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  1. I see that you visited the site yesterday. This is because I was creeping on you. I hope that life is treating you well!

  2. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 - One Handed Straight Sword Mod(s) Being Dropped: - SP Refunded: 50sp Cost: 50,000
  3. Seul

    You... You're supposed to be dead!

  4. This is the taco's birthmas? Happy birthmas!

    1. Takao


      thanks bb ❤❤

  5. Asterios event thread has been closed.

    If you participated, check the thread linked below for your rewards!


  6. rip takao

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    2. Stryder


      If he's gone show us proof!!! Wheres the death!

    3. Seul


      It'll be okay @Stryder, Takao is in a better place.

    4. Takao


      just let him rest, kids

  7. You'd have to do the stats first, compress all of those layers into one layer, and then duplicate the stats overlay and merge them with each frame of the animation. If you had video editing software that could work gifs, like Sony Vegas, it'd be easier, but with photoshop you have to do it each frame by frame, duplicating and merging the stats overlay.
  8. Sure thing. What'd you need help with?
  9. Friendly reminder that for all your Thread Locking, Craft or Roll Evaluation, and Journal Approval needs, the Player Support Team should be your go-to staff members. The Creation Team/Content Developers shouldn't be your first stop.

    They can be found at the bottom of this page. Presently, those that can do these tasks for you include: Beatbox, Aoda, Hydra, Morgenstern, Zandra, or Myself.

  10. Some more details regarding the purpose of the Timeskip have been added to the first post in the poll thread. Hopefully it'll clarify what its for and how it'll help low leveled players catch up.

  11. Loot Table feedback! (click here)

    If you have any concerns or issues with the new loot table, feel free to comment!

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