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  1. It took a great deal of restraint for the man to not cringe at the word “guild”. He harbored no ill will toward KoB, or any other guild for that matter. Still, Seul understood just how troublesome such organizations could be. Since Opal’s betrayal and Mack’s disappearance he had avoided them like the plague. “To be honest I’d rather be up there.” He pointed toward the ceiling, but referred to the lands far beyond it. “It’s funny, I’ve stood on the frontlines twice now, but it only seems like I get left behind every time I show up.” The truth was a bitter pill to swallow. His
  2. Current Level: 53 Current SP: 229 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Barb of the Whorleater Item ID: None | Obtained Here Item Tier: 3 Item Type: THSS Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: Burn | Freeze | Holy | Accuracy Description: None Item Name: Whorleater Item Tier: 4 Item Type: Katana Item Enhancements: Burn | Freeze | Holy | Accuracy Description:
  3. Seeing the Giant Peep had been reduced to almost a quarter of its overall health, Seul charged it again when the opportunity arose. His oversized sword bore into the sugary, sweet flesh of the creature, ripping off another sliver of health from its bar. The swordsman walked away with a sense of great joy at the way the dungeon had been unfolding. Overall the whole trip had been going smoothly and he hadn’t even taken damage during the run. What more could he really ask for in this type of scenario? He wasn’t sure, but if he did eventually think of something he wouldn’t divulge it to the rest o
  4. They were doing well against the saccharine abomination. The other members of his party had done their part too to damage the Giant Peep, and when it came time for Seul to go again, he attacked once more with the Galaxy Destroyer. Puffs of cream filling and sugar coating flew off in every direction and although his contribution was small, it would push the monster closer to deaths’ door. With his job done the swordsman retreated once more.On the sidelines he took to wiping off his sword again. Whoever designed this event in particular was strangely sadistic. Or at the very least held some kind
  5. It seemed his words had reached her, as he hoped they would. Despite knowing nothing of the woman who sat before him, he didn’t care. Everything he’d seen thus far pointed toward her being a good person. Or at the very least, not being a cold-blooded murderer. “Not at all. It’s rather admirable actually.” As someone who wandered the world void of any real purpose, people like Mari served as a reminder of the great things one could accomplish with enough determination. Serving as a guide for the people was a noble goal, and one Seul could get behind. Though, he was curious just how
  6. Before he knew it the group had moved on to the next arena in the dungeon. Eyeing his energy bar the man shrugged. The previous fight had reduced him to less than half, but it was just one of the drawbacks that came with wielding a two-handed sword. In the middle of the second zone sat a large creature, and it would seem that Seul would be the first to attack this time as well. Gripping his greatsword, he charged the soundly sleeping Giant Peep. Galaxy Destroyer tore into its sugary body, but rather than cut clean through, his blow almost seemed to be almost absorbed into its form. Placi
  7. Seul

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    Using Demonic Egg on Barb of the Whorleater Old: New:
  8. The battle was over and the spoils of war were quickly being divided between the party. Before Seul’s eyes flashed a reward screen, and without hesitation he accepted, spawning a greatsword by his side. When he grabbed the hilt the metal burst to life with a roaring flame, and the swordsman took to swinging it around with glee like a child who received a new toy. Embers trailed behind each slash from the mighty weapon, and soon he would turn his excitement to the others. “I got a sword! A sword that can be set on fire!” Finally, a unique weapon was in his possession. Though he wonder
  9. Another bunny had fallen thanks to the spearman, and the fight was wrapping up it seemed. Shield was able to locate the hidden monster and when he did, Seul charged up yet another Calamity Disaster. Shining bright, his greatsword followed close behind as he neared the two creatures. A flurry of slashes unleashed upon the pair like a tempest, and although he had placed all he had into the attack, it wasn’t good enough. Seul clenched his teeth as he fell back. Though he hadn’t faltered in any of his attacks, the damage he dealt paled in comparison to the others. Fighting alone for so long,
  10. “Wrong answer!” He exclaimed while dropping into his next stance. Light enveloped the greatsword and when the bunny tank had finally fallen Seul sprang forward yet again. Though Baldur and Beat had sought to attack the healer next, it had been a trick question. The enemy had been focused on Shield making it easy for the swordsman to get close, and as sitting ducks (sitting rabbits?), Seul would be able to strike both with a single move. Six strokes danced from his blade and tore through the monsters. He was even somewhat surprised himself as the final hit landed on the Red-Hot Bunn
  11. The others had joined in on the onslaught but none of them had managed to actually fell the beast. Once the monsters were done with their assault they had returned to the protection of the Toffee Bunny, and seeing as its health had slightly returned Seul knew he had to act quickly. With the blade raised high he rushed the candy creature with another Galaxy Destroyer to its hip. So far the battle was going pretty well. Baldur and Beat would no doubt be able to kill the enemy’s tank and make it open season. As he backed away the swordsman’s eyes danced across the field. Which one posed the
  12. Battle Theme Staying quiet for most of the trip, Seul stayed toward the middle of the group with arms reclined behind his head. Regardless of what waited for them he was sure it wouldn’t pose any real issues. Eventually they’d reach the Caramel Warren, but rather than afford them time to explore the game decided to kick things off at the front door. “My time to shine!” He yelled before sprinting past the others. An audible ‘clang’ rang out as his sword escaped scabbard. Concentration activated causing the world around him to slow, but Seul continued to barrel toward the enemy pa
  13. Many things weighed heavy on the swordsman’s mind as he made the trek up to the twenty-fifth. Through struggle and countless hardships they had somehow managed to clear a quarter of the game’s floors. Though, Seul used the term “they” loosely. It was true he had played a part in two major battles, but ultimately the contributions he offered were minimal in the grand scheme of things. With that being said, a lack of presence was something he sought to change in the months to come. When his boots fell upon the final step, he offered a wave to the two men who already gathered by the floor’s
  14. Seul wandered into the shop with a pouch of Col in hand. Having recently trained Pro to fight instead of defend, his equipment had become increasingly useless. It was time for a change, and though he sought the help of blacksmiths, time was of the essence. Merchants often carried wares that were on par with, if not better, than what one might find among common smiths, and Shield in particular had been good to him in the past making the decision a fairly simple one. “I’ll take these.” He said after rounding up whatever happened to catch his eye and leaving the needed col. Buying:
  15. "I'm fine then." With his fears of offending her alleviated and decision made, Mari produced a teapot to prepare a cup for herself. As they spoke, Seul couldn't help but grow more and more perplexed by the woman's question. Was this not their first time meeting? Had he seen her somewhere along the way? It was possible. Though, if that did happen, he had no memory of it being noteworthy. Was she famous? He didn't know. But the silence filling the cottage was starting to mound and become palpable. Faces and names blended in his mind as he recalled the ever-rising number of people who came
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