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  1. Seeing the Giant Peep had been reduced to almost a quarter of its overall health, Seul charged it again when the opportunity arose. His oversized sword bore into the sugary, sweet flesh of the creature, ripping off another sliver of health from its bar. The swordsman walked away with a sense of great joy at the way the dungeon had been unfolding. Overall the whole trip had been going smoothly and he hadn’t even taken damage during the run. What more could he really ask for in this type of scenario? He wasn’t sure, but if he did eventually think of something he wouldn’t divulge it to the rest o
  2. They were doing well against the saccharine abomination. The other members of his party had done their part too to damage the Giant Peep, and when it came time for Seul to go again, he attacked once more with the Galaxy Destroyer. Puffs of cream filling and sugar coating flew off in every direction and although his contribution was small, it would push the monster closer to deaths’ door. With his job done the swordsman retreated once more.On the sidelines he took to wiping off his sword again. Whoever designed this event in particular was strangely sadistic. Or at the very least held some kind
  3. It seemed his words had reached her, as he hoped they would. Despite knowing nothing of the woman who sat before him, he didn’t care. Everything he’d seen thus far pointed toward her being a good person. Or at the very least, not being a cold-blooded murderer. “Not at all. It’s rather admirable actually.” As someone who wandered the world void of any real purpose, people like Mari served as a reminder of the great things one could accomplish with enough determination. Serving as a guide for the people was a noble goal, and one Seul could get behind. Though, he was curious just how
  4. Before he knew it the group had moved on to the next arena in the dungeon. Eyeing his energy bar the man shrugged. The previous fight had reduced him to less than half, but it was just one of the drawbacks that came with wielding a two-handed sword. In the middle of the second zone sat a large creature, and it would seem that Seul would be the first to attack this time as well. Gripping his greatsword, he charged the soundly sleeping Giant Peep. Galaxy Destroyer tore into its sugary body, but rather than cut clean through, his blow almost seemed to be almost absorbed into its form. Placi
  5. Rolling... Looking for Mat ID# 151226 results: Loot -- 12 | (11+1) | Fail
  6. next Combat Summary Seul [1078/1150 HP] (+81/-33 HP) | [72/106 EN] (+1/-2 EN) | [Concentration: 2/3] Kobold 1 [-34/530 HP] Kobold 2 [-22/530 HP] Kobold 3 [530/530 HP] Kobold 4 [314/530 HP] Rolls Calamity Disaster 3 ID# 151120 results: Battle -- 4 (3+1) | Miss Calamity Disaster 4 ID# 151121 results: Battle -- 3 (2+1) | Miss Vamp Defense ID# 151122 results: Craft -- 6 | Fail Kobold 3 Attack ID# 151123 results: Mob -- 9 (8+1) | Hit | 33 Damage Kobold 4 Attack ID# 151124 results: Mob -- 1 | Miss
  7. Seul unleashed another flurry of slashes across the enemy party. The first two kobolds who stood in front shielded the others but in doing so took the full brunt of his sword’s power. On the verge of death, unable to move, and afflicted with grievous burns, what little life force remained in the pair had been quickly snuffed out. They exploded leaving behind a wealth of rewards to gather. But before the man could revel in the fruits of his labor, he’d need to finish what he started. The two kobolds each attacked him from opposite sides. Battle healing had done its job, but the monsters
  8. In such a short time he felt he had grown so much. It had been an eventful few weeks, and Seul was eager to put his new toys to the test with some training. Recently he learned of a quest he had never taken before. One by the name <<Nature’s Treasure>>. Supposedly the monsters that spawned were more lucrative than the ones a player might otherwise find somewhere else. After asking around, the swordsman managed to locate a cavern on the 24th floor fitting the description. But when he entered he was immediately rushed by monsters. The Barb of the Whorleater had been fastened to
  9. Seul

    Seul's Evals

    Using Demonic Egg on Barb of the Whorleater Old: New:
  10. Ambient Music A sigh escaped his lips as the player pulled back their weapon. Relief washed over him, like waves on a beach. But what anxiety had been washed away was soon replaced with happiness from successfully de-escalating the situation. Seul nodded along to the stranger’s words to show he’d been listening. They were all valid points and things he’d take into account moving forward. One thing was clear: It was going to take a lot more work for his true potential to be realized. “I won’t lose sight of what matters again. I promise you here, I will become strong to be a swordsman
  11. Something like this was bound to happen. After calling it a day and heading off to set up camp, Seul now found himself motionless with the blade at his throat. Even if he desired a fight, in this position his head could have easily been severed long before the getting to draw the greatsword he carried. For the time being he was at this stranger's mercy. “I am looking for demonics, yes.” He said, while peering into the void where this person’s face should have been. They were capable, for sure. “It happened a while ago… I was out farming on the fifth floor. I had just finished fighti
  12. Using the pommel of his blade Seul, struck the nail which would bind his note to a request board just outside of the Starting City. Under the afternoon sun, he replayed the events that had led to this moment in his mind. It all started, as most of his adventures did, with some curiosity. Seven floors had been cleared since the last time he set foot in a boss raid. To be honest, he had fallen out of touch with who was still around on the frontlines, and what loot might have been set loose into the world. Thankfully, Aincrad had no shortage of people who were willing to investigate these things
  13. The battle was over and the spoils of war were quickly being divided between the party. Before Seul’s eyes flashed a reward screen, and without hesitation he accepted, spawning a greatsword by his side. When he grabbed the hilt the metal burst to life with a roaring flame, and the swordsman took to swinging it around with glee like a child who received a new toy. Embers trailed behind each slash from the mighty weapon, and soon he would turn his excitement to the others. “I got a sword! A sword that can be set on fire!” Finally, a unique weapon was in his possession. Though he wonder
  14. Next round Combat Summary Seul [1076/1150 HP] | [92/106 EN] (+1/13) | Absolute Zero [691/850 HP] | (-159 Damage) Rolls Galaxy Destroyer ID# 150603 results: Battle -- 13 (8+5) | Hit | 234 (18 x 13) - 75 = 159 Damage! Absolute Zero Attack ID# 150604 results: Mob -- 9 (3+6) | Hit | 200 - 126 = 74 Damage!
  15. Snow gently around him as he walked, and the grip he held on Remorse tightened in a n effort to stay warm. Despite having the survival skill, it seemed that this particular region of the fourth floor was covered in an unshakable cold. It was no wonder the monster he hunted today took up residence here. Seul still remembered his first time defeating Avalanche. The infamous player killer, Ssendom had been the one to carry him through the quest, felling the field boss with a single slash of his sword. On that day Seul swore that he’d surpass the man, and wandering here now the swordsman felt he h
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