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    Approved, welcome to SAO-RPG
  2. Neo simply nodded at the greeting, acknowledging it was in fact her. There was no need ot hide her identity, she was still herself. But there was something underneath that that made it hard to tell if it truly was her or not. Once the order was complete, Neo claimed the parasols for herself. Though Macradon mentioned he would get his apprentice to work on it, she just smiled, seeing the craftsmanship was clearly his own. Shadow would've had an interesting remark, but Neo knew the design was difficult. Walking out of the shop, Neo was now ready to face whatever challenges came her way. Itm
  3. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Fishing Mod(s) Being Dropped: none SP Refunded: 10 Cost: 10,000
  4. Thankfully, the order didn't take that long. As Neo was cinching up the new corset, she listened to the comment about her aura. All shadow would do was lend a smirk to the player. Pulling up a message window, a simple one was typed up and sent towards them. And with her order claimed and payment spent, Neo quickly left the shop. Though Shadow wanted the player to follow into her little trap, Neo prayed that there would be no blood spilled. ((Black Corset Received))
  5. She walked into the shop, a dark aura surrounding her entire slim frame. There were no words that came out of her mouth, simply a paper slid over with a request on it. As soon as confirmation of the request was given, she would pay the materials needed for it and wait for the order to be complete. It was a simple enough task, at least for her tastes. But there was no telling how long it may take this person to accomplish it. The tailors of Aincrad always seemed to be the most flaky of the crafters, never finishing an order she gave them unless she breathed down their necks. @Bahr
  6. Neo walked into the shop, a dark aura surrounding her. As much as she knew walking into a town would be dangerous, she needed to upgrade her defenses if she was to become this reckless. Though her visage was as grim as her new personality, her silence and order of a parasol shield was likely enough to give her away. She didn't particularly care if she was recognized. All she knew was that anyone who tried to dig her out of this hole was going to be in for a very rough time. She would rather avoid losing the friends she had and instead avoid everyone. @Macradon
  7. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 1 LA Mod(s) Being Dropped: none SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000
  8. Approved, welcome, to SAO-RPG
  9. Approved Approved, be careful of size though
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