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  1. Cool Downs [Howl - 1/2] Shield blew air out his cheeks, letting his shield arm relax down by his side. He resisted the urge to swear under his breath. This really was a bit of a joke. As of yet, he had not proven useful in the slightest. He had sacrificed all of his scouting to tank, and thus far tanking had proven utterly useless. He supposed that a few swipes had been taken in his direction, but it wasn't more than the others could have handled on their own. At this point, I'm barely pulling my weight. I greatly overestimated this dungeon. He heard the barks and made his way a
  2. Shield had to stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that, if cooldowns had not been added for sword arts, his role on this mission would be completely useless up until the DPS ran out of energy. However, considering that Freyd would not be able to reproduce that assault for a good chunk of time meant that his position on the front lines were still relevant - for the moment at any rate. In the dust that settled after the vanguard, a gleam caught Shield's eye from the corner. A small cadre of dark shapes formed from the very substance of the shadows. Within their umbrae, a shining white smil
  3. He invited the hotdog man? Shield pushed this thought to the back of his mind. He had heard other players mention Oscar before, and although he had not been able to keep close tabs, he knew that the merchant of tube-steaks had played his part in the battle against Shadow. "Glad to have you. And yes, I'd be grateful for what you have to offer. I haven't had a chance to go shopping since the tier increase." He selected extra health, extra defense, and a boost to his looting. It took him a moment to decide, but eventually he settled on the defense as the most beneficial buff to further
  4. Shield nodded to acknowledge the inevitability of Baldur's thoughts. You can't govern with those who are not present to do the governing. He and Baldur were present, and whoever found their way back would be welcomed. As far as new players, that was more or less news to Shield. "If you know of new recruits, then that's knowledge I haven't heard. How is it who's been 'circling,' as you so put it?" Upon Calrex's door opening, that marked the first that Shield had seen of him since the Shadow fell. He gave a nod and a half smile. "Good to see you, Cal." Shield had a feeling that there had be
  5. "That build probably could use some more testing," he said with a nod. "Freyd and I tangled with a sub-dungeon on this very floor. It became pretty apparent pretty quickly that going in hybrid put me behind the damage curve, which I think you know as well as any how unacceptable that is for me." He took a seat beside his old comrade, crossing his legs rather than dangling his boots into the water. "Not to talk too much shop, but needless to say, I turned around and gobbled up every defensive option I had at my disposal skill-wise, and I plan to do the same with my gear. If I get hit and my ene
  6. As they walked, Shield couldn't help but notice a few scales that were hiding on Nemo's shoulder. "What's that over there?" he said, pointing in the distance. The NPC, most likely just confused by dialogue that fell outside of its prepared purview, stared blankly in the direction Shield had pointed, allowing for enough time to snatch the scaled. "Huh... it's gone now. Oh well." He banished the items to his inventory and followed without interrupting again. On the other side of the garden gates, Shield beat a quick retreat from the gardens which, although it was impossible to say they exac
  7. Shield managed to spot another sizable cluster and happily scooped the scales up in their entirety. He ventured another glance at his HUD and very sadly realized that, not only was he not near his next rank, but he had only just reached the middle point between zero and his goal, including the experience that had gotten him to rank two. With that, Shield decided it was much wiser to no longer continue unless he had his Green Thumb bonus from the greenhouse he would be installing the very instant he arrived back home. He turned on his heels, marching quickly back over towards the entrance.
  8. Shield continued his slowed down strategy, and strangely, as we did so, his gains sped up. Peering down between stones, he began to spot more and more glimmering scales (not to be confused with Gleaming Scales, of course - he should be so lucky). A fairly generous cluster of them winked up at him from the crevice between two stones. With a small amount of triumph, Shield bent down to recover them and stashed them happily away. He made a mental note that perhaps smelling the roses might be a more effective gathering method. That could especially be true if there were materials to be gathered th
  9. For one, he recognized the dangers of overworking. Although he ignored them a vast, vast majority of the time, this was one of those times where he had stumbled into that thought a little too directly, and the guilt alone was enough to slow his gait. Secondly, if the scales - and for that matter all of the items he had found so far - were really so spread out and tricky to spot, then rushing wasn't going to cut it. As he slowed down, his eyes immediately fell on a single scale at his feet. He doubted it was worthy of the extra experience, but it proved the theory none the less that going
  10. As he straightened up, Shield immediately saw another small deposit of scales - just a couple, once again. It wasn't much, but every little bit helped. In particular every little success and every little bit of experience helped. Shield jogged over to them, careful to watch his step on the uneven stones. There were only a couple, but again, he didn't complain. With his gains gathered, Shield ventured a glance out across the water. It was a peaceful sight to say the least. Although peaceful wasn't exactly what he was looking for, he could see why it would be appealing to those who needed i
  11. By this point, Shield found himself rounding the far end of the pond from where he began, and thus far it had not proved nearly as reliable as it had on earlier trips. "Of course, as soon as I start counting on the stupid scales, they start to dry up. Seems like someone hasn't been swimming as much, eh Nemo?" Again, although the guide continued to hover twenty or so feet from Shield, apparently moving with him whenever he would walk around, he continued to act as though he couldn't hear anything that the player said. Shield's eyes drifted back down to the ground, where they should have ar
  12. Nemo either didn't hear or chose to pretend not to hear Shield's words, and busied himself with inspecting the tops of the distant trees. "So we're just going to pretend that you're not secretly a dragon in disguise then?" Again, Nemo pretended not to hear, despite Shield calling out to him more than loudly enough for him to hear. Shield took the hint, returning to his searching and his experience grind. He continued combing the shore, picking his way along the stony beach until more light caught his eye. It was nowhere near the find that he had hoped, but there between two small white st
  13. His suspicions were quickly answered. As he strolled along the shore by the water, a handful of the same luminous scales crossed his path. he knelt and collected them. As a sun ray bounced off of its surface, it sparkled with a brilliance he had seen somewhere before. Picking them up one by one, he searched his memory of what he may or may not have seen that matched this description. A combat flashed into his memory. It was not a particularly profound combat, but it was one he had fought in this very area not terribly long ago. There was a dragon that he had faced not too terribly long ag
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