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  1. " ...but if it's not written here, it's not a rule." I love that statement, but I think it should go further to state that if "its not in the rules, it's not allowed and if a player feels it ought to be, then take it up with someone". I think the biggest problem hasn't been "staff known only" rules or defacto rules,(typically it's made up bs by members (including those on staff) and have tried to slip in because it doesn't state within the rules it is/isn't allowed), it's the fact that when the guides are edited, they're not all checked for consistency which tends to lead to confu
  2. I have many thoughts on the committee and they were all covered by Life, so I won't repeat what has already been rather well stated. Zelruis also made a point by asking where it is that these committee members are taking information and suggestions from other players, because I've not seen this so I don't know who exactly is being consulted. There shouldn't be a committee. There should, as Life stated, be more transparency as to what is being worked on by staff as well as staff taking suggestions made by players more seriously.
  3. Kissing leads to cooties... thanks Life!


  4. Shay let go of the little girl’s wrist. “I’ve heard of this going on. I didn’t know we had thieves as young as you. I won’t turn you in though.” Mai said. “Only because you’re little and I don’t know what they’ll do to you. But you can’t steal anymore. I know this game is hard, but if you got caught by someone else, someone ruthless, you could get yourself killed. I don’t want that, and I’m sure your parents wouldn’t want you dead either.” Mai listened as Dora asked why she didn’t sell her services. It would make sense for her to charge for help for sure, but Shay just couldn’t. “I got th
  5. As Mai sipped at her tea, the fog began to lift and slowly things came back into focus. She was back in her shop sitting across from a young girl. Mai blinked and shook her head a little puzzled but starting to piece things together. She remembered that she’d been working on potions when one blew up on her, and once again she had been affected by confusion. In her haze she decided she needed to go look for Eric and got herself lost in the woods where she ran into this little girl… Dora. They made it back to her shop and now Mai was showing Dora her inventory. WAIT. Mai blinked.
  6. “Hmmm?” Mai squeaked as she lifted her head and looked drowsily at the young girl. “My special thing?” She repeated. “ OH RIGHT… “There was a thing wasn’t there? The Blood of Champions…” She said with a nod of her head. There was a friend request and Mayuri clicked the accept button as she was told. Her new friend wanted to see her inventory. All was good. “Sure… I can show you…” Mai began to click things and load them into her inventory save her weapons and kimono. Mai has placed the following items in friend shared storage:
  7. Mayuri stared into her cup of tea trying to remember what it was she was trying to remember; only she couldn’t exactly recall what that was at the moment. Her name was called and she raised her head. “Hmmm?” She responded. “Why is your shop so empty? Do you need your inventory on you or something?” The little girl in front of her asked. “Umm… I don’t have much. I’ve been trying, but I’m not so very good at making potions yet.” She began to explain. “But I’m not selling any of it. I’m going to donate it to the front. So people stay live and stuff.” Mai placed her head on her fo
  8. Shay was near asleep when the little voice spoke and told her to have some tea. “Kay…” She replied as she sat up as best she could. Tea was poured for her and then a small brunette girl was seated across from her. “Who are you again?” She asked rather confused. Mai was sure she’d seen the tiny girl somewhere before. The little girl asked if she lived alone and Mayuri shook her head. “Eric… he’ll be back, just not today.” She told the girl. Where was he again? Mai had quite forgotten where her love had wandered away to.
  9. By some miracle, Shay had gotten back to her shop. She was set down at her table and she laid her head upon the table. A voice exclaimed that Mai had been robbed, and the raven-haired girl picked her head up and looked around the room. Nothing was missing. Well, no, there was something missing, but he said he’d return shortly, and Mayuri believed he would come back as he said. “No… this is right.” Mai said with a yawn and laid her head back down on the table. “Tea…” Mai mumbled. “I would like some tea.”
  10. Mai laid herself out on the bench and closed her eyes. She was so tired. Her head was foggy and she couldn’t focus on anything for too long. Thoughts were hard to come by. Mai whined and rolled onto her side deciding what she really needed was a nap. Slowly she began to drift away until she heard a small voice calling to her. Mayuri rolled over to see the face of a little girl and a book. She was pointing to something… Mai knew that thing! She used one all the time in her shop. It was what she named her shop after because it was so important. The girl asked her if this was it, and Mai nodded.
  11. With Life away for a few days, Mai had been hard at work pumping out potions for the next boss fight. So far she’d not amassed many. Her failure rate was rather ridiculous, as she still had not attained a new level. This was going to make stocking the front difficult, but she was going to do her best. Of course, with as clumsy as she was, she managed to screw thing up again and ended up in a state of complete stupor. She didn’t know how or where or when she ended up in the woods, nor could she remember how it came to be that the small girl on her right came to help her out. “Wait… who are yo
  12. Pumpkin pie without whipped cream? What sort of blasphemy is this? I could cry!

    1. Zero


      Here you go Miss Mayuri *hands a bowl of whipped cream*

    2. Mayuri


      Thank you Chibi ^_^

      I had to eat it naked. I wish i had a bowl of whipped cream to go on top of it!


      That's how pumpkin pie is supposed to be eaten! 


    3. Life


      You ate it naked? :O

  13. All your RPs are belong to me!

    (Someone play with me? PLS!)

  14. Mai found herself skipping to Ariel’s shop. It seemed that the thing she ordered was ready and she was on her way to get it. She bounced into the store where she saw a white kitty cub of some sort sleeping on a mat by the door. The raven hair girl knelt down beside the animal and cooed at it for a few minutes. The sleepy kitty raised its head and yawned and then went back to ignoring the girl. Mayuri giggled and got up off the floor and saw a package on the counter waiting there for her. She took up the blue box with her name on it and placed 600 Col and 3 materials on the counter for Ariel a
  15. I'm all out of RPs :( Would anyone be so kind as to play with me today? 

    1. Thorrissia


      I'd be most happy to oblige you :)

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