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  1. Victory was at hand, there was no mistaking it. The opposing healer had fallen earlier, and the Berserker was vanquished soon after. Two player landed powerful blows against the opposing mage, it would surely be destroyed by the assault. Everyone else decided to either recover their energy, or continue the assault on the Unyielding Avatar. As much as Krysta would have loved to finish off the creature, there were enough strikes upon it to end it, at least from what she could guess. She saw Vigilon deal the latest hit against the armored foe, and smiled, primarily because he was able to strike this time, rather than experience yet another embarrassing failure. Krysta stood firm, and knew the battle was pretty much over. "It is done. Victory is ours." She stated. The players could be at ease now, but how would they repair the damage done to the floor above? -Krysta takes no action. Player Statuses:
  2. The healer who opposed the players was destroyed, the lethal blow dealt by that monstrosity, Dazia... If anything, it was at least good to know the other enemies would not have any of their HP levels restored. Speaking of HP, there was one other player who currently needed some aid. The players were on their way to Victory now, but this was not the time to exercise courage before caution. The player should be healed just in case, in the event of a worst-case scenario. Krysta would walk over to the young healer and place her hands on said healer's shoulders, and closed her eyes as she activated her first aid skill. "There, you should be feeling much better now. Those of us who can support must have one another's backs, after all. We all need to make it through this battle." Krysta would say with a reassuring smile. Things were looking up, so all Krysta needed to do was assure a victory without casualties. Used First Aid on @Shiina , restoring 99 HP Player Statuses:
  3. The bosses revived after their destruction once again, but then something happened over in a distant battle....Krysta chose to pay attention to another battle in action, seeing a great and terrible dragon reviving itself....and then suddenly, the crystals' red glow faded to black. Krysta's eyes widened at the realization. The enemy wasn't ever-returning...they were simply given "Extra Lives" by these infernal crystals...but now that they were no longer glowing, Krysta believed that this meant there were no more such extra lives for these soulless fiends to make use of. They were now as mortal as the players themselves. Her passion reignited, Krysta considered returning to combat...but there was only one thing to do first. Krysta saw the more potent healer become stunned, and someone had to keep the tank in best shape. Krysta would place her hands on the tank once more. "There, you should be in prime fighting shape now." Krysta stated. Krysta uses First Aid on @Eruda, Restoring 120-36=84 HP Player Statuses:
  4. The healer of the opposing forces was destroyed, only to return so suddenly after. The four monstrosities broke into laughter over the players' attempts, taunting them and mocking them. "No one who bears a good heart would ever laugh at another's misfortune in a matter of life and death, such as combat, for instance." Krysta remarked. She then noticed something was off with another player's response to the situation... Krysta was heading over to the players' tank to heal her, but then she glanced over and saw Dazia...who seemed to be in a foul mood, with unyielding hatred and malice...eyes burning with an unholy blaze... "Heavens..." Krysta uttered out, shocked at what she was seeing within the player's expression. "Never in all my life did I anticipate seeing a monster in human form...what a menace..." Someday, somehow, Krysta intended to bring this player to justice, to put an end to Dazia and her evil... But for the time being, There were more important matters at hand. Krysta continued on towards the players' tank and approached her. "Allow me to assist you." She said before placing her hands on the tank and activating her First Aid skill, restoring the player's HP. "There, this should help you remain on your feet a little longer." Krysta noted. Chances were, she might stay by the tank's side to keep her healed...however, the amount restored in percentage, did not seem to be the amount that would normally be restored. Something was very wrong... Krysta looked to the active statuses upon her and saw a debuff. "Accursed soulless fiends..." She thought. "You shan't get away with this easily..." Krysta uses First Aid on @Eruda, Restoring 120-36=84 HP Player Statuses:
  5. The mage would shatter, but there was a problem that could never have been anticipated...the revival of the very atrocity the players had slain. This was like that mad dream again, when one foe's life force was tied to another...but which of the enemies had such power, if at all? One of the monstrosities cackled as the mage was resurrected. There it was, its maniacal laughter had given away its role in the battle. The healer had made the foolish mistake of revealing itself to the players, who, surely, were very much aware of what they were up against at this time. Before Krysta could see to it that the proper target is slain, the warrior within the enemy ranks let out a terrible roar that was an earsplitting cry to Krysta. Krysta ended up dropping her weapon and covering her ears. She then saw Vigilon looking towards her with a worried expression on his face. While everything seemed faint in terms of hearing after the booming roar, her hearing was starting to quickly recover. This was probably just a stun she was experiencing, as she felt somewhat weak, to boot. "I'm fine, Alex. Go, strike at their healer, before it's too late!" Despite not being able to hear very much in the case that Vigilon had said anything, Krysta at least knew a response that was needed. [Stun refrains Krysta from taking action] Player statuses:
  6. What a dark, unusual group these enemies were...their expressions burned with hatred, but whatever for? "I do not even know who you are..." Krysta admitted. "But if you seek to bring only harm to the innocent and defenseless," She began, as she raised both her weapon and her shield. "I shall not hesitate to strike you down." She declared. Now that she thought about it, the gaping hole in the floor above had most likely harmed innocents, both player and NPC. The sinister crystals lining the hole were highly similar to the many horrific, crystalline growths that encrusted her new foes. There was no need to question who or what had done this... The other players charged their obvious enemies, and it was time that Krysta should do the same. "So be it." Krysta decided, as her eyes became ablaze. She would rush in to attack the "Undying Mage" after a familiar, unwelcome sight had attacked as well. Dazia was not as much of a threat as these enemies were, thus there would be a higher priority. Not only that, but the monster with a human form still bore a green cursor. To Krysta, though, there would only be a matter of time before the cursor's true colors would be revealed... But that would be a battle for another day. For now, She would strike against these atrocities, and lay low their evil legions. ID# 167683 BD: 5+3-2=6(hit) Over Radiation: 17x14-25=213 Damage to Undying Mage! Player Statuses:
  7. What a cruel man Kayaba was, setting up such a horrendous trap for the players like this. There was clearly more in store for the players, for better and for worse. The good news was, the players survived the fall and received some support from someone or something. Krysta could not tell what, as it happened so suddenly during the fall. The bad news would be, that there were enemies lying in wait for any players who survived the fall. Krysta got up, and saw that she and several other players had not only survived the fall, but were being protected from the immediate threat to them by a barrier. Most likely, this was to give the players a few moments before the battle. At least Krysta's light armor, her battledress, was already equipped. Vigilon had gotten up slowly, and had asked for a sound-off call for anyone who did not perish in the fall. "I do believe we would have shattered, had we perished." Krysta said to her boyfriend in response. She would pull out the jar of frost she had received from the magpie taming booth. Now that she knew what it was for, this would certainly be a situation to use it in. She opened the jar, and carefully applied the mass of frost to her weapon, taking care to not unintentionally get herself frozen by the chill of the substance in the process. Once this was done, she moved on to the remaining preparations, which would be taking part in the feasts which a player had deployed for everyone. With her well-being having been attended to, her weapon empowered, and having consumed a portion of Beef Wellington, she was ready to face down the enemies that would surely be upon them soon. -Krysta consumes a portion of the Beef Wellington(Feast #2, provided by Gaius) -Krysta's Base Damage increases by 2, but her MIT falls by 20 -Krysta applies <<Cold Shoulder>> to her weapon, Nightshade Stats and Equipment: Krysta's Stat Line:
  8. Krysta

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    After the two had embraced, Vigilon attempted to say a pick up line to Krysta. He had done so awkwardly, but the most likely reason that he tried at all was because he knew that it wouldn't fail...after all, the two were already in a relationship. Krysta would laugh for a bit, then with a smile, she would say to Vigilon, "It is a little late for that now, is it not? We are already in a relationship, after all." As far as Krysta knew, pick up lines were used to ask someone out on a date before forming a relationship. She believed this because she and a few female friends of hers were often targets of such lines. Naturally, she had rejected them due to not knowing them well enough, or because she did not feel the same and was unwilling to risk the potential regret. "Worry not, Alex," Krysta reassured. "We can spend the rest of tonight enjoying the festivities together, just the two of us, if that's what you're asking." Krysta then looked to the sky and saw the ongoing meteor shower. "Even if we can't spend it alone later, we can certainly have this moment to ourselves." Surely, this sight would be enjoyed by the two of them, in this moment, alone. It was more than enough for Krysta, there was no need for an all-out date tonight, just a little moment right here.
  9. Krysta

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    After having gathered some Gold stars alongside three other players, it was time for Krysta to turn in her gold stars as contribution to the project that the children had needed them for. She walked over towards the center, and brought the gold stars to one of the children. "I do hope that this amount will suffice." She added. The child, however, seemed very appreciative. "Wow, miss, thank you so much!" He said with a bright smile upon his face. Krysta smiled back, and the child would be on his way, bringing the gold stars to the one with the blueprints. Item Name: Gold Stars Quantity: 111 Thread Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19903-ppf22-stars-and-wishes/ Krysta then began wandering around the settlement, wondering what she should do next. After some time, she would make her way over towards the Tanzaku stall...then she saw an all-too familiar face on the horizon. "Alex...? Alex!!" It was Vigilon, her boyfriend. She ran towards him, as he ran towards her, and she would open up her arms to embrace him when the two would reach each other. "I am so happy to see you again, Alex...it's been sort of a while, at least, has it not?"
  10. Krysta looked over to ChaseR, then back to Astralin, who tried to reassure the players, saying she would be fine. "I...I understand. Just...please, do be careful..." Krysta replied. With that, Astralin would enter the lake. If only she understood why Astralin would want to take a swim in the lake at a time like this...but then she remembered. "Well... It all began when I was fascinated with the sights, then I started learning more about them, and...I kind of learned why my Mother adored them too. Honestly, if my Mother had no love for the stars, constellations and galaxies, I wouldn't have been named after a constellation! ...I guess it kind of grew on me, naturally...like Mother, like Daughter, I suppose." Astralin has Astrophilia...it all makes sense now. She had grown around one, so it could easily contribute to her becoming one herself. It wasn't that it always happened, but Krysta had a similar development pattern as well. Krysta might not have developed her mother's accent, but she did develop her manner of speech, for one. Despite it all, Krysta indeed developed to be unique, as every human being is, in the end. No matter the similarities, there is always a difference. Krysta would see a cluster of golden stars by her feet, and she would gather them. It was time to return to the festival, and Krysta could only hope that her friend remained safe. ID# 165638 LD: 18(found 18 Gold stars) Krysta's Total: 111
  11. ChaseR would slowly, hesitantly nod his head. He sighed, and told Krysta that he would try to calm down, as he looked down towards the ground. This player was certainly tense, to the point where calming down had become a daunting task... If it were not for this game bringing death, such mental tolls would not have fallen on the players of Aincrad... Krysta knew she had to do something about it all, but she had to reach higher levels to do so...to a significant degree, at least. She would return to her search, and find a cluster of eight golden stars. Seven more. Seven more until she had attained the minimum amount of golden stars to collect that she had set for herself. She then noticed something, something that was a little...off. She saw Astralin, walking into the reflective waters of the lake. "Astralin? Wh-what are you...? Perhaps she thought that she would find more stars in the lake, or did she have another reason? Not that Krysta could come up with any other reason yet off the top of her head... ID# 165353 LD: 8(found 8 Gold Stars) Krysta's Current Total: 93
  12. Shay would tell ChaseR that he did not need to worry, that he should relax instead. ChaseR would apologize as he admitted his concern, seeing that this was a higher floor and he didn't want casualties. "Most of the creatures on this floor are simply critters that do not fight back. Monsters are uncommon in this floor, powerful ones are usually rare. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will encounter any combat of any sort." Krysta said to ChaseR with a smile, as to reassure him. Krysta would resume her search, and find a cluster of seven gold stars. She had eighty five of them now, it would not be long before she was finished with her part of the search at this rate. There were probably many players who were gathering these stars, so it was likely that a hundred would be all she needed to contribute to the rail construction. ID# 164626 LD: 7(Found 7 Gold Stars) Krysta's Current Total: 85
  13. Krysta saw how things quickly settled, and how swiftly the players moved to gathering from the lakeshore itself, while ChaseR decided to keep a hand on his weapon in case there were any more piscine issues that transpired. Krysta would come close to the water, and find a cluster of gold stars. She had a fair sum of them now, only twenty two golden stars away from one hundred. This was proceeding at a fairly fast-paced rate. It would not be long before each of the players managed to collect at least one hundred of them. The threshold goal for the players' contributions to the rail was about two thousand, meaning that four hundred would be a fair contribution that would cover most of the matter. Astralin seemed to be thinking out loud, so Krysta did not know whether or not she should add any of her own thoughts. For the time being, she would continue to gather golden stars. ID# 163393 LD: 18(found 18 Gold Stars) Krysta's Current Total: 78
  14. Silence. There would be silence after Astralin and ChaseR re-exchanged greetings. At least there seemed to be some level of understanding. There didn't seem to be very many of the golden stars remaining in the current vicinity, as Krysta would only find two. She then heard Astralin's voice and looked to see that Astralin had somehow gotten her hand inhaled by a native fish of the lake. Hopefully it didn't have teeth, as this was not the time nor place to be within a combat scenario. Thankfully, Astralin managed to remove the fish from her hand, perhaps Astralin had found gold stars over at the lakeshore, and the fish was drawn to the sparkling light glistening off of the gold stars? Whatever the case, Krysta wouldn't be finding much else here, so it was time to draw nearer to the lakeshore. Hopefully there wouldn't be any more incidents where the fishes of the lake would not attempt to disrupt the golden star gathering any further. ID# 163382 LD: 2(found 2 gold stars) Krysta's Current Total: 60
  15. Vigilon would strike down the last of the Goblin Soldiers that he and Krysta were facing, and the other goblin soldiers would be slain as they tried to flee. Once the battle was done, some of the players remarked that the soldiers seemed to be some sort of blockade, and were theorizing as to why. {Scarlet} would rush in towards the next area blindly, as Shadowynd followed her lead. "Perhaps they were guarding something nearby." Krysta guessed. She would take a look around the room of the cavern, but there was nothing to be found, save for the pathway to the next area of the depths. "Clearly, we must press onward if we are to find anything at all. We mustn't let Team Rogue gain the upper hand, should they know how to deal damage against groups of four, slowly slaying all the goblins around." Krysta noted, in case the course of action was not obvious. ID# 163236 LD: 7+3=10(Failed, no treasure chest found) @Vigilon