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  1. Hikoru just nodded silently as Lessa apologized to him for the loss of his Unique Skill. Her words were true, it did feel like he had lost a part of himself when he found it gone. The name Master of Shadows was associated with who he was, he had carried that mantle from Lowenthal for what felt like years. But just like that. It was gone. He tried to use the Unique skill on a few occasions, but to no avail. He had lost what was once his to own, a thing he took for granted. His spirits were lifted a little as she talked about visiting his cafe. "I think you'd like the drinks. We'd mostly se
  2. Hikoru sat there silently for a few moments, his hand around the sword that had brought him turmoil through fights, and was the cause of Vale leaving. He always just wanted to throw it away, but something stopped him from doing so. He heard Lessa say a few words about Vale and losing her, and only a small smile could be seen. "She was my everything." He simply spoke. Kit and Ariel had a special place in his heart, but Vale... She helped him in his darkest time, and gave him love he didn't know he deserved. He sat quietly as Lessa spoke about her own experience with cursed items, and he nodded.
  3. Hikoru listened quietly, Mari's bitterness evident from her words and posture. She explained how they were different, and he just waited. When she spat out her last words, saying they are not the same, he shook his head. "You are right, I haven't been hunted. But, I have had my ex fiance kill my mentor over an item." He spoke "I remember how it drove me to the brink of madness, and I hunted and killed NPCs out of spite and anger. I remember almost killing a friend because she was close to her, and ruining the friendship we had because of my malice." He said, keeping eye contact. "I rememb
  4. Hikoru was a bit confused from Lessa's reaction to the sword, and he realized the info he had on Lessa was correct, however she seemed confused as to how he had it. From what he had thought, Lessa had given it to Vale somehow, but maybe that wasn't the case. He was confused but he decided to drop it. She told him where she got it, and how it disappeared from her inventory. Did Vale somehow steal it? He didn't know something was possible in the system. He would have to look into it a bit later. He thought for a moment as she asked about it relation to Vale, and he sighed. "She... was a fig
  5. Hikoru chuckled as her nose scrunched up at the thought of only eating candy "Oh I must agree, but his code is attached to Halloween, it only makes sense." He said, and he saw the look of worry on her face as she explained why she wasnt comfortable. He nodded in understanding. "As I feared, I'll be honest." He said with a sigh. "You're dealing with the same emotions I felt bot that long ago." He stood and walked quietly, his boots silent against the floor. "When I got my orange cursor, i secluded myself to the Caves of Floor 10, a lot nastier than the ones found here." He spoke with a sma
  6. Hikoru watched as she stood by the fire, staring into the flames. He could feel her uncertainty from here, even though this was a safe place. He had a hunch as to how she felt. When he had become an orange player, he lived in the caves of Floor 10 alone for a long time. He got used to to the cold, damp area he as in, and it was weird for him to be within a building. He remembered that feeling well, and wondered if she felt the same. She was a bit perplexed by the small pumpkin and she took the coffee happily. Sir Rolland gave a small growl of happiness and he strode away, his vines tappin
  7. Hikoru walked quietly, smiling at the comment she gave him. "While yes that's a grand idea, the skill only works within a short radius. I can barely fit a single person within the field, but you're..." he cleared his throat "small, enough... to fit the radius easily." He spoke, trying to not be impolite. He continued to walk and as he ushered her in, he chuckled at her comment as him being related to Skeletor. He knew the character and he had to admit, this would be something he would have. "Very funny." He said as the door closed. The girl looked cold as he sat down, and he motioned for
  8. Hikoru listened and nodded to her words. He did have to admit, he himself had grown for the better in the past few months alone, thanks to the trials, talks and friends around him showing him, whether meaning to or otherwise, that he needed to change for the better. The stealth life, a life in the shadows had corrupted him little by little, hardening his heart and forcing him to put on a person as "Master of Shadows". He had been brought back to reality when he realized he wasnt happy, he was forcing himself to do things he didnt like. But the IBS, that was something he loved. Gathering Intel,
  9. Hikoru walked quietly along the pathway towards his home, he took the one laden with dew and water dripping from the rocks. Even though his cloak no longer had a enchantment on it, it still shimmered and glowed next to water, giving it a weird look that made it harder to see. It hid Mari easily, and it made sneaking through the down into the outskirts easily. They appeared at his giant, skull-looking door and he smiled a bit awkwardly. "Excuse the outer-decor. It's uh... I had a weird sense of style awhile ago when I bought it. It keeps out unwanted visitors however, so I take the positiv
  10. Hopped on to see the changes that I heard about, and dang site looks absolutely amazing. Cheers to everyone, hope yall have a great Valentines Day

  11. Hikoru listened quietly as Mari seemed to lose her mind over the thought of pumpkin spice. Obviously, he had forgotten how hard it was to get flavors inside the game, due to him using it so often that it became a luxury. Having an event familiar had it's own perks. He just chuckled a bit as she asked to catch her breath. He held up a hand silently and shook his head, telling her not to worry about it. She said it was asking a lot for him to trust her, and then jested about how he had almost killed her not long ago. He just held a small smirk softly, finding it humorous "Yeah, that would m
  12. I suppose I should give a face update. Tis been far too long since I have This was taken a month ago. My hair is m u c h longer now
  13. Hikoru shook his head, and decided to pull out his calling card. He opened his stats and found the skill he was looking for, making sure it held the information that he needed to show, and turned it around for Mari to see. "I don't mean an actual charm or trinket, I mean a skill." He spoke, and showed her the stats of his Unique Skill. "I can get you in easily, and there are enough outer tunnels that we can easily get you around. and if you are caught, I can easily get you out and hold back the guards long enough for you to get out of there. And, my house is on the outskirts of town, and not a
  14. Hikoru listened as Father Wuotan brought out the pendant he asked for, from the 1's and 0's of the system the item was back in the possession of players. His eyes widened as it was placed in his hand, but he noticed something unique about it. Along the edge of the item, there were two symbols, almost looking as if they were engraved long ago. One of two swords crossed, another of a large, cleaver/looking sword. He didn't understand what those meant, but he ignored that for now. He put the item on and wore it, rubbing the pendant with his thumb, feeling nostalgic. "Thank yo-" he started sa
  15. Hikoru nodded quietly as Lessa spoke, and he let out a small sigh. He knew that he wasn't the only one who suffered in this game, but he always forgot that there were others in similar shoes as him, in the same mindset. Even though they may not speak, their pains he knew well and their pains he could never forget. He opened his mouth to speak, when a voice, strong and yet peaceful, spoke from nowhere. Hikoru jumped up from his past experience with voices that appear from nowhere. He wanted to be safe. But the man he saw was of old age, and seemed like a fatherly figure by how he stood and spok
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