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  1. Dustin would turn to Nari and tilt his head. She appeared to speak in some sort of foreign language he had never heard before, and Dustin would shrug. ”Don’t know what you said, but I’m gonna assume it was a compliment.” He would remark, continuing on his first journey in a long time. He had very little in the way of gear, but it was enough to keep him alive, and that’s all that mattered. Still though it’d be nice to know his whole party, and that included the mysterious cloaked figure. ”Hey mystery kid, what’s your name? I don’t see any point in hiding it from someone who could end up be
  2. Dustin wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he was more than happy to be involved. This was his first actual step into the frontlines, something he had dreamed of since first joining the game. ”Well ain’t we just a chipper bunch?” Dustin’s hands would slide into his pockets. They felt naked now that they weren’t always wrapped, but he didn’t need the strength of Thor anymore, as he had found his own. The flimsy silver blade hanging on his him would be fine for now, his skills more than made up for the lack of damage that blade carried by itself. Other than that, with his thick blue sweatsh
  3. Dustin looks up from his plate with a smile, his hands gripping the silverware on either side of his dish so tight you’d think the durability of the tools was deteriorating. His grin would shift into an open mouth as he picked the right words for this situation. ”Heimdal sees all, and Odin sacrificed his eye for the wisdom to guide his people. Now, I haven’t made any sacrifice like that, and my eyes aren’t particularly magic, but they’re good enough to see your projection of guilt. You want to blame someone for your crucible, that’s fair. Blame Kayaba. Outside of that, you make your own decisi
  4. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 Martial Arts [30 SP] Mod(s)/Addon(s)/Shift(s) Being Dropped: <<Martial Arts>> Ferocity [6 SP] | Combat Shift: ST specialist [10 SP] SP Refunded: 46 SP Cost: 46,000
  5. Dustin smiled as his menu made a distinct chime telling him he had received a friend request. As he clicked the accept button, Cleo ordered Roger’s special for the day, and Dustin chuckled. ”What day is today? Most of the specials are iffy, but one is pretty good.” Dustin would remark as a plate of mashed potatoes with brown gravy, shredded beef and peas would fall in front of the kid. ”So… it’s Friday.” Dustin would point to it and nod at Roger, ordering the same plate. It was just like Roger’s Grandma used to make back in the US. ”Roger learned how to cook from his Grandma, so the specials a
  6. The player froze for a moment, before deciding to dig deeper. Dustin didn’t mind, it honestly felt good to get all of it out, but there were things he couldn’t share with anyone else. ”The item she wanted to get for me was a drop from a monster. I should’ve been there but I was fighting something far stronger and there were other people counting on me. Though, Freyd probably could’ve filled in for me, It wouldn’t feel right turning away from trouble to help someone else.” Honor is a weight we carry, heavy and painful, but it makes us stronger. So the Kid had to live with the hand he had dealt
  7. The player before him spoke kindly, and Dustin couldn’t help but smile to himself. Most of the players worth their salt had a touch of paranoia or a large dose of cynicism, but this player felt different. But as she spoke of his brother the smile disappeared for a moment. ”He was. He found a player claiming to be in need of help, and he stepped forward.” His whole mood would sink down deeper, trying to think of his words carefully. ”If only I knew it was a trap. I had no clue people could be so evil. I tried to help, but I was paralyzed. He would look at Cleo, his eyes full of sorrow. ”I
  8. Dustin visibly took note of Cleo’s name, removing his cloak to reveal a simple blue sweatshirt and khaki cargo pants. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows where they met a very ornate pair of black hand wraps with Gold trim in the shape of Nordic runes. On the back of his right hand lays a golden trace of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. His knuckles lined with obsidian shards and his fingers exposed. ”That’s a nice name. Can’t say I’ve ever met a Cleo before. Even in the time I spent in America.” Dustin would pull a stool out and sit next to the player. ”Though if you’d prefer I can call you them.
  9. As Roger set a cup of coffee down in front of Cleo, he would turn to Dustin and point at him. ”Yeah… He did. He’s been giving off old gear he gets from monsters to help the players just starting out. Roger was an experienced player, so keeping secrets was something he knew how to do, but his face definitely showed he was hiding something. ”You’re free to take some if you want, it’s not the best gear, but if you need it you can have it.” Dustin would say, standing up from his seat in his booth and moving over to the bar. ”Even if you don’t need it, you could sell it for a little bit of col
  10. Dustin stood in the dark cavern that enveloped the whole floor, two skeletons stumbling towards the boy as his cloak covered his whole body. ”You know, a Draugr is a bit of a surprise.” He would say, catching the rather dull blade in his hand, pulling it down and kicking the skeleton into a pile of bones before it explodes into those colorful crystals everything in the game seems to be made of. The other undead creature would swipe its blade across the kid’s back as he grasped the slash and turned around. ”Oh, a wasp.” Dustin’s head rears back, throwing the hood off and revealing his mop of li
  11. The temple they had passed through would barely hold Dustin's attention as he thought about how best to explain Kadin to someone he barely knew. "He was... he wasn't a mythological being. Just my little brother." His eyes would sink to the floor. I should've been more careful about my wording. The axe was a much easier question to answer, as Dustin just picked it up to throw certain people off of his trail. "I've been seen using a sword and my fists. I've also made enemies of the less than reputable side of Aincrad. The axe is sort of a front to throw some people off of my trail." He would pul
  12. Freyd's title for Dustin was met with a dismissive wave, and a light chuckle. As Freyd continued to talk, Dustin simply replied, "Best not talk about it. I get to kill something, that's all that matters. As far as being a solo player goes, my guild kind of fell apart a while ago." Dustin turns back towards Oji. "Why would we fight the weaker version? There aren't songs of warriors who fought the dragon while asleep." The kid would pulls his handwrap tighter. "I will see Kadin in Valhalla." Dustin says, drawing his vanity dane axe and slapping it on his arm rhythmically. "So... where is this gu
  13. As Astreya spoke of "ghostmasters," Dustin nodded. "I think that's what it was. Who knows, I doubt it even exists anymore." The boy would say pulling the no longer honey covered stick from his mouth and tossing it to the side. As everyone reacted to the approaching enemies, Freyd disappeared. Dustin had completely lost track of the player and the boy's eyes would sparkle as he realized what was going on. It was like the boy's dream had come true right in front of his eyes, and Dustin started trying to pull his weight. As Freyd's reappeared, the enemy he had decided was best left alone wou
  14. Dustin had been spending way too much time wandering the fields as of late. Looking for something to kill, someone to save, or anything to keep his mind off of his most recent loss. As his eyes floated around, his attention was grabbed by the mention of a battle. Dustin would smile as he took note of where to go, pulling an old useless axe out of his inventory and placing it on his belt. Maybe he could have some fun with this quest, get to play the part of a great viking warrior. Coming to the place where they were supposed to meet up, Dustin would notice a familiar face. A polite wave in
  15. It seemed Dustin had a new enemy, in the form of a raven haired woman. So be it, Dustin's new goal was simply to prove her wrong at every possible turn. Astreya asked if the disguised player really knew what was going on and Nari's take on the current scenario makes Dustin ponder the possibility of Freyd being wrong. The boy would shake his head and scoff. Like he could be wrong... she? T h e y? The young man would immediately become lost in thought trying to figure out if the old Freyd was a disguise or this new one was. Putting his cupcakes away, he would respond to Nari's comment about
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