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  1. Takao sat in contemplative silence, caught between amazement at the depth of Kyo's explanation and confusion in the face of an overwhelming influx of information. He resisted the urge to interrupt, recognizing in her worries the echoes of his own preoccupation with artificial intelligence. The distinction between imminent AI takeover and a harmless concept from a bygone era was blurry, and while Kyo found herself on one side of the fence, Takao found himself on the other. "I guess I don't really know the difference?" he admitted, scratching the side of his tilted head. "Sapien
  2. Takao appeared entirely oblivious to Kyo's growing unease, mirroring his own concerns from just moments before, regarding the potential implications of the technology he held in high regard. Kyo accurately deduced that deploying an asset like Cardinal didn't necessitate its application throughout the entire game, recognizing the need to let the AI focus on its strengths. Takao believed that while Cardinal could enhance the dialogue of some NPCs, especially in unique instances, such intricate interactions were largely unnecessary. For example, he saw no issue with the repetitive scripts of shop
  3. Upon leaving the safety of Snowfrost and facing the untamed wilderness of the fourth floor, Takao swiftly unsheathed his sword, the metallic sound resonating in the crisp air. With a confident yet cautious stance, he held the blade tight in his grasp and at the ready, positioned to the side opposite Star. Although he felt assured that nothing in the floor's wilderness could overpower the two of them, past arrogant errors had taught him the value of vigilance, and he was nothing if not cautious. The journey proved less challenging than his recollection of the floor. Despite the
  4. Some of Takao's paranoia immediately eased when Kyo assured him that speaking candidly wouldn't incur Kayaba's wrath. He let out a sigh of relief, a hint of his overly trusting nature surfacing. Content with the reassurance, he settled back into the chair, and Otoko, albeit warily, followed suit and laid back down on the table. Takao lifted his legs onto the chair, crossing them to find a comfortable position. Then, Kyo inquired about the Cardinal system, and Takao's head visibly tilted. "You don't know about it?" he asked, surprised. "Huh." T
  5. Takao's mind raced, grappling with the unsettling notion that his plight, the struggles within the death game, could potentially be exploited for someone else's gain—perhaps even manipulated for sinister purposes. Paranoia gripped him, and he ventured into wild thoughts, contemplating whether the NerveGear had the ability to delve into his mind. The fear lingered: could merely thinking these ideas lead to his erasure from existence? If the technology could read minds, wiping the collective memory of his existence seemed an effortless task. His body slumped in the chair, head rolling back, and
  6. Regrettably, Takao found himself ushered back outside into the unforgiving embrace of the cold. Since his arrival, he had clung to the hope that this quest would unfold within the sheltered indoors, shielding him from the biting chill. Alas, it seemed the game had different plans. Alongside Star, he ventured into the festival still in the process of being set up, the brisk air nipping at exposed skin. As they strolled and conversed, Takao adopted a sidelong posture, partially turned as he spoke. "I try to avoid this floor at all costs if I can help it. I really don't do so good in this co
  7. Takao sat with his hands resting gently in his lap, and his undivided attention fixated on Kyo. Each syllable that flowed from her lips seemed to act as a catalyst, stirring the gears of his mind into motion. Until this moment, he had been content perceiving Sword Art Online as a cutting-edge video game, pushing the boundaries of technological prowess. The broader implications of its application beyond mere gaming had never truly crossed his mind, with fleeting thoughts about military use lingering on the outskirts of his consciousness. Now, however, those rusty gears began to churn with newfo
  8. Takao radiated an aura of comfort and camaraderie, thoroughly enjoying the simple pleasure of engaging in conversation, a welcome change from the solace of the kitchen. The delicate clinking of chopsticks against porcelain served as a rhythmic accompaniment, a soothing backdrop to the lively exchange with Kyo. As he huddled over the bowl of noodles, his chopsticks created a constant stream, each slurp a testament to his evident enthusiasm for the meal. Short breaks punctuated this gastronomic journey, a strategically placed strip of grilled beef acting as a palate cleanser amid the indulgent f
  9. Takao found himself once again ensnared by the consequences of his lack of preparation. Hastily venturing into the fourth floor, he lacked a clear destination and possessed only a vague notion of where to locate the elusive NPCs he sought. The quest, shrouded in mystery, lacked credible information in Takao's possession. It seemed to be a rare undertaking, intertwined with the festivities that permeated Snowfrost, initiated by eavesdropping on a pair of NPCs at the festival. Beyond this fragmentary knowledge, Takao remained oblivious to the intricacies of the quest—unaware of potential adversa
  10. Takao's expression morphed into a mix of surprise and amusement as Kyo's response unveiled an unexpected twist. Her humorless grin in response to his weight lament prompted a quizzical raise of his eyebrows. However, as she pushed her chair back and turned to face him, revealing her open jacket, midriff-baring top, and the remarkably defined abs beneath, Takao's surprise transformed into starry-eyed wonder. "I'm not exactly happy about it either," she remarked, her tone carrying a blend of wry humor and determination. She showcased the results of her hard work, and the abs on
  11. The biting sting of the bitter cold air painted his face as the teleportation effect gradually dissipated. Amidst the fading light, his eyes slowly adjusted to the enchanting wintry landscape of the Fourth Floor, revealing a lively festival coming to life under the gentle illumination of lanterns. A swell of excitement tinged his heart, and his eyes sparkled in anticipation. However, the burgeoning warmth in his chest was abruptly quenched by an unyielding gust of frigid wind. "What the hell...! This isn't warmer at all!" he huffed, his hands instinctively grasping the collar of his coat,
  12. Inquisitively, Takao's head tilted as he absorbed her response. Their reasons for venturing beyond the safety of the first floor were akin, yet subtly different. Where his motivation stemmed from a potent mix of wanderlust and boredom, hers was propelled by an aspiration for the front lines. While he refrained from vocalizing his own reflections, recognizing that certain experiences needed to be lived to be fully understood, he remained attentive to her words. His focus shifted to her concluding remarks, and a visible deflation of spirits accompanied a sigh. "Don't remind me,"
  13. A grin adorned Takao's face as he carefully placed the delectable dessert on the porcelain saucer in front of Kyo. His eyes followed her gaze, oblivious to the subtle rotation of a green crystal just out of sight. Her remarks about the affordability of the food immediately piqued his curiosity, and a fleeting concern crossed his mind, entertaining the idea that perhaps he had priced his offerings too steeply. However, as he observed her fatigued appearance and the simplicity of her attire—reminiscent of the basic armors found on the lowest floors—a realization dawned on him. "
  14. As the radiant sun descended beneath the virtual horizon, its parting beams painted the cityscape of Taft in a breathtaking palette of amber and indigo. The resonant tolling of the Cathedral bell echoed through the towering structures and labyrinthine streets, heralding the onset of a tranquil haven amid the digital tumult—a charming café nestled comfortably between unassuming walls of red brick. A crimson cloth canopy, suspended on an intricately designed metal frame, extended gracefully over the outdoor seating, spilling onto the narrow street below. This architectural embrace created a sere
  15. Current Level: 67 Current SP: 335 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Onyx Huntsman's Set Item ID: 63092 Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Light Armour Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: 2 EVA / 1 MIT Description: / Item Name: Onyx Huntsman's Set Item Tier: 4 Item Type: Light Armour Item Enhancements: 2 EVA / 1 MIT Descript
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