he knew that navigating the challenges of Aincrad could be overwhelming, especially for a player like her who had recently seen a significant increase in rank. He listened carefully to her words, her admission of feeling inexperienced and unprepared for the responsibilities that came with her newfound status. Bahr could sense her determination, even in the face of self-dou
  4. A protracted silence hung between them, a quiet tension that was broken only when Pinball finally spoke. "Would it surprise you if I told you I was just feeling lonely?" The playful tone in Pinball's voice was a rare departure from their usual exchanges. In response, Bahr cracked a wry grin. "Lonely, huh?" he replied, voice laced with mock concern. "Well, I know I'm not exactly the most comforting company. But I'm here, aren't I?" Bahr took another sip of the underwhelming elven brew, his eyes fixed on Pinball as the scout finally revealed the reason for their meeting - the enig
  5. Mirrored bulbous reflections of text bounced from Bahr's amber orbs as they skittered across Pinball's message. It had been some time since he'd heard from the coal-haired youth. And while his impersonal tone of his message belied any sense of camaraderie, at least this time Bahr could get a drink out their correspondence. It wasn't like he was going to find what he was looking for here, anyway. Once the location data had integrated into his navigation, Bahr dispelled the fluorescent panel with a practiced flick of his wrist. With a soft huff, he pushed his prone body away from the damp,
  6. "A way out? Nah, you've got it all wrong! I'm not looking for a way out, just for my..." Admittedly, Bahr sort of tuned her out. He wasn't particularly interested in whatever excuses she was concocting. The unwavering shimmer of anxiety in her eyes, coupled with the innocuous equipment, gave Bahr all of the information he needed. If she were in trouble, he would help her - regardless of however coy she wanted to act about it. "I'm Elora, by the way --" Sheepishly, he saw a small hand extended toward him. "Bahr," he replied, extending one of his own palms to meet with hers.
  7. Bahr had attempted to set himself up to be more difficult to hit, but it appeared his efforts had been futile. The line Koga carved straight through him sent his health bar plummeting at an alarming rate. Whatever small measure of time the Stun had been afflicted against him, it had been more than enough to allow Koga to close the small distance that had existed between them. Again his HUD breedled at him, this time indicating two other statuses. Burn and Rend. He could feel the heat inside of him, whatever amalgamation of ones and zeros comprised the interior of his torso. Did he even t
  8. She stumbled backward, crashing into him with all the ferocity and elegance of a lost baby walrus. With a thud, her back connected with his chest for the briefest of moments, the impact swaying his frame with all the force and grace of an angel's fart, before she recoiled as though her spine had met with hot coals. She spun in a most ungracious manner, screaming some sort of animalistic, shrill howl that made Bahr's skin crawl the same way nails on a chalkboard might. She brandished a weapon - polearm - and pointed it in the swordsman's face. Bahr cocked his head as curses escaped her lips, he
  9. It was almost amusing how unaware they were. And loud. If they had any intention of concealing themselves, they were doing a piss-poor job of it. But something told Bahr that they hadn't the faintest care in the world. After all, it was only the eighth floor, right? It couldn't possibly be that dangerous, right? Bahr could have struck them all down where they stood. Not that he had any intention of doing so - it was just the fact that he could. Player Killers didn't abide by the guidelines of system-sanctioned duels. There was nothing here protecting them from someone like Bahr other than
  10. Bahr walked alongside the swordsman, studying him as his eyes darted frantically around the square. He cocked his head as he examined Koga, noting the unease and anxiousness the youth hid behind his hardened facade. He may not have flinched physically when Bahr approached, but it was clear that he was out of his comfort zone. Curious. Blue hues ignited beneath Koga's feet, briefly illuminating his figure before dissipating once more. An activation of some sort of skill, surely. And judging by the stiffness of his stance, a defensive one, at that. He aimed to punish Bahr for attacking
  11. Bahr stood with an open stance, steadying his breathing as the clock counted down. 3. He crouched slightly, bending at the knees but keeping his shoulders square. He leaned forward with anticipation, arms hanging loosely off to either side as he sized up his mark. 2. Fingers tightened around the hilt of Forgotten King's Spite. Bahr's view narrowed down into a razor focus. All that existed now was him and his opponent. 1. This was it. Fight! In a blistering display of agility, Bahr closed the distance between himself and his adversary in the blink of an e
  12. Things were going well so far. More or less according to Bahr's estimations. If they could keep things going at this pace, it was unlikely the frostbitten warrior would last longer than the next few attacks. A shame for extrapolating more info, but something told Bahr that they weren't going to be getting much out of him anyway. As the NPC reeled from Morningstar's attack, Bahr sailed in for a follow up. He arched his arm back and high above his head, threatening to bring Forgotten King's Spite down on the man's head. Predictably, he raised his shield as though to block Bahr's strike, but
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