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  1. I'm unsure if they use a derivative of the template I made for bosses years back and what changes, but it greatly comes down to player activity. However it would be possible to speed up fights while keeping on your toes by decreasing boss HP but increasing their attack power. But that's diverting from topic here. Indeed. I still need to get around to playing Hollow Realization to see what they used there, but to my understanding they use a mix of both energy and cooldowns. They can have that complexity due to automation though.
  2. As the person who designed properly the first Sword Art system (based off suggestions by Daeron IIRC), interesting topic which I remember deliberating myself a lot. My main inspirations at the time of designing the systems were SAO Hollow Fragment and its PS4/PC remaster Re:Hollow Fragment. Let's talk about the distinction between these two games, as this is very relevant to the discussion at hand. Note a key point here is that both games have an HP and Energy meter. 1. Vita Hollow Fragment. In this system, sword arts have no cooldown per se, but instead cost a certain amount of energy
  3. An interesting topic to see while having a glance at the site while on lunch break. I'd trace it back to some years ago, when I had a nigh epiphany in the world of roleplay, starting with a section on it on the classic Minegarde forums, long dead now but infamous at the time. I did a few roleplay stuff, nothing special, but it lit a spark. From there I had during May 2014 discovered a different RP site, which I used to be on a LOT. I didn't like the rules there much but I made several friends and my writing addiction to roleplay my fantasies practically exploded. I accrued several thousan
  4. I got the beard and the girl nailed ;) As promised, an album of pictures from when the Tristan and @Flints power couple became RL. As you can see, fell asleep several times while we watched films or anime. She didn't quite manage ice skating either regardless of how much Yuri on Ice we watched, though I was okay at it and (tried) teaching her. Featuring fast and slow doggos also.
  5. I had many beard, then i shaved. May the hair rest in peace.
  6. Hey can I get some help I'm new

    1. Takao


      This is a great place to start:


  7. I love you, my tank<3 

    1. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      I love you too my wife <3

  8. From today onwards will be taking a break from staff duties for some personal time for about a month or less, please direct concerns to other staff.

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    2. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      I'm hoping it doesn't burn either *house on fire because of his shield* Damn it!

    3. Mack


      Now that he's gone I can enact my evil scheme to take over the world! *rubs hands together evilly*

    4. Calrex


      Sounds good Tristan, enjoy the personal time! XD

  9. Just jumping in to explain some stuff. Erron changed sub forums because it left the site less fragmented which gives the site better Search Engine Optimisation. He's the one to consult on that. The level system was changed for 2 reasons. The first is that during the site shift from IPB3 to 4, several users got huge jumps in level due to posts, Calrex for one gained thousands of post count from somewhere no one could figure. Thus many users had levels not representative of what they actually should of had. Secondly it was to discourage to an extent spammy RPing of small posts since po
  10. Tristan smiled when he saw Flints appear, coming up to her and kissing her on the head and hugging. "Glad you could come my dear. I'll make sure to keep you safe. Plus I guess you get to see my infamous tanking for the first time on the frontlines. I will absolutely make sure my wife does not die on me.". He smiled at her once more, then said "Alright, I have a boss to distract. Just focus on the attack when your opening comes, that is if Zelrius or such don't kill it first...". Tristan stepped forward towards the boss, shield in front and spear beside him and faced the...oh for goodness sake.
  11. Tristan got a strange message, thinking it must be time for one of those weird bosses again. He just hoped it wasn't too bad, since he as usual would likely play the role of main tank, but as it was a festive boss he felt it was unlikely such would occur. Tristan rolled his shoulders and equipped all his gear as he entered where the boss room was, his bloodstained armor, burning shield and golden spear with the blue glow around the arm that held it. It sure felt pretty badass to be covered in demonics, he had to admit. Stats and extra skill info in spoiler:
  12. New Easter boss! Sign up within three days! Special loot for every person who joins at the end! http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11652-pp-f1-easter-event-boss/


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    2. Ratatosk


      I'm not cut out for stuff like that yet, I guess I'll try my hardest to level up as much as possible then see if I want to join the event.

    3. Seul


      Trying to send more lambs to the slaughter Manta? :P

    4. Amira


      Nope.I do my best to save/help everyone. Heck, I was giving out free safeguards for the boss battle, it seems like no one wanted them though. 

  13. This is the official sign up for the Easter Event. It is Strongly recommended you do not apply unless you are at least level 25 with T2 equipment. Under-leveled applicants run the risk of their immediate death. NO MORE PLAYERS MAY NOW JOIN THE FIGHT AS THE FIGHT HAS STARTED Players have received a player wide notification with a message, saying only "Come to this plain for a big Easter Surprise, on a journey travelled by kings of old." with a location shown on a map to a green plains on Floor 1. A rock akin to a cave sticking out the ground appears to be sitting there out of the
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