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  1. Casting a glance over at Koga and NIGHT as they moved to speak with each other, Yukiro sighed. Maybe it was a bad idea to come after all; not that he would have if he'd know someone else was already there. Perhaps a customary message should have been sent to ask..? Ah, well. Too late to worry about that much now. "It's nice to finally meet you. Christmas dinner, I take it?" "Ah, yes, something like that, I suppose," the boy affirmed awkwardly. He finished registering Day's words as he spoke. It seemed NIGHT had spoken to this girl of him..? "Day, was it? Thank you for allowin
  2. It's out of his hands now. There wasn't anything he could do anymore. The snow-haired boy had to keep reminding himself that he couldn't help Tala or Koga anymore. What happened was entirely up to them right now. Yukiro sulked as he wandered into the streets of the Town of Beginnings. The sun's last rays peeked over the buildings, illuminating the empty path before him. Not that there weren't people on the road, it was just that most of them were actively trying to avoid the guy who had stormed into the fields in a fury and slaughtered everything for hours on end. Frustration and pain gn
  3. Taking a deep breath as he walked, Yukiro felt a lot of his anger leave him. Unbeknownst to him, he'd managed to vent a portion of it by yelling at Tala. Not that he wasn't still absolutely furious with her. A small part of him was still wanting to go beat her to death himself, but he knew he could never actually do that. As the small point of guild kept prodding at his angry spirit, Yukiro slowed to a stop. He wasn't sure what to do anymore. It would be proper to go apologize, so... But he didn't want to apologize. She didn't deserve it..! Glancing over his shoulder, Yukiro sighed. He c
  4. "..." Yukiro closed his eyes for a moment, processing Tala's words. He wasn't used to just acting how he wanted to, but for some reason he just couldn't keep himself from it. He was angry. But Tala's words... They brought on a new kind of fury. Suddenly, his rage for her disappearance was overwhelmed by the anger at her reasoning. "Pathetic," he spat, opening his eyes and glaring down at Tala, "I thought you were dead. I mourned for... this?" Yukiro yanked his arm free of her grasp, stepping back and standing taller than ever. "Don't lie to me, Tala. You just couldn't be bothered.
  5. Just as the boy's raven boots stepped over the shattering corpse of a wolf did a voice slip past the boy's ears. At first he didn't even register it, taking another long step toward his unholy crusade. But after a moment, it's origin clicked in the mind of the fuming player. "Yuki..." His entire body froze, unmoving. Shock ran down his spine like a bolt of lightning, leaving his eyes wide and jaw tight. He could feel his hand tighten it's grip on his sword. Was he going to swing it at her? He wanted to. Yet, somehow, a small part of him wanted to drop it, to just ignore his feelings
  6. Crimson pixels scattered through the wind, blowing only a short distance from their origin before they were instantly followed by a second violent burst of red. The almost grotesque sound of the cursed blade forcefully tearing through the unfortunate mob's digital flesh sang out with every splash of red, the sounds accompanied by the beast's pained wailing and it's assailant's raging grunts. It only took a few cuts for Jack's Purgatory to shear the entity's life from it's briefly hollow shell. During the few moments before the animal shattered, Yukiro stood above it's body. His heavy bre
  7. Softly thanking Koga once again for the photos, Yukiro lifted one of the items and took in it's scene for a moment. Koga was looking into the camera while Lonzo attempted to flirt with Noctua. Nora, NIGHT, and Yukiro were talking to Cordelia, who looked less than thrilled about the situation. Quickly adding the image to his inventory, Yukiro pulled his attention to what the others were saying. After following NIGHT up some stairs and into her kitchen, the boys were told to sit down at the table. Yukiro nodded, following the direction. He was about to offer to help but, before he could g
  8. Though he was silently thanking Koga for saving what shreds of dignity the snow-haired boy had left, Yukiro couldn't help but be shocked by the gift Koga had presented. He'd never thought Koga to be so thoughtful in such things. Guilt swept through his chest like a wave. But, just as quickly, it was replaced; Yukiro was distracted by the various pictures. Yukiro leaned down a bit to look at them more closely. Though he didn't recognize every event, each and every photo seemed to call out with it's own kind of joy. Yukiro picked up one which featured Tala, Koga, and himself. The boys both
  9. Yukiro's family had never celebrated birthdays with a cake, so Yukiro couldn't quite figure out what had tipped Koga off to NIGHT's birthday. But in his time in Aincrad, Yukiro had at least learned that most people celebrated birthdays like a holiday, with gifts and such. That said, he'd never actually BEEN to a birthday party before... After a moment of consideration over what exactly he was supposed to do, Yukiro awkwardly gave NIGHT a slight bow. "Happy birthday, then. Congratulations... I think. And, um, I'm sorry we didn't bring any gifts." Since the boy was torn between voicing his th
  10. Koga's sudden shout had made Yukiro jump. He hadn't dwelled on the thought that anyone had already been there, but Koga's words brought the idea right back to the forefront of his mind. Suddenly even more acutely aware of every tiny sound and movement he made, Yukiro tensely followed Koga through the door. "Sharing a room would be alright, I think," he agreed to NIGHT's offer, not pausing to think to hard about it, "Um, thank you again for letting us stay. If you need us to do or help with anything, you're welcome to ask." A partially eaten cake on the table virtually confirmed that so
  11. Those several minutes had felt extremely awkward to Yukiro. He already didn't relish the idea of asking to stay in someone else's house, especially when he had just been given a place to stay moments earlier. But the addition of the long wait made it feel like he and Koga were interrupting something important. What had NIGHT been doing that took so long? Not that it was his privilege to be asking, given what he and Koga were here for. Once their friend had finally opened the door, Yukiro bowed slightly. "It's fine, we came unannounced," he apologized, motioning for Koga to do the same. N
  12. Yukiro nodded, smirking at Koga's description of Cordelia's attitude. "That definitely sounds like her. And, you know... I think I do remember that. Good times, eh?" At the mention of Lonzo and Nora, Yukiro paused in the middle of finishing his third helping. He slowly put his spoon down, looking at his unfinished plate. Though his face seemed mostly calm, his eyes betrayed a sense of distress. "...I haven't heard from them. I had been hoping that you or NIGHT had, but I guess..." A moment of silence crossed the snow-haired boy before he found his composure. Deeply sighing, he picked his
  13. Nodding, Yukiro started to serve himself up again. "I'll, uh, pay what I can. No promises how much I'll make though." Thinking back to the general cost of his meals... I'm so, so sorry Koga. I promise I'll do what I can to keep you out of permanent debt. "As far as the number of harassment policy reminders," Yukiro said between bites, "There's my brother, A-- sorry, there's Bahr." Internally kicking himself, Yukiro promised to make it a habit to call his half brother by his player name. "Then there's Cordelia. She was... I think the first person I really met in here. Then again, she may
  14. Yukiro listened politely while Koga spoke, trying to ignore the lack of food on his plate. He didn't want to be rude to his friend-- Potential roommate? Landlord? Well, regardless, it would be rude to just take more without asking, so he decided to wait until a better moment to do that. Nodding to Koga's confirmation regarding the room Yukiro smiled. "Well, I'll accept your offer then. Thank you for having me." "Ah, yes. That reminds me. I've got to visit a couple of friends before heading back to training. Not sure how those will go, but... Well, they deserve it." While there
  15. Nodding politely to Koga as he gestured for him to start, Yukiro went ahead and begun to serve himself. For a brief moment before replying, he considered what Koga had said. "That's probably a good plan. It's impressive that you've still got the drive to push for such a goal..." Yukiro paused, considering how to phrase his next line, "...I guess I'll aim for the same thing. If I let you go to the frontlines alone you'll probably do something brilliantly dumb, so... Yeah, I'll tag along, alright?" As he finished speaking, Yukiro also finished serving himself. His plate was full to the brim
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