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  1. Current Level: 20 Current SP: 56 Link to SP Tracking:https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18198-yukiro-a-tale-of-something-probably/?do=findComment&comment=582638 Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Jack's Purgatory Item ID: 127488 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: 2H Straight Sword Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Burn/Blight/Cursed/Freeze Description: A long, sleek longsword. It's blade is dark steel color, and it's hilt is a deep black with small silve
  2. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Familiar Mastery: Accurate Rank 3 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 18 Cost: 18000 Col (Sent to Banker)
  3. "Uh? Did that sugar glider just bark?" Violet asked, slowly leaning closer to Yukiro. "Yeah, he does that when he wants attention." "Awwe! He's so cuuuute!" Violet cried when Yumi looked at her. The sugar glider looked up at Yukiro and back at Violet. With a little twisting around in Yukiro's pocket he started to climb out and onto his shoulder. Dahlia seemed to be trying to look at Yukiro's familiar as well. "It seems Dahlia wants to say hello as well, if that's alright," Violet requested. Dahlia purred innocently at Yukiro. With a sigh Yukiro sat down, cross-legged, and g
  4. Violet laughed as she walked over to Yukiro. "Oh, hush now. You still took it out in one turn." She gave him a pat on the back. Yukiro looked down at her and gave a slight smile. "Maybe. But," he pointed to his health gauge, "If I can't even kill a bat without that happening, how can I expect myself to protect people like you from a floor boss?" "Oh?" Violet and Yukiro looked at tyhe black cat and saw it holding the gem that she needed. "Ah, thank you, Dahlia," Violet said, taking the gem from the large cat. Violet then turned her attention back to Yukiro. "Anyways, I'm sure any woman
  5. Violet laughed. "Ah, so the prey has an attitude now?" she asked, amused. But soon she was on her feet and coming to meet Yukiro's familiar. Well, she was. A loud roar suddenly echoed through the cave. Yukiro turned to see that Dahlia had... oh, one of the gems. Good job, cat. Oh, and that the cat sat standing on a giant bat. Wait. Giant bats are bad. He should take care of that. "Get out of the way!" Violet yelled. rushing forward. The big cat moved from atop the bat and-- Yukiro seemed to simply appear behind the bat, no warning, no blur of movement. He'd finally mastered
  6. "Don't drink that. There's probably worm feces in there," Violet laughed. "Wow, thank you for that warning. I always plan on drinking mysterious glowing liquids I find in caves. Close call." Oops. Tala must be rubbing off on Yukiro. He was starting to talk more sarcastically and less... well, less politely lately, though it was rarer than not. Yukiro dumped the water out of his hands and back into the pool, but noticed his hands were still glowing. Interesting. Ignoring the strange fact he stood up and walked back over to Violet, who had started to chew on something. Which brought som
  7. Yukiro bent over so Violet could peek into his pocket. There was a small gasp before she whispered, "It's so cute," and pulled away, continuing on their path towards the cave. Smiling Yukiro nodded and kept walking. He knew the little climber would be up and about soon enough. It was a while before they reached the cave, but they made it in good time. "Hey, watch your step. You don't know what could be inside here," Violet cautioned Yukiro as she slowly walked into the cave. Around them were glowing pools of water, stalactites and stalagmites, and some glowing... things that
  8. "Familiar? Where!" Violet asked excitedly. She walked up to Yukiro and started hopping at his pocket, but failing to see into it. The big kitten-- er, Dahlia also walked up and started to sniff around his legs. Yukiro sighed and looked Violet in her glittering eyes. "I'll show you. But you have to promise to be quiet. He sleeps during the day, so it's midnight for him." "I see you got a lot done since we last saw each other. And you've leveled as well. Good. Less likely for anyone to take you out." Yukiro smiled at the compliment, but shook his head. "I'm stronger, but not
  9. Violet turned around and smiled at Yukiro. "Ah, so you finally made it. Go ahead and pick up-" Life seemed to really want to ruin Yukiro's good mood. Before Violet even finished her sentence a large black cat slammed into Yukiro's chest and knocked him backwards to the ground. It stared Yukiro dead in the eyes, fangs bared and still growling. Yukiro looked at it, seeming kinda bored. He'd just fought a massive sand whale thing, so this didn't seem quite as bad. Maybe it wanted a dragon fruit smoothie. "Dahlia, down!" Violet said loudly. The miracle-growth kitten restlessly returned
  10. Huh. Guess Delta is her middle name? Interesting. Yukiro was in a good mood lately, because reasons. His rapidly increasing level and stats helped too. So he had no issues with going to help Violet out today. He stood up from his chair just outside a diner and equipped his coat, boots, and sword. It was safe to say they were going to have to do the third lesson; go deep into a system of caves that was completely pitch black, find some glowing rocks, fight some devil bats, and find their way back out. No stress at all. Lovely day. A small something started to shift around in Yukiro's pock
  11. Yukiro

    Rewarding Staff Members

    Just wanna put all this here and say I vote yes for this, but not for that which would impact the mechanics of the game. Also, NIGHT's idea of a custom quest sounds awesome.
  12. "That's all I needed to know," NIGHT said decisively. Yukiro wasn't sure why, but her tone agitated him. Then, with a much gentler tone, she talked to Tala. "As much as I'd like to see you prove it I don't think you'd be in much of a position to do so. Not when you're shaking cold." Then, after a quick smile at Tala, she turned and started down the path. Yukiro realized that she'd stepped in front of a snow man. So you've been playing in the snow. He didn't offer Tala his hand this time. She needed it to be inside the cloak for now. But he did try to stay close to her as he fol
  13. Net Rewards: - 4 SP - 400 col - [Sand Armor Potion] This incredibly potent alchemical salve can be applied to a piece of armor, increasing damage mitigation/resistance.. (+27 MIT consumable; does not stack with other MIT consumables)
  14. Zeldris walked into the town and made no stops before heading straight into the teleport platform and teleporting down to floor 4 to cool off for a moment before going back down to floor one. Well, almost no stops. He did stop by that one diner. And discovered they sold only one thing you could put in your inventory; dragon fruit smoothies. Guaranteed to stay cold. Zeldris bought roughly twenty, sources say, But nobody knows for sure. All people know as a fact is that he seems to always have more. Next he stood on floor 4 for less than a minute before leaving. He needed to cool down,
  15. Soon enough, in the distance Zeldris could see the city's sandstone wall of the main city of floor five. He was almost done this adventure. It was nearly time to go home. As he walked he sent a message to Fleur, the info broker who'd sold him the information, then sent a party of players to go help him. To: Fleur Hey, it's me. I killed the Sand Shark. Alone, without any help. So you don't have to worry about that anymore. It was actually over very, very quickly; most of my time gone has just been spent walking. It's a long, hot, painful walk. But anyways, I'll be contacting you agai
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