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  1. The Jewel Shines in the Light ID# ID# ID#
  2. Krysta's onslaught against these mercenaries was taking a toll on her energy, though she was uncertain if her enemies were able to notice. As the last three mercenaries of those who remained joined in the fray, Krysta's next attack devastated all four that were present, with holy energy arcing from her blade to finish off the ninth mercenary. Krysta's attack had knocked the remaining three enemies back, so they began making their way back towards her, not that it would do them any good at this rate, but their sense of loyalty was astonishingly admirable. "Your loyalty to your employers,
  3. Krysta would speak to her opponent once more. "Then perhaps it is time I changed things up a little, and stopped playing around." She said before activating a different Sword Art, Luna Regalia. Three enemies were stricken by this sword art, and Holy Energy arced along the blade to smite the eighth foe, and all stricken foes were slain. The ninth mercenary caught the weapon with his own swordcatcher, but the distance between him and Krysta's blade, as well as what the weapon had just done against his allies, left him shaking and incapable of landing an attack properly. Three more mercenari
  4. Krysta was right, her opponent stood no chance on his own. "For once, I think you're right. Come on, boys, together now!" As the three other enemies entered the fray, Krysta readied another Sword Art. When she activated and used it, it stuck only one, before it was caught by the persistent opponent's swordcatcher. Once again, Krysta found herself having to free her blade from her foe's choice of weapon. "Hah, you're starting to become predictable at this rate!" Her foe remarked. Krysta knew this wasn't a fight she could lose, nor could she afford to lose this fight. Who knows what c
  5. Fusion Evaluations: item #1. | 2 scales, 1 shard. stitches. | [#191865a] | TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR | HOLY BLESSING, LIGHT MOMENTUM II [desc.]: a white poncho made out of thick fabric. parts of it are fraying, worn. Weathered White Duster+4 | [#165453a] | TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR | MIT, LM, HOLY BLESSING [desc.]: A white leather duster favoured by eccentric treasure hunters with a knack for finding trouble. pretense. | [#194569b] | TIER 3 CLOTH ARMOR | REGEN, VAMP-D II [desc.]: a black shirt. plain and simple. stitches | x | weathered white duster | -> stitches pretense |
  6. Krysta happened to notice it was quite the busy day this day. First, a pink haired player entered the shop and browsed, before picking out a set of Cloth Armor of her respective tier. Once the pinkette had equipped her new armor, Astralin arrived, giving a smile and a wave before taking a turn to browse the already dwindling stock. Krysta would need to replenish stock the moment she got a chance. She turned to the pink haired player once more and said to her, "Thank you for your purchase, feel free to come back anytime you need." Astralin asked if she could try on a set of Cloth Armor, th
  7. [Day 20] [12/17/2022] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  8. Name: Nebula Librae Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 210082 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion(2), Recovery Description: A lovely, mystifying, highly comfortable flowing dress, the skirt of the dress being asymmetric as to allow proper leg movement, Short skirt at front, mid-calf-skirt at back. The hem begins at the waist, and the sleeves of this dress are long and reach the wrists, and happen to be flounce sleeves. The dress, in color, appears to be a mixture of various purple hues, as though giving off the illusion of
  9. [Day 19] [12/6/2022] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  10. [Day 18] [12/5/2022] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  11. [Day 17] [12/4/2022] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  12. Krysta's HP would quickly recover, and with another usage of Celestial Sweep, the only opponent remaining within melee range was the first of her opponents, who proceeded to Strike Krysta with his weapon. Surely, there must have been more to this opponent than what meets the eye. "I've broken many a blade in my time, but I suppose I have yet to face an opponent such as yourself. I was among the best, once. Maybe by defeating you, I can prove to this realm that I still am!" The mercenary remarked. Krysta would deflect his next attempt to strike, but her following swing of her weapon was bl
  13. Krysta put her immediate focus in removing her weapon from the swordcatcher safely, as in a game like this, it was likely that such a weapon might have more devastating effects on certain weapons' durability. This NPC seemed to be a cut above the others, perhaps he was a greater threat. He attempted to make a certain movement as to put stress onto Krysta's weapon, but he seemed to only encounter frustration. "Wha? The hell? ...The hell's this thing made of?" Krysta removed her blade from the swordcatcher. "It's a mystery if you ask me, I did not witness this weapon's origin." She answ
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