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  1. So much 3.0 stuff to have to do to catch this character back up for approval...



    *butler claps*

    1. Hirru
    2. tricolor_mina


      The legend is back les fuckin gooo!!!!

    3. Oji


      I am not your butler smh

  2. For those of you interested in taking part in the Hot Springs Party Event that I will be hosting AFTER the current event is done please go and check this thread out in the OOC area, thanks.


    1. Neopolitan


      How many alts to bring...

  3. So, who's interested in a Big Hot Springs Party OP Thread to be fired up after the end of the Event Boss?

    Possible events related to it include a swimsuit competition and a combat tournament for Familiars.

    I'm trying to convince the Staff to award +1 SP to the competition winners.

    1. Ghost
    2. tricolor_mina
    3. Hestia


      Hestia needs something to relax after everything happening IC. Though she would need to be convinced since that girl is nonstop in wanting to get prep and to try and get things fixed. OOC note: would totally join with the right motivation IC.

  4. Everyone in the Asterios Fight, please check the most recent Asterios post for an IMPORTANT OOC. Everyone Level 40+ that is NOT currently involved in the Fight, also check that post OOC and decide over the next 3 Days if you wish to be a "Reinforcement".


    Attention Everyone in the Asterios Event...

    Late tonight there will be an announcement about the event, in the form of an OOC in my next post for Tomas. I will post a link. You need to read it.

  6. Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Life's been a bit busy and the employer put RMM software on the computers to track us, so I can't get on at work any more. Trained a new guy the last few days and have come up with a system to get back to normal in the next day or so, although with less Discord.

    1. Macradon


      Aww, hope to see you soon and stay well!

    2. Baldur


      @Mack Can you get on discord on your phone? The app is pretty good

  7. Dude, @Damien do you go to Olathe South? Also, @Vale why don't you post the ones you took a couple weeks ago?
  8. @Dominion, @Soredell, @Solomon, and @Aoda

    You all have about 34 hours to post still before you get auto-hit for being skipped. You can exit combat and watch the proceedings (as Mestophales did), you can attack the Trainee (which I did with my alt. as a means of demonstrating that as a reasonable course of action), or you can try and attack another one of the mobs on the field.

    But, you do need to post.

    1. Aoda
    2. Soredell


      I'll do it when I can.

    3. Atzo


      Solomon wont be able to post for another 6 hours. He is currently travilling


    New rules for Monthly Boss Fight Searching are being put into effect now. They may be found HERE! at the bottom of that linked post.

    The April Monthly Boss(es) can be found on Floor 7. Feel free to begin searching.

    1. Rain


      @Itzal time to do work bud.

    2. Morgenstern


      heh heh, good try with that, he is already doing one



    You have until 7 pm Eastern (U.S.) to have your posts finalized for the Asterios Event.

    1. Vargas


      7 PM tomorrow I'm assuming

    2. Mack


      Yes. Sorry.

      It's already after 7 pm EST tonight.

    3. Vargas
  11. Someone at work had the audacity to think that I would allow them beating my High Score on Ms. Pacman to stand. I would not allow such bold rudeness... and beat their score.


  12. Thinking about making another Alt. *nod nod*

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Yua
    3. Yua


      Avilon should group with you. *nods*

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      "Opening up recruitment, loosely, for a guild called "The Inquisition". "

      careful there Mack, we already had a guild named 'The Crimson Inquisition'.... they didn't end that well.

      They were around the time Azure was starting to get big.

      but most don't know about them so a little refresh/repeat would be cool.

  13. A WILD @Kiru appears! Go @Calrex, I CHOOSE YOU!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Mack



      The Caldra Tank brings all the Pew-Pew to the yard, and they're like 'more pew-pew than yours'...

    3. Morgenstern


      Morgenstern uses Aerial Ace!

    4. Mack


      Sweet! 2 on 1 attack! Take that @Kiru! :)

  14. Everyone, the Nerius Event has concluded. Check the last post for your rewards. If you want to see the full Boss Stats please PM me or say something here. If you have a question about the event, feel free to ask.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mack


      Done and Done for Morgenstern and Damien.

      Also, sorry Hirru.

    3. Hirru


      It's all good.  I got the Dimensional Pouch, Ultimate Loot anyway.

    4. Mack


      True. Dimensional Pouches are love. Dimensional Pouches are life... I have 4 of them.

      True. Dimensional Pouches are love. Dimensional Pouches are life... I have 4 of them.

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