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  1. It seemed that he had yet to gain the red-coated man's trust. Instead of speaking to him first, the man would turn to his companion and accept her words. Trust was something that it would be long before he could accrue. That was fine with him. "A king is nothing without his word. I will uphold my end of things." Turning direction, he would attend to the Galteans that hadn't taken up the fight and now sought refuge from the battle. Their own homes were no longer able to keep them safe, not that they had even been safe in Ladonia. "Galtea has not fallen my people! It lives on here with you
  2. Leading @Shiina in the opposite direction of the Ifrit, the two would return to the Galtean Refugee zone. He needed to make sure that those that weren't participating in the fighting were moved to a safe location, out of harm's way. A flash of blue caught his attention first as a blue-haired woman cut down a Ladonian soldier. A tinge of red blotted the air, the red-robed man who held an unwavering gaze towards the Ifrit was suspect. What was he doing? Was he waiting to see if the Scather would strike again? Stepping forward, the Galtean King would speak directly to the man. "It isn'
  3. Lamont had just begun to make his way to Gabrandr when he pulled the stone from his pocket. Was he going to use the very limited amount of power he had to try and resurrect the leader of another kingdom? The man had served his purpose, perhaps it was better to let him go? Approaching, he would find that much of the man's regalia had been singed. It appeared the Galtean King wasn't able to withstand the sheer amount of energy he had called forward. Crouching next to the man, he would bring the stone close to the King. Curiously, the stone would react to the king and begin to glow brighter
  4. ( @Raidou ) His eyes closed, a familiar voice would be the first to speak to him. It was the voice of the one that had been willing to promise the well-being of his people and to raze the Grand Imperator. It was to no surprise that the man had no intention to allow him to live. He himself had been the first to draw his blade, he was the enemy, the antagonist of this battle. Gabrandr made no return in response, no words were required. An understanding had passed between them as his judgement itself was being passed. ( @Eruda) The next to speak was a voice not as well known to him. Open
  5. Deadline for ALL Groups is set to 11:59 PM CST Wednesday, 1/26 Gabrandr stood guard over the makeshift Scather. As the tricky dark-haired cat-like woman moved to 'break his toys' as she called it, burning armaments would begin to ward her away. It was in that moment, where his attention had been diverted, that the others made their assault. It began with a scornful dark-haired girl bringing up the front with a flurry of strikes for which he was too distracted to defend against. A few of the armaments protecting the Scather would fade as the returned to assist Gabrandr in fending off hi
  6. Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Friday, 1/7 There was simply too many of them to focus on at once. From the first strike, those before him had already taken the advantage from him. Attempting to recover, he would summon an armament to stop the blow from the Gaijin samurai but his blade would cut through the ethereal blade. Blow after blow, health draining, he would get to the point where he would simply allow the blades to hit him. There was at least a chance to counter-attack at that point. He could have easily focused on blocking, using his armaments to ward off every
  7. Deadline for Groups 1 and 2 is set to 11:59 PM CST Friday, 12/24 Blue smoke steamed off into mist in the air as Gabrandr's attention returned to the next group that assailed him. There were two definitive groups pushing the assault while the other temporarily regrouped and recover. It was an effective strategy and something he could hardly counter. In the instant he had to fight off the last group, this one had already recovered from the beating they took before. A small smirk would appear on the face that the players couldn't see. They were most impressive, a force capable of facin
  8. Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Monday, 12/13 After the ground had ceased its shaking and the dust cleared, voices began shouting through the air as the other front began its counter attack. Assaulted with both question and weapon, he simply allowed the blows to strike him. There were far too many of them to attempt to block them. Out of everything, the words hurt the most. The words that questioned is intentions and motives and scrutinized his people. The problem was, their words were true. He had failed. He had failed his people. Believing that only he would suffer th
  9. Deadline for Groups 1 and 2 is set to 11:59 PM CST Monday, 12/6 The King of fallen Galtea stood tall, accepting any of the blows coming his way. He made no attempt to block or side step them. The blow would land if that was what was ordained by Fate. His abnormal health bar continued to drop as every blow sapped at it. Honestly, he wasn't too concerned about it. He wasn't even concerned about the attacks. While the others could not see his eyes, it was more than obvious that his gaze rested on the black-haired woman in skin-tight armor. Fists tightening on his sword and shield's handles,
  10. Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Tuesday, 11/30 Gabrandr stood tall and strong as the next wave of people charged him, weapons blazing in a myriad of colors. Unlike previously, he no longer jerked away from the pain of the attacks. Instead, he stood and took it. His own power would protect him as it had before back in Galtea. It was the only reason he had made it out but his loved ones had not. As the first two struck, their blades would fall towards him slower, hitting with less force. It was hardly visible, but as the weapons connected a dim blue light would appe
  11. Deadline for Groups 1 and 2 is set to 11:59 PM CST Tuesday, 11/23 Even through force, many others didn't heed any of his warnings. While he was holding one half of the group, the other half pushed forward and began messing with the Scather he had reactivated. Why couldn't they just leave them alone? He needed them all to go off at the same time if he was going to be swift with his work. Instead, thanks to the previous burst of heat, much of ceiling above had grown unstable and threatened to fall down. As the first two began messing with his Scather he stepped forward to intervene but he
  12. Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Friday, 11/19 The group of people before him hardly heeded his words, quickly beginning to issue their own commands amongst themselves. What he wouldn't give to be back in Galtea where people heeded his words of warning. "No! Don't touch those it's dangerous!" Once again ignored, the players would begin fiddling with the Makeshift Scathers. Some twisted at its parts, others mercilessly beat at it with their weapons. One even climbed on it foolishly. Did they not care for their own lives? Allowing these people to mess with the Scathe
  13. Deadline for Groups 1 and 2 is set to 11:59 PM CST Monday, 11/15 [12:59 AM EST Tuesday, 11/16] As the wooden gates were pushed forward, a mist suddenly filled the area the players prepared in. This mist wasn't like normal. Instead, this mist seemed to refract the light around it and take a hue of all colors on the rainbow. Peering through it would prove difficult like looking through water. As the players stepped forward, the first thing to draw their attention would be two bright lights that cast their light over the rest of the room. The mist itself seemed to come from these lights.
  14. General Notes: Please ensure that the following are included in your stats: - Shifts (or note as ‘none’ if you don’t have one) - Combat masteries - Source IDs for all consumables* (ID roll, post link, or feast provided by another player) - Level and Paragon Level (will matter for thread closure) - Tier of equipped and carried items (T4 assumed where not noted. Please inform staff if otherwise) *Not required for items in Battle-Ready, just those you actually consumed. All corrections and clarifications must be completed before the deadline for Group 1 to finish postin
  15. The room was small and dimly lit as only a handful of torches lined the walls in the area that rested in front of the Boss room's door. A pungent odor filled the air, the same that had filled the long tunnel from where the field boss had fought the initial party. When all was silent, the players would be able to hear the constant drips of the sewers behind them echoing from the tunnel. Surrounding them now entirely unchiseled stone. In fact, the small area outside of the tunnel almost seem to have blown open through the work of dynamite or some other form of explosive. All that separated the m
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