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  1. It was on to the next shop. She had already picked up Zelrius’s order from the Sunflower Café. She had now made her way to the second floor to find an alchemist by the name of Zandra. After asking around, she was point in the right direction, and easily found the shop she was looking for. Upon entering she gave a shout. “Hello… Zandra?” She called out,” I’m here on the behalf of Zelrius… I’m here for his order. I have payment if all his stuff is ready. I just need to know how much it is.” Lisa looked around while she waited for the young alchemist to show.
  2. Would anyone be so kind as to role play with me? 

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      I'm also up for a thread or two.

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      Hit me up! Grave's always up to meet a new person! Specifically a girl!

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      YAY!!! I'll be PMing you all. Thank you so much!

  3. Profile Username: Persephone Real name: Lisa Antonia Edwards Age: 23 Gender: Female Height: 5’2” Profession: Artisan About: History/personality Before SAO, Lisa lived a rather normal life. The only child, she has a good relationship with her parents whom she talks to weekly. She grew up outside of Los Angeles, California in the boring little community of Downey. Social and friendly, Lisa has always been the sort of girl to be at the center of attention, and is adored by many for her good and fun-loving nature although she is quite the introvert. In high school she was an under achie
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