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  1. He had asked another question as they approach town. Rebekah responded, "Yes, there is another quest available for merchants. However, you must be level two in your profession prior to taking the quest." She knew that level two would mean a significant milestone in any person's profession in this game. Rebekah also figured that Nicklaus would finally reach level two in both fishing and appraising very soon. He would be busy for a few days, and that would give her time to take on a solo activity. As they made their way to the teleportation gate, Rebekah finally said goodbye to her older br
  2. As Rebekah got to work with the dishes, she turned to Nicklaus who had caught his third treasure chest of the day. In addition, he was already able to obtain a new level immediately as he had earned rank two in fishing. "Congratulations on reaching Rank 2. Can you help me with taking down the campsite?" Rebekah asked. Her older brother got to work as told, as he started putting away his fishing stuff and began to destroy the snow wall that was blocking the wind and taking down the shelter. It was not long that it was only the campfire left. She then turned to Nicklaus and asked, "Now that
  3. While those words had calmed her down quite a bit, Rebekah wanted Nicklaus to promise her that he would never do that. She wanted a promise because she knew that he would never go back on his word and family always comes first. "Promise me, you will not do something stupid." Rebekah said. She waited for his reply before going back to the fish stew that she had been cooking for the past while. It was almost done, as cooking in Aincrad had simplified a lot of the steps and wait time that it would normally take in the world. She took out a few bowls and poured some of it out to Nicklaus. She
  4. It was finally time for Rebekah to create a fish stew. Luckily for her, she had already prepared a lot of the chopped vegetables ahead of time, and created all the broth. She was not crazy, as she knew cooking out here would be difficult without a full kitchen. Those were the things that professional chefs such as herself had gotten accustomed to, and anytime she was not in her elements, it made cooking a lot more difficult. To begin, she decided to put the chopped ingredients into a boiling pot of water. Rebekah immediately went to find more snow nearby to melt, as she realized there was
  5. Rebekah continued getting the camp ready. It was almost complete, she did not plan on staying overnight this time. Perhaps that would be next week. Their plan today was to allow Nicklaus to reach level two at fishing, and then for them to try out what worked today and what did not work. They did plan on going on a sibling bonding camping trip sometime in the near future, but this was a good set up to allow them to stay warm in the cold fourth floor. She looked back at Nicklaus and he had already found two treasure chests, this was a lot more then she had ever found in this game. He had al
  6. There was something about Nicklaus that was different today. Perhaps he had felt more comfortable. Rebekah could not recall the last time he was having this much success in this game. He had been trying to feel things out and had mighty struggled the last time she had saw him. This time, however, Nicklaus had acted completely different. It had felt like he was at ease with everything that was around him. He had finally settled in and was acting on instinct rather than thinking about things. Rebekah got back to finishing up the rest of the shelter. She could tell that her older brother was
  7. Now that the shelter was partially completed, Rebekah should now turn her focus to making a fire to stay warm. These were two of the most important things that would keep them alive in this winter wonderland. Luckily for Rebekah, Nicklaus had already began setting up a fire pit so everything was ready for her to light a fire. Rebekah had brought some matches. These were the good old fashion way of making a fire. She did not want to attempt to create friction from rubbing two pieces of wood together. Besides, that would be too cold to work. As she was setting up the fire, she noticed Nickl
  8. As the pair of them started setting up camp, Rebekah's first thought was to start digging around in the snow to gather snow to boil into some water. They also needed to compact the snow underneath so they can set up a shelter in this cold weather. This was the minimum necessities that they required to survive. Even though, she has never done this before in the snow, Rebekah was always prepared for the worst in case of a freak snowstorm on the fourth floor. Therefore, she had always been prepared to wait out the storm in a safe place before resuming her journey back home. Therefore, this w
  9. After they had received their drinks from The Frosty Cafe, Rebekah decided that it is time to show Nicklaus around the sights and the important places in Snowfrost Town. After all, this was where they would hopefully meet up going forward. It had been hard for Rebekah to be able to spend that much time leaving her shop unattended to. Therefore, it would be important for him to have the ability to not get lost in this town. Rebekah started by explaining to Nicklaus where this cafe was in relation to the portal. Shen then walked past her shop and told him this is where her shop is and where
  10. Rebekah had been preparing for today's adventure since she had woken up this morning. She knew she needed to get a lot of supplies ready from a tent, supplies to make campfire, and food. One of the reasons why Rebekah had asked Nicklaus to meet her at her shop was so that he could help carry some of the supplies for her. In addition, she wanted him to try out some of her food that she sells in her shop. One of the items that she had wanted him to try were the beaver tails that she had made. Beaver tails were a type of fried pastry where the dough is flat and thin resembling the shape of a
  11. Rebekah had slowly collected up the required Mon tokens in order to make a purchase from Mintaka's Treasury. She knew that it had taken a lot of work to collect these tokens but she had finally received enough to obtain the item that she had been dreaming about. When she had saw the list of prizes, there was one item that had stood out more than anything. This was gungir's shard. She had seen a few of the top players earning one of these a long time ago but she had always wanted to find a way to earn one for herself. Therefore, she was happy to find this item listed as one of the rewards.
  12. Now that Rebekah had finally made it halfway back towards the town of beginnings. She had thought about what had happened. She knew she would have to go home before she should examine the gemstone and the journal in more detail. Perhaps it was the start of many more quests. She would have to consult with a few people, perhaps some of her guild members for support. She had struggled today against a relatively simple monster, missing two of her four attacks. This was something that she would need to improve on. She knew that missing an attack happened to everyone, nobody was ever a hundred perce
  13. Now that Rebekah had returned back to Fuzziel's nest. The mother dragon had healed and quickly inspected each of the six hatchlings in detail. Rebekah stood to the side and waited for the dragon to address her. She knew that Fuzziel had been worried so this was just her instinct that she was secondary and would have to wait. After each of the hatchlings had been inspected, Fuzziel began to speak, "Thank you young adventure. I do not know how I can ever thank you for your generosity. Wait a minute." Fuzziel then walked to her pile of treasures and picked out a large gemstone. It was a topa
  14. It was finally time for Rebekah to leave Carsar's nest. She had asked the hatchlings if there was an easier way to leave. They had responded and told her that there was a path leading down back into the forest. It would be faster and they did not dare leave when Carsar had taken them away. Knowingly this, Rebekah had the hatchlings lead the way so that she could follow them down the mountain. It was a lot faster walking downhill on a slight incline rather than climbing the side of the mountain. Even though, the walk would take a lot longer. It did not take them long for them for their alt
  15. Finally now that Carsar had been defeated, it was time to begin getting all the hatchlings to follow her to leave this cave. However, the first thing Rebekah heard as she approach the hatchlings was that Carsar had a treasure trove that she could raid. She thank the hatchlings and began to search Carsar's nest with the help of the six hatchlings eager to head home. Rebekah had told the hatchlings that once she had found the treasure trove they can finally leave. So she had hoped that it would not take too long as she knew that there must some valuables Rebekah could take for herself. Afte
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