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  1. I don't know If I should come back or not... But I'm at least gonna finish my Karaoke, I know you guys wanted rewards right, well, they are coming soon! 

    1. Hestia


      Yo Novafire if you're wanting to stay on SAO then do so you're always welcomed around here in this community.

  2. Sorry I was offline for so long, I had some problems concerning schoolwork. But now that's over and I'm ready to resume my threads. I can't wait to see how the karaoke will turn out. XD

    1. silver crow

      silver crow

      thats all right also i will follow you

    2. Benjamin Bookworm

      Benjamin Bookworm

      Yay for karaoke!  It's gonna be a blast.


  3. WHY IS NO ONE AT MY PARTY. It is at this moment that I realized, I should add Athazagoraphobia, to my flaws...

    1. Krysta


      I've actually been hoping to join in, but it's kind of hard to find a good image of a white dress...

      Also, I know the feeling. I tried to start an event a while ago, but nobody came...

    2. Macradon


      Macradon's not a party guy

      so yeah


    3. Hikoru


      Hikoru is busy working, and could only be dragged to it by one person, who left site...


  4. I thought my other post would be like "Treasure Hunting" but it wasn't. :-(

    1. Outlander


      Treasure Hunting, ah, good times.

    2. Krysta


      Is your OP thread's party type casual, or fancy? I might need that little detail, as it may affect the apparel Krysta may wear to the event.

    3. Novafire


      Its between casual and fancy. So you decide.

  5. Hey! Guess who's back! Its been a while... Well sorta, I was playing as Epsilon before.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Novafire


      Idk, Ill try. lol

    3. Novafire


      Well, I'm gonna go AFK for a bit, Ill be back at seven.

    4. Outlander


      Well, Welcome back. Heads up, I'm a criminal now.

  6. Novafire in her standard clothes: ProfileUsername: NovafireReal name: Nova EvergreenAge: 16Gender: FemaleHeight: 5' 1" Favorite Song: Through GlassAbout: History/personality She can still remember the day everyone was trapped, here, in Sword Art Online. It hit her that she could die. She spent the first five days in SAO hiding and terrified. That she would die because of monsters, or even worse, other players. After the five days, she got ready to face her fears, and she got her sword, and her armor and went out to help get out faster. In real life, Nova has two brothers a dog an
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