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  1. I'm not going to be able to respond as frequently as I have. Being sick and having a large workload tends to do that to you. So forgive my delayed responses...

  2. Looking for someone to RP with. Social or quest, though I'd prefer a quest. 

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    2. Alec


      I'm always open to do a thread either story type or if you'd like someone to hold aggro for you so you can wail on mobs let me know.

    3. Ghost


      Alright, I'll contact you when I can open a thread.

    4. Alec


      Sounds great.

  3. I will slowly be returning... Very... Very slowly...

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    2. Ghost


      Yeah, Its gonna be a while until I start posting daily like I did before,
      once a week at least till then


      Oh yeah, most of the RP's I can resume are solo or inactive.
      I guess what I'm saying is I need someone to RP with.

    3. Pinball


      Well, I'm always down to RP! If you're interested and have any ideas, you can DM me here or on the Discord!! 

    4. Ghost


      Ok, thanks pin.

  4. I've been inactive I know... I'm probably not gonna be very active until the twenty-fourth. So, I apologize to all threads that I had active. Sorry, see you guys soon.

    1. Hazado


      No worry about it Ghost, Life is life and we all know it, try to fix up your own things and start making if better for yourself, as always, my door is open and you know how to contact me.

  5. I'm back!


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    2. Hazado


      You know you still have a thread with Me Ghost Dear, Why not get to that as well


    3. Ghost


      Yeah I know, it was the first one I was gonna work on anyway. Also, sorry for vanishing with no warning, I was really busy.

    4. Neopolitan


      You kinda, GHOSTed us. (I am not sorry for that pun, but welcome back anyways glad to have you here)

  6. Hey, is anyone up for a social thread?

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    2. Ghost


      Like I said, I'm gonna go with Pinball. Maybe next time. 

    3. Ghost


      I've decided on something, I'm gonna start my chracters story. Which I've been planning for a while. Most of it is Solo so, sorry I got your hopes up Pinball...    : P

    4. Pinball
  7. Jade walked back into the store, it certainly has been awhile. She approached the counter, seeing the outfits neatly folded and laid on the table. "Hey! I'm leaving the money on the counter! I'm here to pick up my stuff!" She shouted to the back room. Laying a small bag of materials on the counter, and taking her new apparel, quickly stashing them away into the depths of her inventory before she turned back and went the way she came. Jade obtained: Agile Cloak and White Dress in exchange for: Three Tier 1 Materials @Kyot0
  8. I'm thinking about joining a guild, any suggestions for low level players?

    1. Hazado


      If you willing to join the Garnet Rangers Just start a Thread with me or Neo

    2. Ghost


      Ooh~ That sounds cool. Alright, so do I just, tag you in then and in character ask to join?

  9. Happy New Year Everyone!

  10. I'm back, anyone miss me? I'll start posting again soon.

    When I do, I'm gonna need help with 《The first few lessons are free》. 

  11. Hello everyone! I'm gonna be offline for a few weeks to focus on a personal project of mine. Sorry for inconveniencing anyone I have threads with.

  12. Earnings: (Col Tracking, Item obtaining, etc) Col: Items: SP: Materials:
  13. Jade pick up the dagger, lightly running her finger along the blade, it was very sharp. It was thin, light, and sharp, it's just what she needed. The name “Jessica” etched into the blade running along the spine. She picked it up, gave it a few swings, and placed it in the empty holster on her shoulder. She turned to the shop owner. “Thank you.” She gave a smile before exiting the prestiged blacksmith shop. It lived up to its name. She walked away from the shop, taking the blade back out and examining it. Running her hand along the engraved name. + "Jessica"
  14. Jade, passing a small lake, noticed a small building, upon further investigation, she discovered it was a tailor shop. She looked down at her outfit and observed her arms. She needed a change of apparel. She slowly opened the door, letting out a creak before coming to a complete stop. "Hello? Is anyone here?" She could hear sounds emmiting from the back room. She noticed the order forms on the counter, and filled one out, along with a note for when she would come to pick it up. Forms: @Kyot0 [OOC: How much for the two?]
  15. Jade thinks for a moment. "I want it to do a good amount damage and be easy to hit my target, can you make those modfications?" Jade said, determination in her voice. Looking around the room, she glaces at all the well crafted and detailed armors and armaments. "I wonder how it will come out..." Jade whispers to herself. "Oh, sorry, but can you have then name etched into the blade on one side, if not there, then the handle?" She quickly added. (Dagger Enhancements: +2 DMG, +2 ACCURACY) @Macradon
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