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  1. x Used x1 SPIDER CIDER (+60 HP)
  2. x Used x1 OFFBRAND ENERGY DRINK (+9 EN)
  3. x Used x1 OFFBRAND ENERGY DRINK (+9 EN)
  4. x Used x1 OFFBRAND ENERGY DRINK (+9 EN)
  5. When he let his first «SWORD ART» loose, the group of undead with their rotting backs turned to him were none the wiser, until they felt the digital pain of his blade cleaving their shambling bodies into ribbons. Necrotic limbs flew with each slice, practiced and graceful, as the mute-toned blade of «RAGNAROK» tore through them, one after the other. When he'd ended his ruthless onslaught of their fictional beings, they shambled, they stumbled, and they failed despite their best efforts to lay a rotten hand on him. He hardly needed to move, let them fumble over themselves rather than exerting m
  6. While it wasn't the outcome he was expecting, or not exactly, it was close enough that the grand reveal of the event's twist was not much of a surprise. He didn't sit up at first when the undead began to flood the tent, merely opting to observe for a moment longer. The NPCs ran, some of the weaker players fled as well, and the cream of the crop all leapt into action, as they were expected to do. Takao didn't feel that same need, he had all night to get his fill, exhausting himself before the first turn would be far more detrimental than beneficial. Eventually, once the crowds of competiti
  7. Pools of emerald green had set their glowering gaze upon the technicolour tent and theatrics that surrounded it. It was that time again, in the never-ending nightmare of Aincrad, for another on-the-nose festivity to celebrate another holiday. He didn't dally for long before a small sliver of his wallet found its way into a box amidst others of its kind, and he stepped into the tent with a small wingless dragon trotting in behind him on all fours. As players began to gather, he had no doubts that many were like-minded, knowing fully well what these events had in store for them, or at least enou
  8. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 - One Handed Straight Sword Mod(s) Being Dropped: - SP Refunded: 50sp Cost: 50,000
  9. Seul

    You... You're supposed to be dead!

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