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  1. Erm

    Happy Birthday, Blue. *Bows*

  2. I'm sad to inform you all of the fact that I'll be leaving the site (Once more) for a little while due to school and family issues. I shall remain partially active on Skype but I won't be RPing for a while. When things get better I shall be back. Thanks for my journeys here!

    1. Koumori


      Darn school! It keeps stealing people from us :( Well good luck buddy. 

  3. Another crafting day, a new pair of perfect rolls in offer. Get your custom perfect grade tailor item for only 1100 Col each. Only 2 in stock so be quick to post your order. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/8646-f1-the-blue-tailor-open/?page=1

    1. Helios


      Not quite sure, but I think I might have seen something similar to this earlier :O

  4. Anyone in need of a perfect item from a tailor? 

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    2. Yami


      I haven't yet. Will do that later.. after we d-d-d-duel!

    3. Blue


      lol, sorry, gotta wait until winter break. Currently very busy with school and can't d-d-d-duel.

    4. Koumori


      Okay I'll place an order then. I'll check the enchantments and send you a pm when I decide. Thanks!

  5. I just rolled a perfect item. Is anyone in need of a perfect tailor item? If so, tell me now before it's too late!

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    2. Nemesis


      I can't pay for it tho, i want the materials for my own shop xD
      I'll probably come back at a later date so don't worry about it.

      On second thought i might have the Col, one sec counting it up lol

    3. Nemesis


      I can pay for it in col :)

    4. Blue


      ok. I'll PM u when the item is approved.

  6. Does anyone want to assist me in <<The Traveller>> quest? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Zandra
    2. Seul


      Me too if you want-

    3. Blue



      I'll be starting thread right now for the two of you :D

  7. RP Anyone? Wanna rack up some SPs.

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    2. Blue


      How about that Breaking the Unbreakable Quest?

    3. Greg Baxen

      Greg Baxen

      Yeah, let's do that. I can't manage 50 posts but i can manage 25.

    4. Greg Baxen
  8. until

    Would love some new toys to play with.
  9. Lol Xion post count: 666

    1. Kiru


      "time to,,,,sin" 

  10. Gotta get my crafts done lol

  11. Can't wait to start RPing again with you guys! 

  12. Alright, Haven't been on the site for a while because of school work but I'll be on by the weekends after finishing the recent project that I was assigned. So.... What did I miss?

  13. Been busy with school work. Be back in a week so don't u worry customers! I'll get back to your crafting needs soon.

    1. Yami


      You better, I'll be back soon as well and then you shall serve your Emperor, Dark Lord of the Tailors.

  14. I wanna start up a thread with a hunting party of four people. Would be cool. Anyone wanna join? *Am sure everyone needs SP at the moment and the only way to get SP is to do threads.*

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    2. Takao


      If they don't have accuracy, yes.

    3. Koumori


      Yeah just the number had to end up being a nine somehow. 

      Okay cool. I'm just trying to straighten everything out before I spend skill points

    4. Red_Rose


      So what kinda hunting we doing?

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