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  1. Life blinked away the sand granules blowing past his vision, an orange frame blended with the orange landscape and from is came a voice that shook him with apprehension. "Oh M-mari? I didn't think I'd find you In a desert of all places. I'm fine, just the heat, ya'know. It's good to see you, I hope you've been well." He grabbed at his side, waiting for the churning in his stomach to soon pass. Although they had kind of put aside their differences in the past, he couldn't help but shake the feeling that things were damaged between them. He was taken aback, the comforting voice of his fathe
  2. Dry winds howled over the desert plains of the fifth floor with Life centered atop a lonely dune looking out over the vastness of nothingness. It ironically helped him feel not as alone, knowing that there was a place as empty as he felt inside. He wanted to feel as though he belonged again, he wanted to feel the sensation that he did so long ago when he fought side by side with comrades for freedom and liberty. But with so much chaos and negativity that festered in the minds of broken players it became a herculean task in itself just to find motivation to leave his comfort zone. He was here t
  3. Life analysed the rocks curvature, its intricacies, its particles. He looked to find the weak points, perhaps with enough analysis he could be able to do more damage to it by hitting the right spots. He wondered if the rock was even living, could it feel pain? Would the damage he inflicted on this rock eventually come back to harm in the future as per the laws of karma and or rhythm. With how much force would the blow be returned to him? He he were to crack the boldurs surface, would his life be torn asunder? If he split the rock in two, would such a thing also occur to his very soul? What if
  4. Life cleared his mind and the began to prepare himself for the next few hours of what would essentially be beating a rocking with his fists until it broke. Looking at the thing it didnt seem likely that he'd be able to do it quickly despite it only having a puny amount of hp. He took a deep breath in and out and clenched his fist, tensing his entire arm out as if it were a solid piece of metal and with one swing belted his arm against the rocks surface, hoping it'd crack open instantly. The sheer force of the blow resonated throughout his body and the health of the rock decreased very sl
  5. "So how does one go about breaking the unbreakable?" Life inquired the NPC. "Well, that's for your to discover for yourself. Come with me." The NPC gestured with his hand, and life followed himself outside to the two meter high bolder that seemed to have just spawned as he hadn't seen it earlier. "You expect me to break this thing without my sword huh?" Life sculled down his golemns strength potion and rolled off the top half of his kimono to expose his bear chiseled body. "Ok, I'm ready for this ... " "Oh one more thing.." The npc added before painting a pair of whiskers on Life's face.
  6. Finally reaching the top of the mountain he was greeted by the site of a a quaint hut most definitely inhabited by the NPC that was said to live at the top of the mountain. Life looked around to see if there was anyone around and apon confirming the definite deadness of the scenery he figured he'd have better luck walking into the hut himself. The door creaked open and the NPC looked up at him from the comfort of his wooden rocking chair and grinning. "I know why you're here" He uttered. "You want to learn about breaking the unbreakable. The art of martial ways, to fight with the weapon that i
  7. If anyone was curious about my looks these days xd
  8. Life began down his trail through the meek forests that the second floor provided, as the the area was mainly fond of open mountainous areas and paths littered with rocks and pebbles. He kicked a stone or two as he made his way further along the off road path of dirt and stone, nearing closer to the foot of the mountain. He hummed a simple melody to keep himself entertained as he walked until he reached a Tori structure leading to a set of stone steps leading up towards the mountains peak. The rocks color pallet was a washed grey with cracks and roots growing into the structure of it, in
  9. Life decided if he wanted to get serious about finally progressing and catching up to all the people that had now surpassed him he would have to start clearing some of the quests on the lower floors that he had been ignoring for the longest of times. The breaking the unbreakable quest was a very well known one where many players had to break open a rock with the sheer force of their fists, and some other unorthodox methods he had heard of. The quest giver was location atop one of the highest mountains in the region. Travelling there would probably end up being the hardest component to the
  10. The darkness consumed Life's slender frame, the muttering and pattering of monster feet could be heard not too distantly from his location. Life was continuing his journey to survey the remaining floors he hadn't been to yet, and thus it was his first time on floor fifteen. Dark wood trees towered over him as he walked between their thin trunks, sifting through the fog created by the cold and humid climate. Life knew that this floor was dangerous too him, to the point where wandering into the wrong location could mean permanent death. But he wasn't a stranger to forests, he had spent two years
  11. The skies began to darken and the temperature dropped to a cool chill as the group of players gathered around the remains of the defeated treants. The game insisted on trying to make them feel bad for what they were doing but as far as Life was concerned they were the initial aggressors. There probably was a deep and conceited backstory to the ordeal but he wasn't all too interested in finding out, after all it was just a game and Life was never much for storytelling. The fight was all that mattered in the end, whether they were morally correct in the battle hardly mattered when their lives we
  12. The remaining two treants didn't seem to be having a good time against this group of players, following the death of their relative tree they became crestfallen. Almost regrettably in appearance that they had to battle the group, as if, the players were doing something heinous to them. Yet were they not the aggressors? Did they not attack them first? Life half frowned and gripped his sword tighter, it was a stupid ordeal in the end, the best thing to do was to finish the job. Life bent his knees and charged right back into the fray of battle, avoiding the scattered vines planted into the
  13. Life looked around for the source of the sound that called his name and turned to find Yuki standing in a absolutely ridiculous outfit. "Y-yes I'm looking for the eggs but firstly; What on Earth are you wearing." He retorted in disbelief. It was a little funny but he definitely wasn't expecting to see anyone in the game wearing something like that. Well, it would probably be for the best if he just ignored it for now and continued looking for eggs. "Err never mind, not important. We got eggs to find." He looked around the grasslands, it seemed that the grass had grown a few inches larger for t
  14. Life held onto her arm as she tried to pass him, not sure why he did at first, he just didn't want to leave things as they were. He struggled to find words before stammering a few out. "I'm sorry I didn't have the answer you were looking for..." He let decided it was probably better to let go of her before she retaliated again. "I'll keep an eye and an ear out for you, ok? I know the truth about the situation, and so do you. I'm not going to let rumors like that go by me and do nothing about it. I'm on your side, ok?" He could tell she was still hurting, and that this was bothering her a
  15. Life sighed as she began to blow up at him again, this time it felt a little out of place considering he really didn't do anything wrong. But he understood why she felt it was deserved, maybe he wasn't being sensitive enough. He thought saying less about it would have been better to avoid any pain, but maybe it came across as too dismissive. "You're right Mari, I can't know anything if you don't actually tell me what's been happening. I already said I understood why you'd think it was me, I wasn't calling you an idiot for it. It just seemed more likely that if these rumors didn't come from som
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