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  1. Hopped on to see the changes that I heard about, and dang site looks absolutely amazing. Cheers to everyone, hope yall have a great Valentines Day

  2. I suppose I should give a face update. Tis been far too long since I have This was taken a month ago. My hair is m u c h longer now
  3. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Martial Arts <<Rank 2>> SP Refunded: 13 Cost: 13,000
  4. Skill(s) Being Dropped: <Rank 5 Hiding> Mod(s) Being Dropped: <Suprise Attack, Untraceable, Vanish, Blindside> SP Refunded: <98> Cost: <98,000>
  5. Hm.... I really need to start doing more threads... Who to forc- I mean, ask to do a thread with me... Also, they will be *very* story driven, as I have a few arcs i'm working on

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      Pleue may I ask what build your going for with your character?

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      I don't even know. IM WINGING IT. :>

  6. ((OOC: This is really late in the story-wise of things but I needed to do it)) Hikoru listened to @Huginn, nodding as the young player asked him to be an apprentice under him. He promised to essentially be a spy, and things of that caliber. He nodded, then sent a friend request. "Here, accept this. I'll be in contac-" He was cut off by the sounds of a struggle nearby. He looked over to see Hestia and a cloaked figure taking down a person. He drew closer and saw that it was Pinball, with an orange cursor. A confused look was on his face. What happened? Pinball seemed like such a good kid.
  7. Hikoru was listening to the girl stutter behind him a little, and he blushed more as she continued. She introduced herself, her username was @Minako and as he was about to turn, @Baldur spoke up and started... Geeking about her. Apparently, she was some sort of star online? He didn't understand, but he took this time to start walking backward from the girl. Suddenly, he was grabbed by a person and dragged away. They pulled him aside and asked for his help. He looked at the face of @Huginn and recognized them from the day at the quest area. His eyebrow raised a little and he eyed them. They see
  8. Hikoru just gave a laugh as @Cosi went to be his usual self. He nodded towards @Shield as he noticed him next to Cosi. "Good to see you. Hope the armor is treating you well." He spoke kindly. He was about to comment something else, but the large call of @Baldur jumped him a bit. He turned to see Baldur, and he bowed towards Cosi to introduce himself. He just gave a smile and came up to Baldur, avoiding the belt of blades he gave the man, the man he now almost saw as a mentor and gave him a hug. He hugged for a moment and pulled away with a smile on his lips. "It's good to see you. While I had
  9. Hikoru appeared on the 4th floor within a flash of light from the teleporter. He had gotten the message from both the Cardinal and Cosi about the Christmas event this year. Seeing everything with glowing lights and the sounds of laughter made him feel at home. He felt like he was back in the real world, with his family at the holiday festivals they would go to every year. He let out a small sigh and smiled happily as he walked in. He saw a large, burly man with a mustache. He heard him speak about the raffle, and he went over to look at the rewards. Although there wasn't anything he could use,
  10. Hikoru just nodded as he received the Heart Sticker from the trade. One step closer towards his final build, until the next tier. He just chuckled as he said it was nice of him. "I'll admit, I am one for holding onto things like that. It would look nice on an armor stand of sorts, I won't lie. But, once I got the info I needed, I knew that these were something I shouldn't hold onto forever. While it may be code, these things are the only thing that will get us out of here..." He just chuckled again. "And I want to get out of this hell-hole as soon as I can. I'm ready to leave." He gave a final
  11. Hikoru walked into the familiar shop of Shield, the Merchant. He had sent him a few messages about the boss drop, but he wasn't able to trade until he had learned everything he could about Holy Blessing and write it down onto a file. Once that was done, he had made his way post-haste to the establishment that he worked at. Hikoru took in a breath of the air in the home, and he walked up to the counter. He opened up a trade menu with a small smile on his lips. Even though it was his first boss drop, there was no point into holding onto something that could be used to get them out of the game. I
  12. May the Fourth be with you everyone!

  13. Location: Floor 21 House Name: The Shadow’s Den Base Cost: 86,000 Rooms: Basement: 10,000 (1 Floor) First Floor: Dining Room (10,000 Col) Living Room (10,000 Col) Second Floor: Bathroom: (10,000 Col) Bedroom (10,000 Col) Storage Closet (10,000 Col) Basic Kitchen (10,000 Col) Attic [Storage] (10,000 Col) Yard: Advanced Slime Farm (35,000) [2 Yard Slots {Max}] Total: 201,000 Col
  14. Hikoru walked into the store quietly. A deal had been struck with the tank Sentinel, and after the DPS Sentinel and him and completed his deal, he needed what this player had to offer. He walked into the Merchants shop, looking curiously as it had changed quite a bit with its looks. He looked at the new board and deals that were going on, along with looking at the old weapons that he had found Unique enchantments on display, along with a few new ones. After he was done, he came to the counter and opened up his HUD. "I hope the deal hasn't changed at all. Because this is my final offer as
  15. So asking out of pure Curiosity, how many Dagger users are there now?

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