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  1. The rock that was tossed on his lap, Kodo just stares at it. Taking a deep breath, Freya said nothing that he was expecting. It really caught him off guard. Grasping that flat rock, moving a thumb over the phrase. A tear drips down his cheek. It was something that his sister was always telling him. -Whatever happens, let it, faith will guide you down the path you were meant to take-. A sigh as he looks to the large slab, Kaylee's name. They all were right to an extent. He couldn't just sit here and mourn his sister. She was not here any more and it would do him no good. These people were tryin
  2. "I just can't do what they want me to. My brain is hard wired to one thing and I can't just change that sequence in an instance." Pulling his hand away with a sigh. Wondering if Freyja was going to say the same thing they both did. "I wanted to confront that person that killed my sister, just to maybe talk or something, but they all keep telling me it's a bad idea and that it won't end how I want, but I feel like it is the only way that I can move forward." Combing his hair back with a hand. Locking eyes with her again, "I actually wanted to talk to you. After what they had to say I just
  3. That blank stare held, Kodo grabs Liums hands pushing them away. Kodo backs away from Lium now. "You guys wanted this, you should be happy." Another step backwards, "You still don't get it. You can't help me. No one can..." He turns and starts walking, he could feel Lium following him. "My entire like it has been only my sister and I, and now it is just me." Kodo's voice was without emotion, as his feet continued to move forward. "You can't just walk into my life and expect that everything is going to go the way you want. Life doesn't work like that..." adjusting his cuff on his sleeve. "Just
  4. Your sister is gone. You know this... "I know this, but..." trying to say as he clings to that necklace tighter. You need a new rock to cling to, or else to become a rock yourself... "Damn it..." Freyd was right, but it wasn't going to be that easy. -Hi, I'm Kodo, be my rock please- Like anything actually happened like that. You owe it to her to get your ass off the ground, pick a direction, and start walking. Whatever happens, happens... Kodo had spent so much time in this game sitting with only his brain in motion. He knew that he had to get up and start somewhere.
  5. A small breath as he remembers a quote from his sister. One that Kaylee would always say when hard times were at its finest point. "Man proposes; God disposes'? First you do your best, and then fate will decide how it turns out..." Kodo's eyes narrow to the floor. "Something my sister always told me when things got rough." That overwhelming feeling was back, he hated it so much. "I want closure I just don't know how to get it." Turning a bit, pushing his back against the wall. Sliding down to the ground, "Kaylee was everything I was not. My rock, my heart, my world... I don't know how to live
  6. "Those hands moving forever forward. They will eventually stop, it already has for some people in this place." Taking that last bite, he could see that Lium was getting pissed off and confused as all get up. "What does it matter if time stops now or years from now. It has been 4 long, painful years for probably most of the people here." Kodo's brain started calculating other possibilities. "We are barely a fourth of the way through this hell and it might be another 14 years before we get zapped back out." Kodo shift in his seat and glances to Lium then to Freyd. "If we get out of here, who is
  7. Lium slams the bottles on the table before walking to the kitchen, Kodo would follow. "I do not see why just confronting this man is a problem. I just want to know why he did it and if he regrets it." Lium sets some cheese on the counter and notions Kodo to start cutting. Kodo takes the knife and slices fine and even slices. An extra piece was made, Kodo takes it in his grasp and starts to eat it, tearing off tiny pieces. "I do not see why it is such an issue, I want to look into his eyes and know that he feels bad for what he did. This may be a game, but they are still people. They still have
  8. Kodo had never actually used any type of weapon before. The mere effect that it was doing to him though, Lium walks to the beast. A bit nervous that it was going to get up and dice his ass. Kodo's chest was pounding a million miles per second, was this what being scared felt like. Looking back at the group, Lium stuck a thumb out with a grin. Taking a deep breath, he still didn't know these people. How could he trust who he didn't know. This thing could probably one shot him if given the chance. Sweat starts to drip down his forehead as he got closer to the giant thing. One small foot fall at
  9. Kodo stands there staring at that sword in his hands. His heart sunk and his chest tightens. Kodo's memory floods back to that day. Everything around him was just noise, just like before when he was sitting in that ally way. Kodo's hand starts to shake as the memory of that sword plunging into his sister's stomach. To everyone else they would see tears from the wide eyes. "I can't,' saying dropping that sword on the ground. Backing against that wall as he just stares at the blade. "Kodo," hearing someone muffling something, but he couldn't hear it. "Kodo..." but still nothing... Lium look
  10. Following behind Eruda, he had not been doing much before this. Kodo was still getting a feel for everything around him that seemed so old yet new in the same perspective. Knowing that he was too low level to do much right now, he would have been waiting to hear something from Freyd. After that day, it was a hit to reality. Trying to get his sister out of his head without forgetting all the good memories, it was hard to do for Kodo. He knew that his sister was gone, but it didn't feel that way. Not hearing her voice for a while, still unsure if it was real or something that his brain had muste
  11. The words he spoke were simple yet understanding, but it was something that he had yet to think about until now. "You might be right. This scar will not heal overnight though. I know it will take time, and as painful as it may seem right now, I have to move on." It was very strange. Words that sounded greek to him at first. Simply because he never talked this way. It was most likely from recent events, Kodo was changing and he knew it. Unsure what to think about this, "A man like you needs assistance from me? I am not sure what I would be able to do, being low level. The variables do not match
  12. Kodo looks away at this point and narrows his eyes. That day rushes through is mind, that kid pops into his head. Eyes close, head tilts slightly as that pain set in again. "I don't..." he says through a cracked voice. His chest weighs heavy with guilt, like there was something that he should have done to prevent what transpired. "I can't..." a tear down his cheek. A rough inhale as his eyes look to the ceiling. A voice in his head again, I don't want this to be how you remember me Kodo, think about the happy times... Kodo still couldn't figure out if that voice was his self consciou
  13. "My mind kept me in captivity for far too long, so no, it would not," he says before walking up those stairs. The first room on the left... He still felt weak, but the food helped a little. This man really wanted him to stay. It started to cross his mind that he had no where to go, no home, no friends to turn to, no one he could trust... He had literally nothing... Opening that door, it creaks open. It was very empty, just a bed frame and a small end table sitting to the side. Walking in he shuts the door behind him with a deep sigh. From this point on it was going to be rough. Kodo had always
  14. Watching the blond leave with that threatening phrase. Did this woman really expect him to stay. He still couldn't tell if that whole couple thing was a joke or not. The moment the blond was out of earshot, the questions started pouring in. His face didn't change, it was calm, no emotion could be seen. That plate was empty, the exchange was made. "It's interesting, you ask all the questions, but they all hold the same lingering resemblance." Kodo would start gathering that col back up and place it in his satchel. Taking a sip of that water, his eyes still felt heavy. They would probably b
  15. Freyd would looks to the mans dish, that was completely gone. He couldn't actually remember if he chewed or not. Watching these two bicker back and forth happily, he hears in his head, Now who does that remind you of, dear brother... His eyes would narrow just a bit, but if you looked carefully, you could see a hint of a smile against his lips. "Not at all, she was very kind, I would gladly pay double for the hospitality that she has given me." Glancing down to his plate and to Freya's, then to Freyd's, his stomach growls again. "Make that triple if I could get some more of this deli
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