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  1. In my opinion, it'd be against the long-term interests of the site to roll out a hard reset. Since a hard reset has never been implemented in this community, it's a little ambiguous with exactly how things would play out, but we can draw from how the community tends react to the sort of things that we might expect from some sort of reset or wipe. First of all, a hard reset is essentially a more extreme version of a time-skip, at least balance-wise. The last time the question of a time-skip was raised, the number one reason that some people were averse to it was that they felt it was messi
  2. Am not alive (officially 1 year underground now)

  3. Updated Whistle for the Choir, borrowing a few more characters for this section. A little rough and not nearly as flow-y as I'd prefer, but still working on ironing out my handling of group-centered pieces. Just wanted to get this section off of my plate.

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    2. Azide


      i'm gonna write a takao post someday. just watch.

    3. Takao


      *rolls shoulders*

    4. Azide
  4. Perfect Storm is  p r e t t y  sick so far man.

    1. Takao


      thank you father

    2. Azide


      Your mother would be very proud.

  5. Azide

    Hope life's treating you well. Happy birthday!

    1. Mack


      Happy Birfday Life!

  6. Second post up for my thread! http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14087-whistle-to-the-choir/. Picks up from where the last one stopped. At some point I'd like to do vignettes with some other characters as well.

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    2. Takao


      Dope as heck, dawg. Looking forward to more!

    3. Azide
    4. Takao


      you're welcome my boy

  7. Never actually finish these things, but maybe this will be the one: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14087-whistle-to-the-choir/
    Incredibly rusty, but it'll have to do.


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    2. Baldur


      I been to a lot of sites that do it in a variety of ways. Everything off the cuff, to everything being planned out ahead of time. I like a mix of both, and I like that mix to vary depending on what's going on. It does help everyone is on the same page, but the reason I forum RP over just writing SAO fanfiction is that I like that injection of personality other people give to my threads. I like not knowing what they're going to do next, and breaking up my writing with other people's input. :)

    3. Baldur


      @Azide I've found a handful of writers who I just seemed to mesh with and picked up all of my cues or references. It's part of why I love writing with @Lessa so much. I have a few other friends like that and we still talk and RP together to this day.

    4. Azide


      Oh, I know they're definitely out there. But they tend to be the same people I'd like to avoid disappointing by not being able to follow-up during muse droughts.

  8. I wrote something:


    1. Opal


      Beautiful and epic. Cant wait for the next part! :D 

    2. Baldur


      Looks like you wrote 2 things.

  9. Massive props to @Zelrius for giving his character a proper send off.
    It says a lot when your final post is a thoughtful one, as at that point, the only remaining motivations are a love for your character and a love for writing.
    No mats, no col, no SP or uniques- just writing. 
    Thanks for the show.

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    2. Baldur


      Don't you mean there will be pixels?

      In canon, there's supposedly a PKer prison beneath the Black Iron Citadel in the Town of Beginnings (that's where Kirito sends the members of Titan's Hand). Do you guys intend to kill, or to capture?

      Also, I was really impressed with Mack's post stepping up. I think it'd be neat to see what's left of Azure (what IS left of Azure?) merge with KotB, making KotB into what it's supposed to be in the lore (albeit, not this early on, lol)

    3. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Only people who broke the rules like molesting a player of the opposite sex and they click a button means going to the jail.

      More than likely AB would go with KoC with the past history the two have and KoC may reestablish alliance with KotB.

    4. Mack


      I'm not going to push anyone into a merger. I, as noted, am willing to discuss it with AB if they would like. As I've noted a few other places, including IC, I had no foreknowledge of what was going to go down, either IC or OOC.

      As I've also noted, IC, Mack is not going to press gang people into anything.

  10. rip

    1. Takao



    2. Seul
    3. Baldur


      Azure wedding? That's brilliant! Sad, but brilliant!

  11. Might seem a little weird to have waited until now, all things considered, but I'm officially retiring from SAO-RPG.
    After three extended hiatuses, it's nice to be able to go out this time with full control over the circumstances.
    If for some reason you need to contact me, just ask around and I'm sure I'll get word of it.

    To everyone that's worked towards making this community something unique and amazing: take care.

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    2. Piera


      Hope life treats you well Azide, the site's gonna be a little poorer because of your absence :/ 

    3. Ssendom


      You're an inspiration to this site. I aspire to have such a graceful death while fighting the floor boss. *Salute* Your story was a Grand one, enjoy your days.

    4. Baldur
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    2. Greg Baxen

      Greg Baxen

      Yeah, I just realized this.

    3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Azide, we've had our share of RPs and OOC discussions, knowing each other from the Square One 'golden age' as I like to call it, when I first approached you about a deal. Since then I like to think that in time we've become friends IC and OOC so there isn't really much for me to say here without making a text block that some will have no idea of what I'm talking about since most of the ones we knew... went on with their life. What I'm trying to say..and fail in it, is that you're post are one of the most intelligent inteligent ones I've ever read, sending me to the english dictionary several times. I've started here by posting the min 4 lines on a post and now I'm able to get a decent amount of text and content in my posts. I'm not going to say it was because of you as there are several others that help me but during out 'best times' you were a major influence on me and my writing. 

      Thank you for being my rp partner all this time and I'll miss you.
      Sorry for making such a selfish wall text reply.

    4. Azide


      I've always thought it was neat that our era has remained strong in terms of activity, between you, me, Oikawa, Calrex, Teayre, Baldur and probably more.

      Glad we could RP together, and thanks for crafting all of my armor, lol. Keep going strong, Ariel.

  12. One final post to go.

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    2. Hikoru


      Azide.... I will avenge you, and find Xanatos for you, I promise *in character, in case I don't get to post*

    3. Takao


      see you, space cowboy.

    4. Seul


      Geez, I was talking about the first one before but the latest post was amazing! T-T Sorta mad I never got to do a thread with you now.

  13. You're a legend, Shadowsnake. Over a year of on-and-off activity, all entirely within solo threads (with the exception of a handful of purchases from player shops). With all of that dedication, how about you make your grand introduction to the world in this project that Cal's cooking up?


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    2. Baldur




      A present for you :)

    3. shadowsnake1001
    4. Azide


      You're one of the best things to have happened to this place. I really mean that xD

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