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  1. Roxis continued to stare amongst the compass as it continued to barely hesitate with each passing step. Though it seemed like they were on the right path. Meanwhile, Lessa's generous offer kind of excited him him. He glanced up from the compass to her to express his gratitude. "That would be really helpful! I wouldn't want to burden you though." He glanced down at the compass in his hands, the needle still wasn't moving much. With a intense gaze upon it, Roxis brings the compass to his face to inspect it before bringing it to his ear as if trying to listen for something. "I
  2. As Roxis continued to walk forwards, he heard Lessa exhale what sounded like a deep breath. He realized just how much he might have unloaded onto her about why he just joined the game. It was clearly better to step away from that subject, at least for the time being. Her next question towards him had brought up something he hadn't thought about before. Choosing a profession. "Well I honestly haven't thought too much about it. Maybe a Blacksmith like you? I really like what you made for me." Roxis gestured to the black sword on his back that Lessa had made. It was like magic wat
  3. Bewilderment appeared on his face as Roxis watched Lessa find a Demonic Shard so effortlessly. Surely he would have the same luck right? He took the offered compass from Lessa and stared down at it as it's needle gave a slight flicker towards north east of where they were before it went still again. "I don't think it's close. Maybe if we try walking this way?" Slight disappointment was audible in his voice. Roxis gestured for Lessa to follow him with a wave of his hand. As he walked, he remembered Lessa's shock when he told her he had only just joined. Well, there was no harm in
  4. Roxis looked down in slight embarrassment as Lessa approached her question. With everyone in this game beginning so long ago when the game launched, Roxis had forgot that people had gotten so used living in the game as though it was everyday life. He was almost certain that his answer would surprise her. "No I haven't. Actually, I just started this game a couple days ago. This is all extremely new to me." A discouraged look came about Roxis face when a flicker of faint hope of finding the item came across compass. Surely this must be the item they need to find this mysterious it
  5. So, they needed to find an item called Demonic Shard. Roxis pondered on what the item was or what it might even look like. In his head he pictures a jet black stone with a red aura around it. Although he couldn't be certain as to what it actually looks like. Roxis turned to Lessa in hopes she would have an idea of what they're looking for "So Lessa, have you ever heard of this 'incredibly rare' item?" Roxis glanced down at the compass in Lessa's hand. It was surely a strange compass as it didn't seem to be pointing north. Roxis made sure to keep pace with Lessa as they followed
  6. Roxis developed a discouraged look on his face as the shop owner's word fell on him. He wasn't wrong. Roxis was still really new to this game and didn't have much of an understanding of how everything worked. But still, the dark cloak with orange stitching on the counter caught his appeal. He grasped the cloak and inspected it as he put it on. It was hard to believe how this cloak just happened to be a perfect fit. He glanced up at the man on the other end of the counter. "Are you sure there isn't some way that I could repay?" The man's offer was quite generous. Too generous alm
  7. Just as Lessa had said, a little pop up menu opened right before Roxis. He followed her instructions and pressed the little blue button to accept the quest with her and join her party for the quest. Roxis couldn't help but wonder what exactly it meant to be in a party together. Bur surely, that was info that would come in town. "I really appreciate the food. I'll have to take your word on the fact it will help." On the second window in front of Roxis, he accepted the trade the Lessa had offered him. He swiped his finger down in front of him and as he scrolled through his menu, h
  8. Roxis was shocked by Lessa's kindness with her offering the weapon she just made for free. He gratefully took the blade from her with a smile as she pushed away his payment offer. "Sure, that's the least I can do." A quest for a gathering skill? Roxis couldn't help but wonder what it would entail. Doing a quest would definitely help Roxis a feel for the game too.. In the back of his mind, he knows he's probably going to be here for a while finding his friend. Roxis looks down at the black blade Lessa made and adds it to his inventory. "If I'm being perfectly honest with y
  9. In hopes of finding his friend James, Roxis search around the Town of Beginnings for hours. It was unlikely that he would still be here. But at least it was a start. Hours into his search, Roxis realized he didn't recognize his environment. It looked to be that he had some how ended up in the rough part of town. As he glances around, Roxis notices a shop. Maybe he could get directions there. As Roxis enters the shop, he notices the walls were lined with what seemed to be armor. He looks down at his outfit as he was still wearing the gear he started with. While he's here, maybe he sho
  10. CJ watched on as Lessa moved from her forge to the counter and introduced herself with a smile. CJ noticed the green gem floating above her head. She must be a player of the game too. Was Lessa her username then? CJ was unsure if people used their real names in this world or not. Still unsure of his environment though, CJ decided it was probably best to use his username for now. "Hi there Lessa. My name is Roxis. I was recommended to come here if I was looking for a weapon." Roxis proceeded to explain to her that he was new to this game and really didn't have a complete understa
  11. CJ looks around the Town of Beginnings, overwhelmed over just how big it is. His jaw drops as he sees people chatting like normal pedestrians in this large town. He starts glancing around as he takes in his new surrounds. There's no way CJ was gonna find his friend as quickly as he might have been hoping. He notices a green gem hovering above his head. What could this possibly mean? Just then, CJ overhears a couple of men walking past him. "Hey, did you hear that there are some Orange Players outside of town?" A red haired man dressed in a long dark blue coat asks his
  12. xRoxisx

    Roxis Journal

    Stats Level: 1 HP: 20 EN: 20 DMG: 4 Skills R1 2HSS - +3 DMG when wielding 2HSS Thread Log:
  13. xRoxisx

    Roxis Journal

    Profile: Username: xRoxisx Real name: CJ Parker Age: 21 Gender: Male Height: 6 foot Background: Life for CJ was fairly normal for him growing up. He studied hard in school, had his own little friend group that he kept close to him, and he was willing to fight tooth and nail for them in whatever situation they were conflicted with. But as life goes on, sometimes friendships stretch and people lose touch. CJ realized that it was just how life went which caused him to develop a pessimistic mindset. As adulthood came, all but one of CJ's friends had moved on with life. James
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