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  1. Dustin was already tired of the conversation from the moment it had started, but when Arabelle spoke to him the way she did his heart started racing. Her voice demanded his attention and his eyes quickly moved away from the woman he cared deeply for, his face following suit to hide his sheer embarrassment painting his cheeks a pinkish red. Damn. Quickly he would stand up still facing the other way as he thought of a witty retort, but she had already moved on. It was too late now, he had missed his chance to try and draw a similar reaction from her. Not that he could succeed in any way, Du
  2. Everyone had been doing their part, each one making sure the monster died as swiftly as possible. Well, they were trying their best, but honestly it didn’t matter what you did, sometimes you miss. Whether the game is rigged against you or not, it happens to the best fighters. Dustin’s hand would charge blue as he listened to Hestia speak, her words completely distracting the kid from what he was doing. "Damn it you never said that you were coming to fight Ugzeke, so don’t act like it’s my fault you guys decided to come here after I left.” His hand would glow brighter before he turned back
  3. Dustin's head was still ringing when Arabelle decided to open the can of worms Dustin had tried so hard to keep locked up. Whatever, it brought on a great opportunity anyways. "Biblically?" Dustin would say, flashing a faint smile towards the pair of them. "Oh, you mean last night. Nah, I was just tired, so I slept in this tree." He had turned in pretty early, so in his mind they showed up out of nowhere, but that didn't matter. They weren't the ones falling out of trees. "If that's all the questions you have, I'll be on my way." Dustin's words carried a much duller tone, still livel
  4. Dustin couldn't have possibly prepared for the inconclusive mess of emotions seeing Pinball would bring, but right now he was more focused on the beast to really care about closure. "What do you mean? I wasn't gonna say anything." Dustin replied, Pinball apparently assumed the boy would have an idea of what's gonna happen afterwards, meanwhile Dustin was planning to disappear once he had his col and his experience. "We have nothing to talk or fight about." He would remark, getting ready to attack. His hand would glow a bright yellow, his legs would push him off the ground just high enough
  5. Dustin's body lay still in the swaying branches of the tree. Night hunting was always a bother, so he had decided to wait until dawn. His best option was a tree, having forgotten what it was like to sleep on the grass and rocks. It was fairly accurate the way the game simulated both, which is why Dustin hardly had trouble getting some rest. But at the same time he had never liked sleeping outside of his home, not since he got it at least. His hair rustled along with the leaves in the gentle breeze nipping at his skin, but hadn't brushed him enough to truly wake him up. Even the fibers bru
  6. Dustin hadn't noticed the health bar had taken damage when he arrived, he thought he was the only one there. Sadly, his will to fight this monster alone was uprooted when he saw another figure rush in and strike the beast in the chest. No matter, just means less stress on the mind and body. "Zomekko." Dustin recognized that word, but he couldn't quite figure out from where. It wouldn't weigh on him long before he decided it didn't really matter, what mattered is this mystery person with an oddly comforting voice had decided to help Dustin. The shadow would lunge forward and attack on
  7. Dustin's eyes fell to the floor, as Hestia simply accepted the request of Aru. That's alright, he probably knows her better. The brown hared boy would give a weak smile and place his hand behind his head. "No that's okay... I wouldn't want to get in the way." His words still seemed to be filled with life despite his recent rejection and the less recent events. Defeated, the young boy would walk away. It was time to fight anyways, that always cheers him up. Dustin charged through the cave system, hoping to find the right spot so he can take on a powerful monster. Darkness surrounds him and
  8. Time is money, and lately Dustin felt like he was running out on both. His engine of a brain was low on steam and lately it’d been on autopilot. He hadn’t noticed all the changes around him, or that he was becoming stronger in the slightest, he was just kind of there, like he always was. Numerous quests and battles had numbed him to this feeling, so he didn’t really mind, he was never a big help anyways. He wanted to feel better, and the only way to do that was to fight something dangerous. A monster he had never heard of was apparently gaining a lot of power and had been promoted by the
  9. Character Name: Dustin Character Description: A kid rolling with the punches and paying the price for not changing. Character Journal: Link Character Name: Lucas Character Description: The cinnamon roll who just wants friends Character Journal: Link Character Name: Monarch Character Description: A lazy player who just wants to go home Character Journal: Link
  10. Current Level: 31 Current SP: 99 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Strength of Thor Item ID: 119948 Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Weapon, Handwraps Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: 3x DMG Description: Black hand wraps with a nordic design following the trim and mjolnir lace pattern on the back of his fists. The knuckles are studded with what appears to be rocks. Item Name: Stre
  11. The woman would just let him speak, and speak he did. She waited patiently for her turn to retort and if Dustin were more kind a person, he would've taken a breath and let her do just that. But childish and a bit too talkative were the best ways to describe this bubbly murderer. Even still, he did finish his speech, and she would ask a very blatant question then pause for a moment. Her question made the boy think, as if he couldn't remember the time he rushed in through the smoke and saved Oscar. As for Arabelle, he could remember it like it was yesterday, walking into Stryder's house and meet
  12. "Huh?" She would proceed to question him, and he flashed a mischievous smile. "Well you see, it's about the adventure." A young boy was very easily seen in the actions of this practically grown man. Being seventeen and trapped in a death game was bound to crack a few nuts, and Dustin was definitely more eccentric in the game than real life. What was once the meek shell of a boy has become a shining example of how to creep people out by being too energetic. Although, in the last few weeks he had done nothing but avoid them and the ones he did speak to didn't know who he was. His cloak helped wi
  13. She reacted the same way everyone did when they heard he wanted to fight the bosses, asking if he had a death wish. It made him happy for a moment, truly happy. Thoughts of Hestia, Eatos and several others came flooding back to the boy, all people he missed dearly. "Sorry, but you sounded like all of my friends when you said that." He would look down to his hands and fiddle with another rock, one he clearly pulled from his inventory. "Honestly though, I don't want to be dead, I rather enjoy life if you'd believe it." His hands would come down to his sides as if he had no idea what to do with t
  14. "It doesn't make sense to own the kill afterwards if I didn't one-shot it." This line upset Dustin more than it should, but not necessarily in a bad way. After all, he knew most people didn't have dads who encouraged them to fight, took them hunting with a sword and raised them to be a proud man who lived with honor and dignity, and even if they did, most of them didn't lose their dad at the perfect age to make them want to honor said living without knowing the downsides to such a life. "Owning the kill isn't about winning in one hit. If you do, so be it, but the best stories come from a
  15. Dustin's eyes narrowed as the woman quickly gave up on her kill. His smile had all but disappeared, replaced with a thorough look of suspicion. "Hmm... Now you don't want it? You had no issue following me here to steal it, and not only do you deny my offer of cake, which is rude on its own, but you also give up the honor of killing a dragon?" The kid didn't like this at all, and when it came to his decision making, he could be quite immature. The hatchling was trying to move away from the pair, which Dustin noticed, but had no intention of acting on. If it wanted to get away, he would let it f
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