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  1. Sorry about lack of activity. Exam season is almost over now. One more week and I can get back to rp

  2. I'm sorry about inactivity. I've had a mate staying over for a bit. Don't worry I haven't forgotten ya'll who I owe a reply too. 

  3. Your inbox be full again m8 ;) 


    Just need a purchase approved:


  4. Ok so I am beyond confused about how credits translate to dollars in GGO. I see both being referred to like what is going on XD 

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    2. Beoreson


      It could be with a little flavor text.

    3. Lowenthal


      It also could just be a simple matter of having threads in the Real Life Offline section, in the Fan RP sections. If one wants to RP basic home life. (Can see the appeal of why they would).

    4. Thorrissia


      I would personally love a real life section for characters.

  5. I fixed my character bio - not sure if you saw my message or not :3 [sorry if you have and are just busy. Not trying to be patronising or PLEASE DROP WHAT U DOIN N LOOK AT MOI THANG* or anything :3]

    1. Seul


      Approved it now, sorry for the delay. xD

    2. Thorrissia


      It's no prob. Thank u :3333

  6. How active is GGO/Alfheim atm and is it worth creating a character? 

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    2. Xion


      YEP, I may end up making like an alternate Xion. As in the same char but completely different play style 

    3. Thorrissia


      I reckon I'll go for a flat out different character. I'm role playing as a lot of dudes atm and I don't often play sort of cutesy girlish types so I think that may be interesting. 

      Not like, beyond the parameters of what's normal for somebody who would be playing GGO. but just like, a little more feminine. 

    4. Amira


      GGO just got started about a week ago, after being closed for almost 2 years, and it already is more active than ALO. Hopefully the activity will continue to increase. : D

  7. Anyone do character art for col? 


    My my art for Thorrissia is sort of old so if any of you are sorta half decent at art and would be interested in drawing her I'd be willing to offer up col for it. I currently have 1,705 col. So just name your price range :3 I'd be happy to work towards it.

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    2. Thorrissia


      I'd certainly be interested :3

    3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *still is waiting to see Kiru-neechan's drawings*

    4. Ratatosk


      Not sure if you're a fan of hand-drawn things.

  8. So Thorry is being a moron and cannot find the thread that would tell her what level she'd be at. Anyone who could help me out? :p (It's probably really obvious and I'm just not seeing it) 

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    2. Thorrissia


      Awesome. Thanks :3 *Goes to rework everything* 


      Haha I've dropped from like level 20 to level 7. 

    3. Baldur


      I noticed I went up in level, but had a lot less skills.

    4. Macradon



      Haha I've dropped from like level 20 to level 7. 

      I remember when the system changed, I had that feeling as well.

  9. Wow ok so a lot of drama seems to have happened ever since I left and the rule system has entirely changed. Ummm but I'm back. So, hey everyone XD 


    ive been gone for a while due to work mostly, but my exams will be done by next month so I want to come back and be able to role play with ya'll again. Hi XP 

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    2. Hikoru


      Ohai person *had a thread back with you way back when*

    3. Helios


      Yoyoyo, welcome back homie

    4. Thorrissia


      @Takao P much the same I been doing lit nothing as usual :p 


      Thanks guys :3 

  10. Okkkk, so I SERIOUSLY need to familiarise with the new site layout, so would anyone be up for a rp with me? I need to gain SP like fast. 

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    2. Thorrissia


      Well we could just have our characters meet up and hang around as well if you like macradon?

      Ok, I'll message you when I've completed the thread Koumori. 

    3. Macradon
    4. Koumori


      Cooleo sounds good

  11. Wow um woah the entire system has COMPLETELY CHANGED O.o where's everything gone?

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    2. Koumori


      Ahh this brings back memories of my reaction to all of this. I can tell you, it was exactly the same. 

      Welcome back

    3. Thorrissia


      Thanks. I reckon I might just make a new character. Might be easier. 

    4. Koumori


      Part of me wants to say that might not be a good idea but the other part wants you to do it so that I won't be the lowest level anymore. Haha. Jk I'm sure you'll figure it all out. 

  12. Alive again???? Hey guys it's Thorry, I live. I've sort of adjusted to the new schedule, and whilst I can't be on all the time like I used to, I think I'll be able to rp on here again, mainly on weekends. I've missed you guys :D

  13. Guys Im sorry to say that I don't think I'll be active on here anymore :( I'm starting college next week and I've already got a ton of pre-prep work to do, and I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to commit here anymore :/ I had so much fun while it lasted everyone! Thanks for giving me an excellent summer <3 I'm sorry to leave.

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    2. Blue


      Golden shall cry in his sleep evrytiem

      She was only 16.... ;(

    3. Macradon


      Another person taken by college ... Though I can say college is a fine thing. I'm ending my last year there this semester! Have fun at college! We will all miss you!

      And you are of course welcome to return whenever you feel like it!

    4. Yami


      I'm going to prepare Golden's tomb, he is probably gonna kill himself.

      P.S: Also, am sorry about that :(

  14. Thorrissia

    Real Life Picture Thread

    I have a mane -_- it's evil and refuses to be styled. No matter what hair cut I get, BOOM back to being an emo blanket. indeed it is, but I'm gunna wait till I get back from Italy to reply. I hate using phones for do. cho u r illegally hot please leave I can feel my face burning from all that hot.
  15. Thorrissia

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Xion why does your hair have to be so cool its not fair. I want cool hair T-T