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  1. Krysta's HP would quickly recover, and with another usage of Celestial Sweep, the only opponent remaining within melee range was the first of her opponents, who proceeded to Strike Krysta with his weapon. Surely, there must have been more to this opponent than what meets the eye. "I've broken many a blade in my time, but I suppose I have yet to face an opponent such as yourself. I was among the best, once. Maybe by defeating you, I can prove to this realm that I still am!" The mercenary remarked. Krysta would deflect his next attempt to strike, but her following swing of her weapon was bl
  2. Krysta put her immediate focus in removing her weapon from the swordcatcher safely, as in a game like this, it was likely that such a weapon might have more devastating effects on certain weapons' durability. This NPC seemed to be a cut above the others, perhaps he was a greater threat. He attempted to make a certain movement as to put stress onto Krysta's weapon, but he seemed to only encounter frustration. "Wha? The hell? ...The hell's this thing made of?" Krysta removed her blade from the swordcatcher. "It's a mystery if you ask me, I did not witness this weapon's origin." She answ
  3. The enemies Krysta was facing attempted to strike back, but even though she had to pull her weapon out of an enemy's grip, she was able to avoid every attempted strike. The other NPC enemies were moving in to surround Krysta, and they all had their weapons drawn, as if their only goal was to prevent Krysta from progressing any further. The few players who were on the deck had all gone belowdecks for some particular reason, with the exception of one who looked upon the NPC enemies as though to command them if need be. If all these hired mercenaries were indeed hired by the player leading this g
  4. Krysta's gaze slowly grew a slight agitation. Not that being organized was an issue, but that she was sacrificing the playerbase's freedom to choose by taking the road she was walking. "I'm afraid taking away people's right to make choices in their lives is not something I can tolerate." Krysta began. "Therefore, I highly suggest that this stop, before someone chooses to take extreme measures against you." The player did not lose her composure, but she seemed disappointed by Krysta's response. She looked to the NPC beside her, and all three were awaiting orders. "We have encountered resi
  5. This player walked up to the front of the deck, ready to make her declaration. "The time is now. I will bring an end to the playerbase's consistent fear and laziness. ...And I will be the one to lead us all to victory!" This...this wasn't spoken literally, was it? Was this player intending to put every player in sight underneath her? Krysta had to have been hearing things. But as Krysta drew nearer from the transport, she was spotted by the player in question. "Who might you be?" The player inquired. At first, the escorts were wary, but they seemed to lower their guard when looking t
  6. Upon reaching the Skyport, Krysta would notice one large Airship preparing to take off. This was the one that was spoken of, and she would miss it if she didn't do something soon. However, once she reached the craft, it lifted into the air. It was too late to board it...from on foot. She quickly turned to seek out one of the more minuscule aircrafts meant for transporting up to one party of players. When the NPC asked where Krysta wanted to go, she would state, "That larger Airship over there!" as she pointed towards it. Coming close to it for the first time would be the easiest part
  7. Appearing at Ladonia's Teleport Gate, Krysta would begin making her way to the skyport. If there was anything having to do with Airships, it was likely to be found there. Along the way, she would take a short stop or two to eat a consumable or two. If there was indeed going to be combat of some kind, she would need to be ready for it. The trip to the skyport wasn't as long as it first was, as she didn't have to fight and charge through numerous sets of enemies, just an occasional foe. It would surely take time before the actual "Safe Zones" of the floor would actually get to become safe z
  8. A young woman, tired of how slow progress has become, looks to her guild to bring herself solace. The structure and order of her rising organization, now seeking to deal with the qualms of this world. At long last, they've gotten their hands on a Ladonian Airship. She had caught wind of rumors about some crimson haired pirate that had taken control of one, and how said pirate player sought for her airship to go beyond just the twenty-sixth floor... The young woman knew that she had to do the same, if she was to get the players back into shape and clear this game under proper command. Whil
  9. Krysta was going to need more combat oriented items to place in her accessory slot for equipment, and for that, she would need to seek out an Artisan. There were so very few that were open, and none that were open had what Krysta needed...that is, except for one location, over in the Town of Beginnings, within a more...shady district of the town, one that Krysta used to avoid for the longest time, for particular reasons. But perhaps there were reasons for someone to set up in such an area of the town. Regardless, Krysta would find the shop, enter, and find within, something she would be n
  10. Krysta had been needing to prepare herself for upcoming battles, but there were few places that were open, let alone any facilities that had what was needed. Oddly enough, the fact that she had come across this particular player's nomadic establishment once again would seem to be good fortune in a time like this. The buffs this player sold were highly beneficial, but if only they had better taste. However, in a world such as this, the benefits would far outweigh the one and only minor consolation. It was simply mild, it wasn't entirely flavorless. So it would be in Krysta's best inte
  11. Name: Blossoms' Blessing Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 209964 Roll Result: [Fusion] Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation, Regen(2) Description: A lovely outfit consisting of a white shirt and a pink skirt, paired with a pink waist coat jacket made from both soft and durable materials. The jacket itself is decorated with rose petals, pastel pink in color, as well as cherry blossoms. On the back of this stylized, flower-decorated jacket, is an image depicting an outline of a cherry blossom. The cause of the outfit's regenerative proper
  12. [Day 14] [11/8/2022] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  13. Name: Reaper's Defense Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 209956 Roll Result: [Fusion] Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Risky, Evasion (2) Description: A full leather piece, this armour allows the user the freedom of movement while offering minimal protection from incoming attacks. Designed to replicate the scales of a dragon along the shoulders and lower torso, the piece provides no restriction to the flow of combat, with the flexibility of the leather allowing for further bending movements as required. Reference: Post Link: https://www.s
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