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  1. 2 left and ink found himself feeling mentally restless. with every attempt so far his massive reserves of his energy had been decreasing while steadily refilling. if he had done this with others maybe he would have been done with it by now. his plan originally was to fight and do battle with all the common monsters of each floor hoping he would level up, a odd form of grinding. at this ratee though he was considering bailing on the plan all together perhaps he needed some gear, not all hits guaranteed to hit and he wasn't going to get his energy back for it. he was sure of it now, he needed e
  2. man this leveling things going to take a while

  3. the recent experiance lead ink to think more about the game and what other feature he might have over looked. did the cleaver have speacal abilities? what about skills, did he have those? how could he use them ? he could faintly remember a 2 players in combat using something that might have been a skill. he tried to immitate it. taking a stance winding his arm back, with the cleaver in hand. " was it like this? i hope im doing this right i don't know how long they'll wait for me". a moment or maybe two, ink held his possition as the light sudden was accumilating into the cleaver, he could kin
  4. the boars were crowded pretty close, maybe if he was lucky he could get all of them at once. " fat chance, but a noob can dream." ink wasn't sure to exactly approach this so he simple tried to rush them. he didn't usher out a war cry, though heavy armor probably would give him away. with his scarfed cape waving in the wind. ink was essentaly "naruto running" a phrase he never though he would say himself. once he got close however the white of the boars eyes flashed a crimson as most began to scatter. usher in the swing of his cleaver, ink manage to hit at least one of them, the force put in
  5. " 1...2...3...4? guess more showed up" the boars from before ink was getting a head count and was supprsised too find more then last time... regardless though this was where he had to start in the hopes of leveling and looting. 'Krek ... Krak...Krack' the air and silence broken by the crackling of key areas in inks neck and fingers though they weren't terrible loud. it was a prone habbit that followed him threw high school though he couldn't recall why he starting doing it in the first place. he can recall his brother hass a similar habit with crackling those that remain in his back thou
  6. … several hours of the night and he was finally up from what should have been a short rest. though looking at the sky. the sun it was rising. he slept threw the entire night and the sun was rising. it wasn't as ink had intended and he was kind of conflicted about it. now that it was the evening that others might ruin his peace of trying to get a handle of the game... a deep breath and then a sigh. " I-it's cool I've still got time... i hope i have time" the bane of his autism came with many quirks one was his inability to keep trap of the time. that's likely why he though it had only been 6 m
  7. tier


    tier 1 1-10
    tier2 11-20
    tier3 21-30
    tier4 31-40
    tier5 41-50
    tier6 51-60
    tier7 61-70
    tier8 71-80
    tier9 81-90
    tier10 91-100


  8. Closing thread Reward wordcount: 5183 / 10 = 518 Morningstar Exp: 518*3*0.7= 1087 col: 100 InkyLore exp: 518*1*0.7 = 362 col: 300
  9. " i'll try to keep that in mind" the discussion seemed like it was starting to come to a close. much more from that all there was left was too wait for the small feast. after eatting he was going to need another nape after and wait to digest said food. or at least to recieve the false feeling of digesting said food. that said that was still a lot of food... and it was probably still going to take a while... maybe he should try making more conversation with the lad... though honestly what would they even talk about. the silence was quickly setting in. there was a clear view to the
  10. being offered a free meal by the owner was nice and ink intended to get what he could, even though it went beyound drinks, drinks he assumed Morningstar was going to pay for...though he wondered what the exchange rate of u.s. dollars to col was. ink took a moment to order the followin double cheese burger|2/3 lb beef| [plain] ( cheese and ketchup only) large serving of salted fries ( shoe string style) a serving of 12 piece wings| mild lemon pepper| (all flats) 10 potsticker dumplings ( pork filled with soy sauce) however even as he was ordering this, there wa
  11. ink sat back in the seat for a bit... " got any fast-food type items? wings, fries, burgers stuff like that" they didn't really get a menu but those are some standard items almost any restaurant with or without variety might have. he liked to balance it with liquid and solid foods as he did with sweat and salty one's. but what are they getting all sentimental for all he wanted to know was the progress. perhaps he came off a little serous then he intended. what a headache. and he can't exactly come out and ask them to stop sounding so sapping about it, they may rapermend him if they think he d
  12. questions unanswered, ink left it only to Morningstar's assumption and did nothing to reassure if he was on the ball or not. what could he say no, something about how only the brave and foolish pursue dreams and desires while the cowardice and wise stay at a distance to reap the reward? maybe a lie about something that sounded related to this ordeal but really wasn't? perhaps anything better then saying he didn't care, that would be boring for sure. ink continued sipping up the rest of the drink, vibrating the straw with a soft groan, before ultimately changing the subject " ... Morningst
  13. the plains, floating landscapes just above everything else, seeing them from the ground below ink wasn't sure how he was going to get to them the first time. though he found his way he did. much of which he spent marching, with the effort he put in he felt himself exhausted reaching the plains having stepped beyound the town of beginnings for the first time in a long time. he was far behind where he should have been and his ability to wait out the death game had pretty much took its toll. so he hadd some catching up to do. the plains were deemed a god start being floor-one's weakest monsters..
  14. ' wounder what online quote he got that from... haven't heard that one before ' ink thought to himself. perhaps it was of little consequence. but in little case it looked like morningstar really only called ink out for a drink. as players they can see the health bar and and there names but unless there partied up they can't see the exact details of it such as there level, probably for the best honestly, wouldn't want to deminish inks selfesteem by being reminded how low level he is at this point... " ah think you, dante" in normal restaurants ink wouldn't normally address characters b
  15. " ink is fine no one really bothers with the 2nd half and a quarter of it anyway. i must say you choose a odd time to invite a stranger for a drink though" his real name was pretty long at least in its entirtyy and anyone who learned it never dared miss the chance to say the whole thing each and every time. it gets annoying after a while. inspite of Morningstars fears about those learning the true origin behind his name with kurt there was no chance of that happening, he wasn't into celebrities and they lived in 2 entirely diffrent countries so he had nothin to fear not really. kurt
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