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  1. Yukiro froze for the briefest of moments before rushing to add bowls to the table's setup. "Sorry," he quickly apologized, "I'll do that now. Thanks for the reminder." As he moved swiftly the kitchen, he managed to keep mostly out of anybody's way. As he was setting a bowl on top of each of the plates, he took a look into the pot NIGHT had brought to the table. It looked amazing, and smelled even better than that. "Good job on the meal, it looks splendid," he congratulated his friends with a grin, "I promise to only eat my share, unless there are leftovers." Though his tone was mostly jovial,
  2. Moving quickly to the edge of the lake thanks to his long strides, Yukiro's crimson eyes scanned the area that a golden-haired player had just pointed out. He could see that something was there, but whatever it was hadn't revealed itself to him yet. He motioned for Tala to keep close to someone of higher level whenever possible; he wasn't about to let her risk herself now that he had her back, even if that meant letting someone else protect her. Drawing his stygian sword and holing it in a relaxed guard Yukiro approached the player that had called everyone's attention to the water's surf
  3. Nodding readily to DAY as she directed him to set the table, Yukiro went about his task a little more satisfied than before. He gave the other players a wide berth as he walked around them, not wanted to disturb anyone too much. As the ruby-eyed giant collected enough dishes for everyone in the group, he nodded to Koga's comment. "I'm not sure I can quite recall which was the last time. It must have been far too long ago," he pondered aloud, quickly following his thoughts up with, "Regardless, we should try to make this a more consistent habit. Ah, perhaps not always a meal, though." He smi
  4. "I hope that's a good thing," Yukiro said solemnly, "I don't like hurting others like that." Even if Tala... Aki had needed to hear what he'd said, it pained him to have to be the one to do it. Still, at least there was comfort in the knowledge that maybe he'd influenced her for the better. All he could do was hope it didn't drive her to do something stupid again. Yukiro turned to look at Koga as he spoke, watching him sadly. He'd been told why Tala had disappeared, but now that he thought about it, he didn't actually know why Noctua had fled in the first place. "I guess we both tend to
  5. Why was that idiot going to fight a boss on the 22nd floor? Well, it sounded like there would be plenty of others there to help keep her safe, so he shouldn't be worried. He closed the message and continued to go about attempting to cook. Failing quite miserably, but trying. ...Perhaps I could get some free experience out of such a boss myself. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to go. After quickly cleaning up the mess he'd created, Yukiro reopened the message and sent a reply saying he was on his way. Quickly donning his usual gear, he rushed out the door with a brief explanation to Koga. The
  6. 'Especially not you two'..? Yukiro tilted his head slightly at the comment, but didn't ask any of the questions that went through his head. "Well, I'm glad it's happening now, at least," he smiled and nodded, "Feel free to summon me any time you'd like." Once everyone was back in the kitchen, Yukiro realized he was the only one unable to help prepare the food. And, odds were, he was also the reason so much help was needed. He muttered a quick apology and sat still, watching his friends get to work. He could ask to be taught so it at least felt like he was doing something, but... he didn't
  7. Retracting his hand from the mostly unresponsive wolf, Yukiro looked up at Koga for a moment. "Aki..?" he asked quietly. His mind flicked through the people he'd interacted with, but nobody named Aki came to mind. His next couple of lines cleared up what Koga had meant though. Aki must be Tala. Was that her real name? Shaking his head, Yukiro tried to return Koga's aching smile. He wasn't sure if he'd even managed that. "Well, it definitely wasn't easy," he admitted softly, "She, uh... Tried to apologize, but she was also trying to put the blame on Noctua. I... I really tore into her. Said
  8. "Oh, right. Um," Yukiro almost stammered, "Sorry. Right, uhm, I guess..." Yukiro went to turn around and help Tala with her ring, but he was still holding her hand behind him, so he just awkwardly rotated the pair a bit. Eventually, he let her hand go so that they could put their rings on, but because they were holding his ring between their hands, he dropped it into the grass. With the sun setting, it took a long while of the snow-haired boy's panicked searching before he found it. Yukiro nodded to Tala's instruction to seek her out. "I will, so be careful. Um, I'm sorry, but I'm not go
  9. It had been a long day. And a pretty overwhelming one at that. After almost tripping over Akame, Yukiro heard Tala coming up behind him. He wanted to keep running. It wouldn't be hard. He just had to take one step, and he could keep going. Just... Just one step, and he wouldn't have to face this. He could get away, he knew he could. But something kept his feet from moving. It was like they were suddenly rooted to the ground. Tala's hand took his, and he closed his eyes, unsure of what to expect. But, of all the things he could have expected, feeling Tala put his ring back in his hand wasn't
  10. Yukiro let out a heavy sigh, waving off Tala's thanks. "Don't worry about it. Just... Seriously, where did you even get that idea?" He scratched the back of his head, not quite sure how he felt. Disappointed, for sure. Still angry at her, but not nearly as much as before. It was nice to get to spend time with her again, but something was seriously off with her. As he felt Tala grab his arm, he paused and turned a bit to look at her. She put something in his hand, and Yukiro recognized the ring immediately. It was an exact match to the one he was wearing, albeit made for a smaller hand. .
  11. "I... Wait... Hold on, what?" Yukiro asked. He was very lost now. His health once again ticked up to being full, but he hardly even noticed. That was a joke, right? That one had to be a joke. There was no way she actually, legitimately thought he would... Koga's a great friend, but... Yukiro pushed the idea out of his head. He didn't need any of that in his head right now. But, wait... She really thought Yukiro had married Koga? "I... Tala, hold on, for real," he put one hand on his forehead and the other on her shoulder, "Look, I'm sorry, but... Are you an idiot? I'm living with Koga be
  12. The monkey..? What was Tala... Oh. Right, of course. That monkey. Yukiro didn't like that monkey. It was far to fast for it's own good. With any luck, the next time he encountered that Goku-wannabe, he would be much, much stronger than he had been then. Once Tala had landed her attack, Yukiro was able to let out a slight sigh. They'd officially won. The dragon was guaranteed to die now. Still, better not to risk anything. The dragon let out a shriek, freezing Yukiro in place as his cheek was raked by the beast's claws. It had been a critical hit. And yet, despite that, his health barely
  13. Good, they were starting to get some kind of flow going. Or something like that. All that mattered was that they were still dealing damage. Once Tala had moved behind him, Yukiro stepped forward to go on the offensive. Not wanting to risk another miss, he decided not to trigger a sword art. All he needed to do was maintain the higher hate value. Plus, he could still deal decent damage if he managed a critical hit. He executed a masterful slash across the dragon's face, maintaining a defensive posture the entire time. The dragon's health only made a tiny tick downward. Tch. Nothing this t
  14. Seemingly out of nowhere, an overpowering sound seemed to burst from the dragon. Yukiro was forced to stop and cover his ears to recover from the scream. Right, he'd forgotten about that tiny detail. Well, that didn't matter at the moment, seeing as the dragon had failed to actually follow up the shriek with an attack. After a moment of recovery, he addressed Tala. "What do you mean, hurt like before? Anyway, careful of that scream. It'll lock you in place while it attacks." Yukiro warned Tala, skipping over his own question, "Don't even think about trying to be the tank, alright? Focus on
  15. Once Tala confirmed that she was ready, Yukiro nodded and quietly marched onward. He kept his eyes scanning and ears open; the last time he'd encountered the dragon he and NIGHT had been outside the castle, so it was essential to be ready even now. Hopefully Tala picked up on his seriousness here, because he had neglected to mention that detail to her. For the time being, fortune seemed to favor them. The dragon hadn't been out in the fields, so there was nothing to take them by surprise. Without stopping his brisk stride, Yukiro pushed open the door to the castle and led Tala inside. Ju
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