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  1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Basics ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Username: Miyukii Real name: Miyuki Kitagawa Age: 17 > 19 Gender: Female Height: 158cm (5.18ft) Complexion: Pale Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: White with light blue highlights Country of Orig
  2. The Basics Once there was nothing more than silence, but now hope finds a way to be heard... Username: Nymoria (Commonly Nym) Real name: Nimori Ashigawa Age: 28 > 30 (June 7, 1994) Gender: Female Height: 158cm (5.18ft) Complexion: Pale Defining Features: Freckles, single scar under right ear. Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Light Brown with Pink Highlights Country of Origin: Japan Profession:
  3. Profile: Username: Sora Real name: Morine Arashi Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5’8 Background: He was born to a middle class family in Osaka. His family was decently happy until his mother left his father for a more wealthy man. She left when Morine was only 5, and then 3 years later his father remarried, afterwards, his father and stepmother had a baby boy and named him Tada. However, his stepmother passed away due to complications arising from birth, leaving him, his father, and his newborn half-brother alone. If they thought things couldn’t get any worse, their fat
  4. Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. - Robert Frost Profile: Username: Wulfrin Real name: Lance Perkins Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5’7” origin: America Birthday: January 12th Background: Lance was always an active MMO and RPG player. With his weekly escapes into games such as Dungeons and Dragons to the endless grin
  5. Zenshu

    Zenshu [Zen]

    The Basics Time has passed by almost unnoticed by Zenshu, his focus on creating crafts that meet the eyes of all society - real and computerised - having taken up most of his time. But as the game continues to drone on, he feels himself being called towards the front once more... Username: Zenshu Real name: Shigaru Zen Age: 19 > 21 Date of Birth: November 11, 2003 Gender: Male Height: 172 cm Complexion: Pale Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blue Country of Origin:
  6. Profile: Username: Starkette Real name: Guinevere Victoria Stark Age: 18 Gender: Female Height: 5'4 Background: Starkette is the ultimate nerd and SAO seems to be the ultimate game. With the FullDive experience allowing for complete immersion, it's the dream of virtual reality to come true. The game would be the most realistic and the most enjoyable she's ever experienced, the next step from augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go. Starkette wouldn't be caught dead not playing the game; it would be as unnatural as Stan Lee not making a cameo in a Marvel movie. Things just
  7. _Shin

    Shin's Journal

    PROFILE Username: _Shin Real Name: Tiensão, Shin Age: 22 Location: USA Gender: Male Height: 5' 11" Weight: 194 - Toned Background: The Orphaned Survivor Born into a close-knit family, he was the sole survivor of a devastating house fire that claimed the lives of his parents and siblings. Orphaned and emotionally scarred by the tragic incident, he found himself navigating the jarring corporeality of foster care. The system, in its entirety, was riddled with neglect and maltreatment, adding an abundance of trauma to this already shattered w
  8. Valerie "Vallie" Azari USERNAME Valk GENDER Female AGE 25 -> 27 HAIR COLOR Brunette ORIENTATION Straight HEIGHT 183cm NICKNAME Vallie PRONOUNS She/Her BIRTHDAY 10/23 EYE COLOR Brown ORIGIN U.S.A. WEIGHT 81kg Background Valerie is the older of two sisters, the younger being six years behind. Valerie was always praised as a gifted student, working nonstop to achie
  9. Van

    Van's Journal

    Vanessa "Nessa" Azari USERNAME Van NICKNAME Nessa AGE 19 -> 21 BIRTHDAY 02/14 GENDER Female PRONOUNS She/They ORIENTATION Bisexual ORIGIN U.S.A. HAIR COLOR Dusty Pink EYE COLOR Hazel HEIGHT 162cm WEIGHT 50kg Background Vanessa is the younger of two sisters, her older being considered the "prodigy child" of the family. Valerie, the sister, was 6 years older and the center focus of her parents
  10. The Basics The years have taken a toll on the once happy Nari, and as time passes it leaves its scars; some more visible than others. As the pathways of Aincrad become quieter with each passing day, Nari's once adamant desire to escape is slowly dwindling, as she realises the reality of her possible future... Username: Nari-Lanreth (Commonly Nari) Real name: Nari Lauren McKellan Age: 30 > 32(June 7, 1992) Gender: Female
  11. En | Lv. 1 | HP: 20/20 | EN: 20/20 | DMG: 1 (+3)(+3) | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | LD: 0 | MIT: 12 | REC: 1 Profile: Username: En Real name: Enzo Conti Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'7 Background: Virtues: Flaws: Skills: Inventory: Equipped Items: Battle-Ready Inventory: Sword Arts: Consumables: Roleplay Log: Appearance:
  12. Profile: - Username: DawnFlower - Real name: Evangelina Dervis - Age: 22 years old - Gender: Female - Height: ~158 cm (4'9" feet) - Appearance: Youthful woman with a slender build, slightly androgynous face features, grey eyes and wavy light brown hair. Has a pale skin and lack any cosmetics for the most part. - Profession: -- === Background: Failure and disappointment to her family, Evangelina was a daughter of artisan and artist, who used to live under their care for more than two decades. Born weak and growing in a conflicting family, girl didn't turn out to be
  13. Theodore Silvio Cardozo Barbosa FC: Zhongli (Genshin Impact/Real Appearance) / Cú Chulainn (Fate/In-Game Appearance) Username: Silvanus Real Name: Theodore Silvio Cardozo Barbosa Age: 22 > 24 (December 21st) Gender: Male Height: 188 cm (6’2) Complexion: Tan (Natural)/Pale (In-Game) Eye Color: Gold (Natural)/Red (In-Game) Hair Color: Ash Brown (Natural)/Blue (In-Game) Place of Origin: Ericeira, Portugal Profession: N/A Starter Package: Support History Theodore was born in the bright and sunny city of
  14. Xlearsight


    Profile Username: Xlearsight Real name: Daisuke Shinnosuke Age: Seventeen (Pre-SAO), Nineteen (Current) Gender: Male Height: 5'10 Background: History Daisuke was the third child of a family of five, which made him believe he had more freedom than his other siblings as he was just..there. His family life was about as normal as most could be, maybe a bit more cramped. At around seven, he had begun to take up an interest in martial arts and gaming, but his parents weren't the type to jump and spoil their children with gifts or anything. Thankfully, they were at least
  15. Stars relate my days Fleeting Moments passing by Gone before they shine Name: Amaji Amethyne Username: Amaji Nickname: Jiji Age: 18 Height: 5'0" Weight: 120lb Gender: F Real Life Occupation: Self Employed, pawn profit flipping Backstory Before SAO, Amaji's life was fairly uneventful. As a child she always kept her head down, not really going out of her way to connect with anyone, since she lacked any kind of enthusia
  16. August's Journal: In the game, Léo has longish silver blonde hair with short bangs and a short pony tail accompanied with amber eyes and a fair complexion. He is of average build and not particularly remarkable. The image listed is the closest thing I could find and I can't draw good so this is what you get, no he doesn't have pointy ears. Profile Username: August Name: Léo-Céline Bassett (pronounced Lay-oh Say-leen Bass-set) Age: 19 (at start) --> 21 (currently) Approximate Height: 1.8 m (Roughly 5' 11") Approximate Weight: 67.8 kg (149 lbs) Pl
  17. <<Vigilon>> Profile: Username: Vigilon Real name: Alex Silver Age: 18-20 Birthday: July 7 Gender: Male Height: 5’4” Background: Personality: Virtues: Flaws: Characters Sharing the Same Writer:
  18. <<Profile>> Legal Name - Kade Campbell Username - Ferox Age - 18 Height - 6’2” Weight - 165 Birthday - August 13th Ethnic Origin - Northern European (Caucasian) Current Level - 1 About/History/Personality: <<About>> So, you decided to come in here like you owned the place and just read whatever, huh? Absolutely no regard for what I want to keep private, is that it? That’s kind of inconsiderate, don’t you think? It kinda makes me uncomfortable. I’m joking of course, I’d probably do the same thing. I’m Kade
  19. Profile: Username: Grimm Reaper Real Name: Ozwald Grimm Age: 22 -> 25 Gender: Male Height: 5'5" History & Personality Ozwald grimm was born in Bristol the night before halloween to a loving mother and father who would do anything for their son. Ozwald was loved growing up immensely and his parents took every single opportunity that they could to show him that. With his father being an award winning author and his mother having a nice job as an astronomer Ozwald was able to grow up with a fairly nice home. Having a nice loving relationship with his parents had also
  20. Charles Profile Username - Charrlarr Real Name - Charles (Charlie) Harrell Age - 19 Height - 5'8 (172cm) Birthday - May 12th "Today's a good day to have a good day. That's what my Pop always said." Background "Let me think.. well I was born at a very young age. I'm kiddin' around, just a joke my Pop always said. I was born in the south east of the United States. Eveyrthing was run down, sad and boring, but we made the best of it. I had a couple of good friends growing up, but most people around my area were.
  21. «Macradon» The Imperial Topaz «Profile» » Username: Macradon » Real name: Giang Huynh » Age: 20 » Gender: Male » Height: 175 centimeters » About: <History> Born in the late years of Vietnam, Giang Huynh was born in Saigon, the second "capital" of Vietnam, the town also known as Ho Chi Minh City. Though he was born in Vietnam, he was never really living in that country, as he was born without notice as his parents hadn't anticipated him to come out just yet. After his birth, he
  22. claim


    Claim &nbsp;journal Profile Username: claim Real name: Serzi thous Age: 23 Gender: male Height: 69inches 5'10" About: History/personality A man that has come from a high upper class family. So money was never really an the issues for him growing up. Most of the high class kid would never really talk to him, but he would all way help everyone he could. He is the oldest out of 3 little sisters so he really didn't have a lot of free time so he would play games like every one. but his first nerve gear was a bit fawlty and had scared his eyes and turn his gem b
  23. Shye


    Shye Real name: Chelsea Arvin Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5’0 History Chelsea is a young American teen born in the mid-western state of Indiana. She lived there for several years with her family until about age 13, where they're parents decided to move from the states to Japan. Her childhood was pretty much like any other girl's who had two brothers. Leaving her friends was trying, and only seemed to seclude her even more than she already was. In Japan, Chelsea had an awful time adapting. Her Japanese was awful compared to a native speaker and she had an
  24. Kanba

    Kanba wip

    Profile Username: Kanba Real name: Roderick Gainey Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 6 feet About: I was born on October the 18th in Macon, Georgia. My mother and father were together at the time and was expecting a strong young boy. Little did they know they would have their hands full with what came from the womb. This young man named Roderick was full of energy, and even had taken a liking to sports at a very early age. That's when I even declared myself around the age of six that I would be in the professional levels someday, the NFL. His father was driving trucks to mak
  25. Profile Username: Tower Real name: John Age: 76 Gender: M Height: like 6’8” LVL: 1 EVA: SP: 5 MIT: 26 EP: 2 DMG: 1 HP: 20 ACC: About: History/personality John Cromwell is a self-made man if ever there was one. He was born to good parents who loved him, but were poor. John never missed a meal, but santa and the tooth fairy never seemed to remember his address. At a young age he realized he was just bigger and faster and stronger than most of
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