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  1. Yona's remark on Vigilon did not help in the current situation, especially after the debate that had gone down just before the players even came here. The NPC would arrive with the players' drinks, even Yona's. Krysta sipped her tea, as the other players took interest in the newcomer, while trying not to overwhelm her. "It's nice to meet more of Vigilon's other friends, I hope we can get along well." Koharu noted. "Shulko may call me Sakura, but my username is Koharu." She added. Alanin chose to wait. Aurami looked to Koharu. "If you don't mind me asking...how did y
  2. Krysta was confused as to why Yona would choose wine at this hour. It was not considerably far into the day, it was merely after noon. What was the point of her choice? A girl approached the table, appearing somewhat nervous. "Um, excuse me..." She began shyly. "Do you mind if I sat here with you?" She asked. Alanin's eyes lit up. "I do not mind at all. Here, let me bring you a seat." He got up immediately and picked up the nearest empty seat for her. He then looked to her as if asking where she wanted the seat. The girl slowly pointed towards the spot next to Kry
  3. With Yona's agreement, the five would make their way over to Shulko's Tavern, The Carefree Magpie. Once inside, Shulko would bring the group over to a nice round table that could seat them all. "I'll be back with ya once I've handled the orders, for now, take a gander at what I've got available, Avi will probably be with you shortly." He explained. Right, he owned this establishment, so naturally he'd have to be the primary contributor to its work. The four players would get seated as Shulko made a beeline for the kitchen. He would stop for a short moment to speak with
  4. Yona would ask if anyone had anything else planned. Krysta was unsure of what to do at the current moment, however. Shulko stretched and put his arms behind his head. "I dunno about you, but I'm feeling a bit bushed...mentally speaking, of course. If you'd like, you guys could crash at my place, The Carefree Magpie, for at least a bit. I'll offer you an order of food and drink on the house, how about it?" He suggested. "I'll pass." Ellyria decided. She began to walk towards the exit, but she stopped suddenly, turning her head to look towards two players in particular. "Krysta...
  5. Yona would bring up the trope of Love Triangles into the argument. Oddly enough, a Triangle was what caused this debate in the first place. Ellyria and Koharu gave their thoughts on the subject. "..." Krysta chose not to speak. The discussion continued, and the sides seemed to blend into a neutrality. The opposing side acknowledged both views of the debate, and while it was done as to counter against Ellyria once again, Krysta could not help but feel...understood. "..." Krysta chose not to add.
  6. Krysta was suppressing a chuckle of her own, not that she had a clue as to what Koharu and Shulko were referencing. Alanin's expression went from a half-smile to a full smile. Ellyria was deadpanning, she was probably judging them silently, if her behavior and demeanor throughout the discussion could say anything about it. When the amusement settled down, Alanin would speak. "There is still another matter that may occur with a relationship involving multiple partners." He began. "Clearly, it’s the difference between two aspects of the romantic field: Love vs. Infatuation. There i
  7. Yona would add to the topic of children and parenting, and proceeded to mention a fragment of her past, how they wished for a perfect child, but ended up with two children who could not meet said expectations. "Then you simply had terrible parents with unattainable expectations." Krysta remarked. With a sip of her coffee, Yona continued her contribution. Once she was finished, Alanin believed it was time to shift gears within the topic once again. He proposed a question, a real-world problem that would not tolerate any careless answers. Shulko and Yona both seemed to
  8. The debate became more heated...mainly between Yona and Ellyria. The two would have their little exchange, in which Yona seemed to be doing well. Once the two had finished, Khavius looked to each side of the debate. "Is there anything else in regards to the subject that any of you would like to bring up?" He asked. Alanin would raise his hand. "Go on, then." Khavius stated. Alanin nodded his head in thanks. "Let’s move on to an important topic regarding relationships, if they ever go a certain direction: Children. How are they to be properly cared for if there are multiple partners?" He
  9. Ellyria's latest "Objection!" had left Yona feeling considerably peeved. In fact, Yona was peeved to the point of speaking out a rant against Ellyria's alleged point of view. Ellyria was bending her pointer close to the breaking point, and had clearly been angered. The situation was now becoming concerning, and it would not be out of the question if Yona and Ellyria were to become enemies at this rate. Shulko chuckled, and tried to make light of the situation, whilst bringing the conversation back on topic. Ellyria then proceeded to speak some quotations she'd claimed to have heard from
  10. "..." The debate continued, though Krysta was finding herself with less and less to say as the debate went on. The voices and activity she was putting in became more and more mental than verbal. Despite this, the debate continued as there was more to be said by, honestly, all six participants. Ellyria continued tapping her free hand with her pointer as she continued the discussion. "Relationships as a whole have become high risk for toxic interaction. Look how many people have even failed to keep a stable monogamous relationship, and see that Polygamy, Polyamory and Open Relati
  11. Khavius looked at the current situation and where it was going. Shulko would do the same. "…Aren’t we getting a little off track here?" He asked. Krysta would take a moment to think after hearing Ellyria's alleged rant, then would give her thoughts on it. "Despite Ellyria’s claims, she does have some points. While there have been some forms of media that tugged on my heartstrings, I am aware of the differences. Not everyone seems willing to see the difference, and thus the lines between Fantasy, Ideology, and Reality become muddled. I shan’t judge whether or not someone should date
  12. Name: Ronin's Garb Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 223498 Roll Result: [Fusion] Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT II, EVA I Description: A light weight yet surprisingly sturdy nagagi and hakama set. Made with traveling and protection against the elements in mind. The nagagi (top) is a dark ash grey and the hakama (bottoms) are a dark black. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/21509-f11-r5-tailor-luminous-linens-open/?do=findComment&comment=681490
  13. [Day 28][6/28/2024] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  14. Perspective...that was a rather insightful point that Shulko had made. In fact, it made sense, and Yona would give her thoughts to support the claim. "I appreciate this point. Regardless of which side of the debate's argument one is on, we cannot simply overlook the factor that is perspective." Krysta agreed. Alanin would make his point regarding the modern flaws of a changing society, and the pitfalls they can run into. Ellyria would make her own remarks, which carried the scent of her drive to make an attempt against the playerbase that Krysta stopped via the destruction of The
  15. Ellyria's aggression continued, but she kept it to tolerable levels. She seemed to be on the belief that a truly wholesome relationship was so shockingly rare that it was better to give up entirely. What could have possibly happened that would have caused her to think in such a manner? When Shulko questioned her reasoning, Ellyria brought up her distrust with all potential partners. Shulko brought up the importance of commitment and of the relationship itself, that relationships were more than simply a particular course of action. Krysta nodded her head. "One bad apple spoils t
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