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  1. As the shadow spawn struck out at Kuluia, its body gave an involuntary jerk - an impact from behind. Looking back over its shoulder, Shield stood, his brow ridge furrowed into one collective line of stones and crevices, and his axe deep in the creature's back. "If previous rounds are any indicator, this won't be the only one minion we get." He wrenched his weapon free, sending a light spatter of black onto the ground. Though the shadow abomination's health remained practically untouched, Shield's presence was overpowering - and intentionally so. "Leave these to me, Raidou. I kitted myself for
  2. Great. So now we get to fight Selim Bradley. No idea how this kind of enemy is going to attack... Raidou jumped in to take main hate. Shield was taken aback for a moment. He had requested first go, but he wasn't going to rock the boat. They had committed to a plan of action now, and until the tides turned against them, they were going to stick to it. On his other side, he heard Baldur call out to him. He gave a nod and a swift swing of his axe arm. From the end of the axe's head, an orb of red light burst forth, arcing through the air and striking his ally on the chest. The pale crim
  3. Until now, Shield had been absorbed in the fight. Until now, the battle had raged and kept Shield's mind engaged. The ebb and flow had been under his dark-eyed watch, and even in the worst of the darkness he had employed his newly-gotten <<Night Vision>> to keep his awareness of the enemy and his allies sharp. Now, with the last of the shadowlings gone and seemingly unable to be replaced, the immediate moment did not demand his attention thoroughly enough to completely absorb it. For the first time, he allowed himself to truly take in the optical tortures that the Shadow had laid o
  4. Shield straightened up and let his head fall back, his eyes drifting from the retreating darkness to the starry brilliance that drove the shadows away. As much as he had enjoyed his little break - his first real break in a boss battle where he had not been fighting to hold an enemy's attention and where he could focus on playing full support and thwart the effects of the environment - as much as he had enjoyed stepping out of his iron skin for a while, it was time to take that mantle back from the other tank. "Raidou," he said calmly, letting his eyes fall back down to the battlefield. "T
  5. Explosions rang out all around the darkened battlefield, sending up strobe flashes as enemies were dashed to pieces with the players' weapons. Overhead, the real battle of light versus dark began to tip even further in their favor. Every time I look around, this is looking more and more like Kingdom Hearts. Not letting himself get further wrapped up in the imagery, Shield took out two more stones. This was going to take him down to less than half of what he had previously had, but it was well worth it if it meant upsetting the battle in their favor. "Kill! One more, coming in hot!" H
  6. Shield's Night Vision mod outlined the field in faint green, but the darkness was so absolute that even that was barely enough to tell him what was happening. Shadows writhed and leaped about, barely distinguishable from the oppressive void of light that engulfed the battlefield. Suddenly this fight looks an awful lot like a filler battle from Kingdom Hearts... He could still faintly make out his teammates. Most of them had continued to press back against the inky black siege. Hate played practically no role at the moment, and the exploding foes damaged everyone in the vicinity. Shie
  7. The world around Shield was muted. Inky darkness closed in from all directions. It was not hopeless. His Night Vision was indeed negating some of the area's effects, but it was not enough to see clearly by any means. What he could see though was a seemingly endless deluge of ads that were flooding the battlefield. Overwhelming us with numbers. And it sounds like this is something Baldur has seen before. I'll have to defer to his experience. Either way, there are now a lot of bodies our heavy hitters are going to need to mow through. He held aloft his axe, watching as a very faint red
  8. It was indeed odd that Orgoth had not shattered. It broke from precedent, though it was not entirely unheard of. Certain quest NPC's and the like could stick around or leave behind a body, but such things were typically for theatrical reasons. The fact that Orgoth's form persisted and then was swallowed by shadow with the rest of the raid seemed more pointed. There was likely a reason. Shield's <<Night Vision>> skill kicked in, and he could see outlines of figures int he otherwise darkened room. The darkness was no joke, however, and seemed to strain the limits of what the ski
  9. The boastful words rolled off of Shield's shoulders. He had felt the tongue lashing of every half-wit field boss and floor boss since the day he had set foot out of the Town of Beginnings. He heard them, and he figured them into his calculations, but there was nothing to be done about the threat now. His course was set. The incoming attacks were a maelstrom. As the last blow from Orgoth's axe slashed through Shield's form, he saw his health plummet. He even saw it coming, but he knew he wasn't going to be able to avoid it. Instead, he held out his hand, touching Orgoth's forearm as it ret
  10. And on the battle raged. So far, the fight had been incredibly lopsided, some parties having taken considerably more damage than others, and seemingly just by luck of the draw. Orgoth's attacks had been indiscriminate, lashing out sometimes singly, sometimes with reckless abandon to splash across entire swaths of the battlefield. There was at least once consistent behavior of the boss though. Its pride... that's the consistent factor so far. It can't seem to let any comment go. It *has* to try to be cleverer than whoever it's retorting. Is that just for flavor? Is it to intentionally goad
  11. The first clash of the battle had not gone quite as anticipated. Then again, it would have been a red flag if things had gone too smoothly, so Shield took it in stride. Still, as he watched the <<Battle Healing>> value in Raidou's menu go dark upon being met with the first attack, Shield tightened his grip on the handle of his axe and grit his teeth. This was the ploy of the boss. To cripple player's recovery and force them to swap places, spend time healing, and slow their steady march through the many health bars of the enemies ahead of them. This was unexpected, but not outside
  12. Shop Post 1 Item Name: Junk ID: 176831 | 176832 | 176833 Roll: LD:8 | LD:2 | LD:18 Tier: 3 Type: OHSS Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Bleed or Paralyze I, Taunt or Keen I, Damage or Accuracy I Description: 2 Item Name:
  13. Using items: Crafter's Respite [2x Craft Attempts] Milky Way Rail Blueprint [+1 CD Consumable] Identifying: ID: 176047B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176077B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176089B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176453B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176526 Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176538 Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176551B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176558B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare ID: 176629B Tier: 3 Type: Shield Quality: Rare
  14. Passive [+3 EN] Action: Hack vs Orgoth - ID# 176679 results: Battle: 2+6-3=5 - Miss [-2 EN] | Craft: 3 - No Vampiric Proc The curtain had finally risen, and before the crowd stood a single actor. At face value, it did not seem so frightening to Shield. However, that was certainly a bait-and-switch - a lull in the tension to create a greater potential for the drama to rise. Either this foe would be deceptively powerful or there would be far more to the fight than just the one enemy. Almost certainly... both. Time to go be a guinea pig. Nodding to himself, Shield strode for
  15. Shield shook his head at Baldur's words to their support. "I do my job as well as I can to make sure other players have as much freedom as possible. Likewise, any moment I can spend doing something besides healing myself or turtling is a good moment." He turned his eyes to Haine. "Likewise, the more I can trust another player to keep me standing when the going gets tough, the more I can focus on drawing the heavy fire - and I do expect the fire to be heavy this time around." Giving his hand axe a quick flourish, a red orb of light materialized from the top corner of the bat-like wing that
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