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  1. (I accidently called them boars but they are wolves) (Okay... so I messed up the hate gain. Wolf B should have had 2 hate on Zenshu, not Wolf C. So I am rerolling those wolves attacks. since Wolf B should have targeted Zenshu and Wolf C should have targeted me.) 209852 MD: 10 Wolf A -> Row 48+2 - 44 = -6 hp -> Row 209853 MD: 7 Wolf B -> Zenshu 48 - 12 = -36 hp -> Zenshu 209854 MD: 1 Wolf C-> Row (Miss) 209855 MD: 2 Wolf D -> Row (Miss) ------------------- New Round Zenshu continued to be the DPS she always wanted him to be. Cleaving though these Wolves'
  2. "Awesome. The hunt never ends when Yul is as stake. That's my motto." The girl laughed will reading over the item that dropped from the boss. "I wonder if we could find that thing called Demonic Shards. I recently did a quest that spoke about it. It seemed pretty cool and doesn't follow the tier system." She turned to the pack of mobs her partner pointed out. She was itching to see what her armor could actually do. Her stats shot back up after the boss died so she should be way tankier now. Also, she would hit way harder since her <<Declaration of War>> basically doubled its damage
  3. More vines shot out of the creature as it noticed the man charging. It knew it was going to die after this strike so it was desperate to finish off the player first. Unfortunately, the man was to agile and quickly closed the gap without so much as a scratch. Then he unleashed an 8 hit flash of strikes, turning the creature to pixels. "Lets go! Though, I don't feel like I did much. Ahh its fine though. Sometimes we get lucky sometimes the boss just spam AOEs critical attacks." Then she rushed over to pick up the special drop. <<Nepent’s Ovule>> was an item that was suppose to make i
  4. The plant monster was still looking at her which was great. She still had its aggro so she continued to heard its attention away from Zenshu so that he could fine clean its, and a clean hit did he fine. The boss was on a silver of health. So the girl decided it was time to take a big risk. She activated her <<Quick Change>> to change out her current Axe for her damage axe <<Declaration of War>>. All she had to do was land a hit. Just one hit. So she prayed to the dice gods and started charging her sword art. However, the mob quickly parried every strike she did and took
  5. Going into her stance, she readied herself for the next round of combat. She circled the plant monster so that Zenshu could attack the beast while remaining out of line of sight? This was assuming the creature could even see. With this opening, Zenshu unleash a devastating 11 hit combo of slashes with his sword art chunking the beast below 50 percent. At this rate, she was sure they were going to win this in the next round assuming she was given the chance to counter attack. As the monster switched aggro, the girl let out a battle cry and charged forward unleashing her very own Sword art and a
  6. It did not take long for them to locate the monster. It was so weird and reminded her of a combination between a pocket monster and a digital Monster. "Disgusting. I can't wait for us to cut it down!" Her party member as also in agreeance as he lunged forward and unleash a devastating 8 hit combination of slashes and effectively chunked the creatures HP down to about 75%. It did not seem like a crit but the girl wanted to make sure she played this safe. Keeping him alive would end this encounter like 10 times sooner anyway. So she activated her skill <<Howl>>. Smacking her shield s
  7. Row had been sitting at her table as the only player in this tavern for so long. It was almost time to start the hunt and with nobody coming, she was afraid she was going to have to do it alone. It was a bit sad but what's done is done. She started to stand up only to see someone enter the building. She gasped before clapping her hands excitedly. "Oh, oh, you saw my flyer. This is so great. I was thinking I was going to have to hunt this treasure alone but now I get to have help." The girl hastily left her chair and attempted to grab the other player's hand. "Yes, yes! I am Row. Hunter of all
  8. The <<Town of Beginnings>> was the place for new players to get their start. For Row, it was going to be the place to start her network. See, her dream was create an organization that went out and found the rarest and best of gear. With a big enough collection of this stuff, they would be the strongest and most wealthiest player. With money and power, they can storm through the floors and clear the game. Thus they would be heroes and everyone knows, respects, and buy things from heroes. Dollar signs filled her eyes as she looked around the town for any traveling adventurers who wou
  9. It was time to go on a hunt. It had been so long since she did any "real combat." Today, she wanted to take on a field boss. She was sure she could defeat this creature now that she had all her gear but well this was something you were suppose to do with a party. In fact, this was something you were suppose to do at a much lower level. So in order to get the best experience out of this, she posted a noticed looking for a party and listing herself as a tank. She was not the best offensively but she did have her own special strat for things like this. Plus she had a new skill called howl. Given
  10. "Thank you sempai. You would not believe the day I had. Its like I feel like I been asleep and dreaming for so long. But I guess I just don't know the game like I use too." The girl let out a laugh as the man walked away. Then there was a loud explosion. The girl's smile dropped wondering if this was a safe place or if this man knew what he was doing. She was not going to pay for terrible equipment. Her dream, her hopes to get out of the game required the best of the best stuff. After some time, the man came back with some nice T2 Heavy armor. "Oh wonderful! Now I can go exploring again withou
  11. Quest Complete: Row: +5 Mats, +1 Demonic Shard, +300 EXP (quest), <<Forager>> profession unlocked
  12. This is for my stuff
  13. Looking for material 209752 LD: 16 +5 +1 Mat
  14. Looking for material 209751 (fail)
  15. Looking for material 209750 (fail)
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