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  1. Krysta was honestly growing tired of this "miss, miss, miss" charade. It was time she stopped playing around. "I'm through playing around here, I've had more than enough of this. Neither of you are willing to surrender, are you?" The two Bandit Guards looked at each other. "Is it not obvious?" The first one asked. Krysta sighed. "Then may God have mercy on your souls." She declared, despite that these were NPC enemies who clearly lacked souls. She immediately attacked the first of the Two Bandit Guards, and he shattered upon the attack. The other Bandit Guard looked shocked at the one-sh
  2. The Bandit Guards arrived in the room. "Now we've got ya." One of them chuckled. Krysta was unwilling to let them think they've won, or that they were even close. "If you even think you have won just because you have found me, think again." She responded. She then attempted to strike using the Sword Art known as Neutron. Unfortunately, these Bandit Guards were proving to be just as agile as those accursed Rain Minions, she just couldn't seem to actually strike them as much as she needed to. Perhaps she needed better accuracy? Whatever the case, she prepared herself to defend against her enemie
  3. The paths all looked the same...there better not be mirrors at the ends of these! Which one of these paths seemed to be the closest to the exit? That was the question to focus on since they all looked the same...if there was an opening leading outside, like some small window, over in that T-intersection, then perhaps the one closest to it might potentially have the exit that Krysta had been searching for? She was then able to use process of elimination to select a path to follow, but it so figured that there were Bandit Guards following her now, and when she reached a room with another door, t
  4. She would leave this hall, for it was truly just a dead end. She looked to her left and to her right. The Right path would take her back the way she came, the other would bring her to the intersection where the two Bandit Guards she battled previously were. She might as well take that path, the other Bandit Guards were certain to be heading her way from the path that would have been backtracking further. Honestly, she was already growing tired of this place, it truly seemed to be a maze. Was this from poor construction or layout of their base, or was this intended as to keep any prisoners with
  5. Krysta found a key on the ground, where one of the two Bandit guards had died. She picked up the key and unlocked the door she was initially trying to get through. The key shattered upon being used, and Krysta opened the door. "Blast, wrong door." She said this just before the grain supply within poured out over her and into the other room. She'd unwittingly opened the lower door to a supply silo. Why was it here, of all places? She got herself out of the seedy mess, shook herself off, and brushed herself off. There, now most of the grains were off of her. But why were these bandits
  6. Krysta held her blade up to her enemy. "I shall give you one last chance. Surrender and leave now, or I will finish you off." She warned. The Bandit Guard rolled his eyes. "Did you not hear what I told you earlier? If you don't kill me, the others will. It doesn't matter what happens if I can't beat you, I'd be dead either way." He revealed. "Besides, I'd rather have your face be the last thing I see then my 'allies'." He admitted. Krysta was conflicted, for she knew she would have to finish him off here, but having her on his mind during his final breath, well, that had its own complicat
  7. "No, I don't think I will." Krysta decided. "Besides, you may be spared if you'll just let me through." The Bandit Guard didn't trust her. "Here's the thing, girl, there's no such thing as trust in this world. Believe me, any of the others would cut me down if it got them something in return. So, no, I can't let you through." He explained. "So that is your decision, then. Well, suit yourself." Krysta remarked before activating her sword art again. Her opponent managed to block the attack with his spear, but his footing had become rather loose in the process. Krysta bumped her opponent with her
  8. Krysta prepared her attack, and rushed in to strike with the Sword Art known as Neutron. The enemy dodged the attack. "So, that's how it's gonna be, eh? Hate to hurt a lovely one like yourself, but so be it." The bandit decided. "Your fiendish plot ends here, you foul brigands!" Krysta declared. She raised her shield to deflect her enemy's attack, and upon striking Krysta, the bandit would be killed by thorns damage...these foes were surprisingly weak. Despite it all, she wasn't going to just stand there and do nothing, she was not a Tank. The remaining Bandit Guard tried to aim away fro Kryst
  9. Krysta found a T-intersection, and made the turn as to not head straight for the other bandits. She continued along that hall, but it appeared that this place seemed like some kind of maze. There were rooms, but also some cells. This place...was poorly constructed, but the maze aspect might make it troublesome for anyone who hasn't been here before...so that was where the bandits would have their advantage. Krysta stopped at another T-intersection, and she looked towards the two directions...both led to rooms. She would have to backtrack. She would begin to do so, but she kept her eyes peeled
  10. Krysta chose the left path. The minute she'd made her decision, she saw two of her captors over in the right path. One of them dropped some kind of mixture, probably what they were using to keep Krysta unconscious. "She's awake, she's awake!" The two said as they scrambled around, looking for weapons to use against her. Krysta ran off in the left direction, and her escape would begin. She would waste no time, and if she was to encounter anyone, she would be ready to fight. She saw two armed brigands at the end of this hall, so she would need to find another path somewhere along this one. One o
  11. Krysta hastily grabbed the chest and dragged it over to the open cell, as she would prefer some privacy when getting back into her original gear. She opened the chest and selected the option "Take All", then the first thing she would do would be to equip her Battledress. Krysta breathed a sigh of relief. There, that's better, and far more modest than those rags. She then moved her other items into their proper places within her inventory, and she then equipped her weapon. She looked for her shield, and equipped that last. She was now ready to face her enemies. "You have all made a mistake you
  12. Krysta heard footsteps approaching, and quickly returned to the position she was in the last time she heard someone coming. "Eh? What's all the racket? ...Is someone there? ...Where are you..." The voice said. Clearly they weren't looking for Krysta. She let out a relieved exhale, but that caught their attention. "Eh? Wait...she's waking up! That blasted fool, I knew we shouldn't have trusted him..." The voice exclaimed before running off. Well, they were sure to be wary when Krysta escaped. It was now or never, the opportune moment had come. She quickly got back up and prepared herself t
  13. So then, where would Krysta strike next...? She'd attacked two corners, but she'd have to jump in order to reach the other ones. Sure, it was possible, but she would need to strike swiftly and with force if she was to do so successfully. She would strike the next corner, and there would be more tingling following it. Hopefully she wouldn't be too weak to carry on when she was free from this accursed cell. She really didn't feel comfortable in these rags, and would rather be in her gear once again. She would need it to fight off any enemies that came her way, regardless. "I mustn't allow this t
  14. Krysta sat down and took a look at her leg and foot. She didn't seem to suffer any damage, but there was definitely some tingling, and it made sense, for there was nothing covering her foot at the moment, as the rags covered only the necessary areas. She got back up, and thought about whether or not she should continue. She already checked her inventory and found no item she could use to bash open the gate, for she only had the rags. These brigands, were they the ones she had been looking for, or was this another group? The evil clients of her previous captor? She was not certain as to who her
  15. The first one groaned. "Then go get it, you fool!" He snapped. "I'll let the boss know about the girl. She's not likely to wake that soon, I don't think..." With that, the footsteps dispersed and faded. Krysta looked back towards the gate, saw no one there. She saw that the gate, despite being made from metal was fairly weak, and it was likely to shake when moved. She had to get her gear back, she shan't allow herself to be put back into whatever slumber she was under before. There was no time to message someone, and no time to waste. She had never trained her fists, but she was fair at d
  16. Krysta awakened, feeling as if she had awakened from a strange substance. She got up, and noticed she was in some kind of cell. She had been captured. Again. She reached for her weapon, but it wasn't there. She checked her inventory...and it was completely empty, save for the tattered rags that were apparently equipped. She looked at herself, and was suddenly flustered. "Oh, dear..." She thought. She had to get out of here with all due haste before her captor returned. She hastily looked for possible ways out, but she came out absolutely empty, save for the cell's gate. She
  17. That was good enough, river, valley, it all made sense, really. If it wasn't a safe zone, it could have been who Krysta was seeking out. "Thank you for your words, I must be off now... Farewell..." Krysta said before leaving. "Farewell! Heh heh, lovely Mist Maiden..." The NPC trailed off with a smile on his face, before tending to the smaller mushrooms. With that awkward encounter out of the way, Krysta left the forest and searched its boundaries for a river. It was about twenty minutes before she spotted the river. As mad as the man was, he did seem to get the directions right. Of course
  18. "Ok... I'm seeking to put a stop to some nefarious brigands somewhere in this land, there was a group of them, and I was wondering if you knew of their whereabouts." Krysta explained. "Ah, them big men with their pokey sticks? They been causing trouble 'round this forest, I'd get why a lovely Mist Maiden like ye would want to teach 'em a lesson, eh? They come from them grassy valleys, took big rocks and the trees they chopped, made a big uh....thing they all stay in. They pretty dumb though, who'd be dumb enough to not want at least one of these mushrooms? Heh heh heh heh haaa!!!!" The m
  19. Krysta drew near the hollowed tree, and the door burst open. A man in ragged, crude coverings over most of his body came out of the tiny room that the hollow was. "Oi, I ought'a teach those- Oh! You aren't a creature, are ye?" The man asked Krysta. Before Krysta could introduce herself, the man spoke again. "Are ye one of those Mist Maidens? Always wanted to meet one of 'em." Krysta blinked a few times, confused over this...awkward scenario. "I...Haven't the slightest clue what you speak of. My name is Krysta, and I seek to speak with someone named... Arfin, was it?" Krysta calmly inquire
  20. There was an unusual NPC said to know the whereabouts of various enemies or places of interest around the floor, but he was also rumored to be quite mad. Hopefully, he would be helpful. Keita was a good informant, but she was directly involved in an urgent matter and had no time to investigate in Krysta's stead. She made her way to the forest of wavering mists, where this informative NPC was said to be. Most of the NPCs she saw seemed to be the Dark Elves that wandered in this forest, who were often the targets of a quest Krysta had already taken. Quite a few of them glared at Krysta, but were
  21. Krysta had heard of a group of bandits roaming about the third floor, so she was making preparations in the floor's local safe zone as to find and stop them. They were likely to be near some sort of establishment, as simple travelers alone couldn't possibly sate these brutes in terms of wealth that they dare to pilfer. Krysta had her whole inventory with her, but there was much to be done. Perhaps she could start with a minor investigation, and return with allies once she had the enemy pinned down. Were they around the forest, or out in the grasslands? Krysta was not so certain as to where th
  22. Krysta usually wasn't one to purposefully eavesdrop on other conversations, it was often rude. However, the context she overheard brought her to listen anyway, as she was now willing to join the conversation when the time was right. After yet another player gave his thoughts to the two players' discussion on life and death, Krysta would need to give her thoughts. She would walk a bit closer to the players in said discussion. "While capturing is indeed an option for some, there are others who are far worse than one might think. While it is true that we mustn't let our blades and anguish control
  23. Visiting the Monument of Life had become a routine to Krysta. It reminded her of the reality of the situation, and that there were many lives to save, but it also fueled her vendetta. She would slowly walk into the room, several players were present, but she was not focused on that for the time being. She walked up to the monument and took a fairly quick look. <<Wardege>> Full-loss Duel against Dazia <<Lupix>> Full-loss Duel against Dazia <<Aldinago>> Player-Killed by Dazia It seemed that so far, nothing had changed.
  24. Victory was at hand, there was no mistaking it. The opposing healer had fallen earlier, and the Berserker was vanquished soon after. Two player landed powerful blows against the opposing mage, it would surely be destroyed by the assault. Everyone else decided to either recover their energy, or continue the assault on the Unyielding Avatar. As much as Krysta would have loved to finish off the creature, there were enough strikes upon it to end it, at least from what she could guess. She saw Vigilon deal the latest hit against the armored foe, and smiled, primarily because he was able to strike t
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