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  1. Lonzo walked into the establishment to pick up the weapon. He smiled seeing it and brought it into his inventory to use later. He brought his money out for the man and stretched a bit. "I knew I didn't have to wait long if I let you barrow my luck." he told him. "Merry Christmas by the way or Yule. Hey Koga....I wanted to say sorry for judging you so harshly in my mind. I said something I regret about you. Maybe it was in the moment to make someone feel better but....Enough of that....They didn't believe me anyway or knew I told them those words to raise up their spirits..Um...Good job. R
  2. Item Name: [Axe of the Conqueror] Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 6 Roll ID: [Leave Blank] Roll Result: [Leave Blank] Item Type: [Axe] Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [3 dmg] Description: [An axe that has fought many battles and has yet to retire. It once belong to a great conqueror and in the right hands still does.] Post Link: [Leave Blank] Lonzo walked back into the store and started to fill out a sheet for what he wanted. He needed it in a hurry before the event expired. He knew people were busy but he hoped he'd get very lucky. He could barely wait even a day to hav
  3. Roll ID(s): 29980 Item Type: shield Tier: T1 Quality: rare 370 Roll ID(s): 131555 Item Type: armor/sheild (would rather have armor if I can choose if not well good luck XD) Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect 700 Roll ID(s): 131555 Item Type: consumable Tier: T1 Quality: rare 200 Roll ID(s): 131555 Item Type: Consumable Tier: T1 Quality: rare 200 total: 1470 Lonzo walked in and looked around the merchant shop. He might have to come back here again for some of the crystals but he wasn't going to buy them yet. He brought out the odd items he got o
  4. Lonzo

    3.0 and all its information!

    issue with SP 'Job' classes EXAMPLE Blacksmith What I like -Ability to use other job classes for more roleplay options <3 -In a way it's easier to level up What I don't like Wasting SP without exp - so I like the system of getting better at a craft via DOING it. Losing levels in something I have already. Proposal The first job you take does NOT cost you SP it's free like it is now for you to choose based on the quest you take. Which keeps the quests relevant teaching new players how to play. The next job you take however will require you to have the SP dump to un
  5. Lonzo walked in feeling a bit strange walking into the shop. He looked around a little more shifty. A sorrowful expression on his face. He hoped to avoid Koga at least today. He looked around and saw his ring in a velvet box. He strode over to it and looked around. He looked at a note that was there. "Seems she's out collecting materials. Well that's fine." he picked up the ring and put it on. It was like seeing things in a heightened state. He looked around at the serene glow of the shop and felt a calm run over him. "I hope they really do get married. It'd do the world some good I suppose."
  6. Okay cool cause I might try a build around it then <3 Even if it takes up silly amounts of SP I think it might be a little fun to try that out if the combat changes or not actually. I'll see what else I can come up and thank you for the compliment. Made my day!
  7. Name: Golden Eye Ring Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 3 Item Type: Ring Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: ACC 3 Description: an eye from a monster encased in risen. It is only content with more hunting. Lonzo walked into the store almost giving up on finding an artisan he could actually afford. He called the two lovebirds had a shop going and managed to pull himself away from flirting and searching for his own materials for a second. "This isn't a bad place you have here." He looked at the sheet and stared at the prices. "You two need to raise these a littl
  8. Just a question on the cool downs, IF, we went with Sword Arts getting separate cool downs. What if a person had the skill Quick Change that lets them change their weapons or armor out in the same post. Could they then use the big attack from the new weapon instead of waiting for a cool down, because that would make that skill kind of cool and would give players a reason to use SP in two weapons? It'd lead to some interesting combos but could also break the game with an overrun in status issues. Such as one weapon having bleed and another having paralyze. And then you have to worry about weapo
  9. [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»
    I'm looking for low level people like myself to do this thread I'm level 5 right now. Come on in if you haven't done this quest yet ;3

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      We can still change it, it's not too late

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      naw, we gucci. Lets go

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      Cool cool

      @Lonzo, your party is with Koga, Noctua, and Nora

  10. Stats SP 16 LvL 5 HP 140 Energy 14 DMG 4 Mit 26 Acc 0 Eva 0 Luck 0 Skills Slots 3 2 handed Axes rank 2 Heavy Armor rank 1 blank Weapon Two-Handed rare Axe - 2 bleed Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Bleed damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. Armor Black Onyx Armor: 1thorns (9dmg on normal melee hits against me) Mit2 (18dmg mit) Sword Arts Accessory Golden Eye Ring - +3 ACC SW
  11. Relationships Relationship sheet
  12. Journal 10/26 I could buy things from the NPCs but they can only carry me so far later on I bet. Otherwise, why would other players even bother with job like classes. Even the higher up are willing to work with someone who might botch an order. I'll look for someone who isn't top tier and help raise them up and see how far they can get. Let us see if I can make anyone useful while I"m here. In the end, I might get the right things out of it. 10/27 Yukiro seems like a nice guy. Guess I'll see where this goes. Also, I did a quest for Zak. Making his drinking buddy a perfect potion
  13. Spare Mats not for cooking 0 atm
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