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  1. "Uh, hey. Would you mind if we went inside? We could grab something warm to drink or something. Because it's kind of chilly out here, and, I'm, uh, not wearing actual pants." As though on cue, Bahr's mismatched eyes flickered down to her exposed appendages, where they lingered a tad longer than most would consider polite. Whether clothed or not, he couldn't help but appreciate her features. Though, once he'd found the good sense to actually respond, he did so with but a short nod and an awkward, affirming grunt of some sort. My, how articulate he'd been this entire encounter. He foll
  2. He would be lying if he said that the message hadn't given him pause. While he'd been rather candid about his victory over the Forgotten Time King, he was certain he hadn't shared many of the more uncomfortable aspects of that experience with Lessa. He'd won, but there'd been a cost associated with it. A psychological toll that he'd hardly had the time to process, let alone share with anyone else to a meaningful degree. But if she was going, it necessitated his attendance as well. What they were to face was a powerful enemy, and he couldn't bear the thought of letting her go it alone. Wh
  3. Item Name: Bloodstained Coat Item Tier: T4 Item Type: Cloth Armor Item Enhancements: MIT/EVA/Holy Blessing/Risky Description: "The pure iron content deposited into this crimson coat from the blood that has soaked its fabric has made it firm and durable. The wearer need not fear harm." Item converted to Light Armor using Paragon Equipment Change Ticket. Risky incompatible with Light Armor. Changed to MIT. Item Name: Bloodstained Coat Item Tier: T4 Item Type: Light Armor Item Enhancements: MIT/MIT/EVA/Holy Blessing Description: "The pure iron content deposited into this cr
  4. -5000 col for Dimensional Backpack.
  5. If Daemien's mobile shop was Aincrad's best example of minimalism, Cintamani was the opposite. Bahr had taken notice of its arrival when he started catching alluring whiffs of freshly brewed coffee on his way to the Crusty Bahrnacle. More than once he'd found himself wanting to take a look around inside, but never really felt like he'd had the time. Today, he'd resolved to leave his residence extra early, just so he could afford to swing by and grab a brew on the way to work. And boy, was he happy that he had. In some ways, the shop reminded him of his own. Rich colors, quality handc
  6. It was... a campfire. Just a campfire. Not a giant to-do like Bahr had become so accustomed to with next door neighbor's shop. But as he and Oscar weren't seeing eye to eye at the moment, Bahr saw it fit to search for his meals elsewhere. It just so happened that he found just such a place, albeit on accident, off the beaten path and hidden away in a busty thicket. It was the smoke that had made him curious, the smell that had beckoned him closer, and finally the revealed arrangement beyond the row of bushes that left him gaping in awe that the surprisingly mobile business the young man h
  7. DYNASTY | Approved. Total EXP: 3000 Total SP: 35 Current Level: 7 Notes: Good to go.
  8. Thread Complete Thread Net Gains - 824 EXP (1 page) - 906 col (1 page) - (1) Demonic Shard - US Roll Requested US Roll: ID# 189397 results: Battle: 5, Craft: 8, Loot: 20, MOB: 1 Reroll Attempt: ID# 189398 results: Battle: 7 MOB: 10 (Beserker Claimed)
  9. After walking for what felt like forever, Bahr found himself back at the entrance to the dungeon. As he peered up those steps to the gleaming light that sat at the top, he pondered staying within its cool depths for a bit longer. But, in the end, he was tired. Not because it had been a particularly exhausting day, just because... this place seemed to have that sort of effect. It kept him on edge. Tense, pensive, on high alert. And while that was, at one point, a feeling that he cherished, he no longer did. He just wanted to relax. At whatever rate, he'd managed to score a nice treasure fo
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