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  1. Krysta would remember this, that Freyd had to be prodded to admit that he had tracking. Something wasn't right, but the more pressing matters had to come first. When Freyd asked what the plan of action was, Krysta inhaled softly, then exhaled slowly. "They seem to have green cursors, so clashing with them directly would not be the best idea to begin with. On top of that, we have only seen three of their members, and there's no guarantee that the rest are unwilling to heed the voice of reason." Krysta noted. "It is not likely, but nor is it impossible." Freyd warned that reason woul
  2. Unfortunately, Vigilon did not have the ability to track the target player, and Freyd, whose capabilities were currently not fully known, seemed too disinterested to offer proper help, and instead spoke his perceived time limit instead. Vigilon would then give his suggestion for what to do next. There truly was little the players could do in terms of tracking this player if Krysta's allies could not, or would not, help. Krysta had made the mistake of assuming there was a player who had it, who was also willing to use it. "...It seems like we do not have a choice here...we shall continue to tak
  3. Oh, if only things were simple, the players would have stopped wasting their time and continued the impromptu investigation, it would surely take them along the path towards the boss room, given current implications, leaving enough time for the players to make a beeline for the raid once it was finished. But alas, Freyd began to show a different side of himself with the response he'd given to Krysta. “Please reserve your moral indignations, Reprehensible? Maybe. But these are also the harsh realities of war. Look around, princess, because that is our life here."
  4. The battle was won, but now there was a pressing matter to discuss. Freyd suggested ignoring the matter entirely in favor of not leaving anyone waiting. This would surely have moral consequences to leave this to someone else. "Why are you suggesting this with utter nonchalance?" Krysta questioned. "Absolutely not. We cannot simply ignore the potential dangers this situation poses. Leaving this to the more downtrodden players is reprehensible!" She stated, the tone of her voice being rather stern. If someone with less stats or luck were to happen upon this situation, they would surely die. Krys
  5. True to Krysta's word, it would seem as though this battle was proceeding with haste, in the party's favor. Each player's weapon struck mercilessly against the creature of flame, tearing it apart regardless of logic. The party should be able to finish this just as swiftly, with enough time to process and discuss the scenario afterward before pushing onward to whatever comes next. As helpless as the creature now was, this was no time to ease up, only put it out of its anguished misery. Krysta's blade shone with a brilliant light as she readied up another sword art, and Holy Energy coursed throu
  6. It was apparent that Freyd and Vigilon had an encounter with these "Knights of Cinnabar" before, though there seemed to be implications that they were not a friendly faction. The responses from the two members not only showed that they were hiding something, as could be noticed by the first one's vague answer to Morningstar's question, alongside a claim of "classified information" that was clearly used to deny further answers, but there was also how they trailed off at the realization of the party's current affiliation in the situation. Before Krysta could ask them what they thou
  7. Krysta was confused by Freyd's remark regarding aftershaves. "Hva...?(What...?)" Despite her word being in her homeland's tongue, the Cardinal would translate it for those who heard. From what Freyd had mentioned, there was indeed an outlined path to follow, so as long as the party did not steer clear of it, they would be fine. Krysta would frequently check her map and compare it to the outlined path to make sure the players weren't unwittingly going astray. After some time, it was feeling far too quiet, and Krysta considered sparking up some conversation to lighten the mood, but be
  8. Krysta couldn't keep herself from smiling over Vigilon's gesture. If only he knew... Krysta brought her hand nearly over her mouth. "Ehehehehe, you don't necessarily need do that, Vigilon...but I appreciate your kind gesture. Thank you." The players revealed their builds, and their roles in the party would settle in. There seemed to be enough balance to keep everyone alive, and if things began to look grim, there were crystals for healing and teleportation that should be able to help. Freyd wondered why the players seemed to be anticipating trouble, and Vigilon would answer
  9. Name: Red Striker's Robes Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 218843 Roll Result: [Fusion] Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion(2), Regen Description: A simple but effective set of combat attire, created with a red cloth of unknown material. It's surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/21509-f11-r5-tailor-luminous-linens-open/?do=findComment&comment=677044 Name: Piercing Edge Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 218844 Roll Result: [Fusion] Item Type: H
  10. [Day 27] [1/11/2024] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  11. [Day 26] [1/10/2024] Crafting Results: Fusions:
  12. When Freyd arrived, one of the armored players disappeared from view. Perhaps some of the greatest mysteries were the unsolvable kinds, such as how an armored individual can move silently and quickly at the same time. Vigilon decided to flip a coin to decide the party leader between Krysta and the armored player who stayed. "Heads." Krysta spoke. Vigilon then caught the coin and placed it atop his hand. Heads. Krysta was not anticipating to actually succeed in this coin flip, for in her experience, it was usually tails that won out. Regardless, she was now the party leader. "I
  13. Krysta receives the following Raid Rewards: Srona Crystal-B | Removes two enhancements on an item and replaces them with Life Mending 2. (This effect cannot override the Life Mending enhancement cap. Consumed on use.) Ronbaru Crystal-A | | Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with Static. (This effect cannot override the Static enhancement cap. Consumed on use.)
  14. No sooner was the wall brought down, Krysta intended to make her move against the cowardly boss. She moved swiftly, rushing towards her target with all due haste. She had to go all out, she had to finish this battle. There was so much that she needed to do, and even a life to return to. Everyone, back home...they were all counting on her to make it back alive, she had gotten this far and couldn't stop now! Such is fate...that this tunnel vision within her thoughts would make her short-sighted and reckless in the moment she needed focus. Her sword art nearly activat
  15. Another reformation of the wall, another head to slay. This one seemed to be a head of venom, despite having a seemingly earthen aura. Nari gave her commands for the round, and the assault began. Each player did their part against the monster, and its HP dropped to a mere sliver. Krysta decided to save her energy, for a sword art at this time would be wasteful. She rushed towards the poisonous head with all due haste. "Your venoms shan't peril us, vile creature!" She declared, as her sword glowed with holy energy, which was unleashed as Krysta cut along the head's neck, decap
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