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  1. It seemed everyone was in agreement to work together, much to the man’s delight. Seul couldn’t remember the last time he’d done anything with a party. Having spent so much time on his own after leaving the frontline, it would make for a nice change of pace. Moments like these were what he enjoyed most about the lives players manifested in this world. What more could someone ask for than fun adventures and good company? He thought it beat working a 9 to 5 at least. Next order of business was to speak with this ‘Hound’ and see what insight he’d be able to provide. Being new to the floor he
  2. The search would not take long. Soon after arriving Seul would stumble upon another man. But before he could make an inquiry as to the nature of recent news in the area, the white-haired player would pose a question of his own. In truth it caught him off guard. Playing with one of his locs now to try and ease the discomfort, he’d mull over the strangers words only for a moment. “Wow… I bet you’re real fun at parties…” Soon after slinging his sarcastic response, the NPC responsible for maintaining the gardens would make her presence known to himself and the few others who had been in
  3. Ming Garden seemed to have been created for someone like him. One who opted to wander this world on his own. It was the man’s first visit, but the tranquility in the air was palpable as Seul strolled among the plants. Some time had passed since he last was on such a high floor, but something had drawn him here. Recently word spread like wildfire throughout the playerbase of strange occurrences happening here in the garden. Some claimed it may have been some sort of secret event. Others believed the location was really haunted. Having seen the horrors of this world first hand, ghosts and demons
  4. Current Level: 53 Current SP: 229 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Barb of the Whorleater Item ID: None | Obtained Here Item Tier: 3 Item Type: THSS Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: Burn | Freeze | Holy | Accuracy Description: None Item Name: Whorleater Item Tier: 4 Item Type: Katana Item Enhancements: Burn | Freeze | Holy | Accuracy Description:
  5. Seul

    Seul's Evals

    Using Demonic Egg on Barb of the Whorleater Old: New:
  6. Seul wandered into the shop with a pouch of Col in hand. Having recently trained Pro to fight instead of defend, his equipment had become increasingly useless. It was time for a change, and though he sought the help of blacksmiths, time was of the essence. Merchants often carried wares that were on par with, if not better, than what one might find among common smiths, and Shield in particular had been good to him in the past making the decision a fairly simple one. “I’ll take these.” He said after rounding up whatever happened to catch his eye and leaving the needed col. Buying:
  7. Popping back in real quick to use 2 Easter Bunny's Favors and reroll the two slots of Recovery on this. -Easter Bunny's Favor (x2) from inventory.
  8. “Mission accomplished.” Seul’s voice rang from outside. He would return shortly after receiving the eggs with a Bunny Stamp in hand and made his way inside to greet the tank with it held high. The event item would soon leave his possession as he opened the trade window and like magic it would disintegrate from his palm into Shield’s inventory upon the man accepting it. “As per our deal, the Bunny Stamp is now yours; I’m sure you’ll make good use of it. It's been a pleasure doing business with you chief.” With that he would offer a bow and take his leave. Traded to Shield:
  9. Seul

    You... You're supposed to be dead!

  10. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Light Armor - Rank 4 Mod(s) Being Dropped: Athletics SP Refunded: 44 Cost: 44,000
  11. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Parry | Howl | EnergizeMod(s) Being Dropped: THSS Rank 5 Ferocity | Justified RiposteSP Refunded: 48Cost: 48000
  12. I will now start the bidding for my glittering snowflake at 1 million col. >:3

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  13. That was fast. He knew that Macradon was a skilled smith, but there was practically no time to breathe before the knight appeared with the equipment Seul requested. With a nod he accepted the trade and sent over 20,000 Col. Ultimately it was a small price to pay for some overall better gear. “Thanks, I'm sure they will work well with what I have planned.” He said before opening his inventory. He unequipped his current weapon, replacing it with his new one, and also put on the mask. A final mod to Macradon in appreciation for his work was all he did as he pulled up the hood of his coat an
  14. Seul entered the shop without much thought as his only focus for now was getting the items he desired. Giving a wave to Macradon he began to rummage through his coat pockets to find the scrap of paper that held the details of his request. As far as he knew the Blazing Typhoon was the only forge currently operating with third tier materials available and since gathering was far more trouble than he was willing to endure, that didn't leave many options for finding crafters. “Hey Mac, heard you've got some high tier materials lying around. Think you can make me a new sword and armor? I lik
  15. 110,835 Col and 25 T2 Mats I Want To Die
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