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  1. As the boat began to pick up speed in the sea, Nicklaus thought this would be perfect time to explore this ship. He did not expect it to have much in terms of amenities. However, he knew that he would not likely have the energy to do this on his return trip. Therefore, he began walking around. He knew he should not bug the individuals who were off rowing the boat as that could cause them to become stuck in the ocean. Therefore, he looked around. There was not much but finally he did find the Nympth who was sitting there as his escort to today's quest. He decided to approach the NPC and ask her
  2. As Nicklaus stepped onto the boat, he could realized this was one of the old boats, in particular, a trireme. He was not a history expert, but he knew that these boats were very familiar back in the day. These were amazing boats for their era, a massive ancient warship that was going to carry him to his destination. These boats were made for quick travel, it had a giant sail, but most importantly, there were three sets of rows for oars. This meant that it was propelled by a lot of individuals. Nicklaus had hoped that it was ready to leave given it had just arrived in the harbour. He walke
  3. As Nicklaus made it over to the harbour, he was looking for the exact ship that would take him to the destination. He looked back at its quest log, and all it said was visiting the harbour. He would have to go search every single boat before he could arrive at his destination. It would take a lot of work but he knew he had saw it sail into the harbour while he was eating breakfast. As he continue to walk along the dock, he could see there were a lot of NPC fisherman selling their freshly caught fish to the players and NPCs who would wonder into the harbour. There were a lot of good seafoo
  4. As Nicklaus sat down at a local restaurant overlooking the beautiful harbour, he knew that he was procrastinating from starting this quest today. He knew that he should instead try to get this done as soon as possible so he could take advantage of his upgraded fishing skills. Nicklaus looked around at the menu, and decided to get some classic greek food. He settled with the greek fried eggs served over potatoes and feta cheese. He then decided to order a drink, nothing alcoholic this early in the morning. Therefore, he decided to get some coffee. Nicklaus continue to watch ships enter and
  5. This was the first time he had stepped foot at Athenaia. It was stunning, unlike any place he had ever visited so far in Aincrad. The architecture on the floor had an ancient greece flavour to the style of the buildings. As he walked around, he saw the temples with the distinct columns which must have taken a lot of time to build. Once he got here, it was now time to look for his escort to the quest. He was wondering where he could find the nympth who would then escort him to where he needed to visit today. As Nicklaus began to aimless wonder around, he decided to look back at the quest l
  6. Based on the recommendation of her younger sister, Nicklaus was highly encouraged to get this over with and done today. He had received a brand new quest the other day, and he decided to do it today. He had still not fully recovered from his fishing trip with her sister yesterday. While fishing out in the cold was never a good idea, he had managed to earn three treasure chest, which allowed him to reach level two to qualify for this quest today. Therefore, while his body was still tired, he had forced himself out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to get dressed and more important aw
  7. After learning how to identify five items earlier this week, Nicklaus began to get to work to identify the remaining six items that he had owned. He had hoped this will be enough to get him past to the second rank of the appraiser profession, which will allow him access and the ability to try to get the quest. He wanted to take the quest as it would allow him to gain some much more valuable experience points and make his crafting a lot easier. However, he knew that it may take some time before he would reach the final level, rank five.
  8. 5/29/2022 Link Appraiser: Rank 1 Identifying Items | attempt allowance: 5/6 (5 Base+1 Guild) | Tier 2 Weapon | Rare (4) | Tier 2 Consumable | Rare (1) | cost = (4 x 800) + (1 x 400) = 3,600 Col Salvage = (3 x 500) + (1 x 250) = 1,750 Col Requesting 1,750 Col Refund. Paid 3,600 Col instead of Net difference.
  9. This was the first time Nicklaus was attempting this appraisal thing for the first time. He had just collected his hard earn rewards from fishing and would attempt to identify the items that he had collected for the first time. He was hoping that this would be good enough as he can finally upgrade his item and armour after today. It would allow him to grow stronger and feel a lot more confident before he started to appraise the list of items that her younger sister, Rebekah had sent him. He did not want to mess up just yet so he wanted to do his first.
  10. Now that he finally gotten what he had came out here for, it was time to pack and leave. Rebekah had asked him for help while she was doing the dishes. He happily obliged and got to work. After all, all he had been doing was sitting on a comfortable chair and sat there to fish all day long. He had done nothing useful yet, and it would be time to help her sister out so they could finally leave. He was excited to go identify the equipment that he had found, and it would also be time for him to return indoors back to someplace a lot warmer. He had enough of the cold for today. While that was
  11. His younger sister wanted a promise that he will try to stay safe. He knew that she had essentially manipulated this conversation into forcing a promise out of him. However, he had no other alternatives that he can say right now. He had to agree. Nicklaus responded, "Yes, I will promise you I will try to stay safe." He knew just as well as anyone it was impossible to stay safe in this game, however, what he could do is not get himself into tricky situations that he would have no way of getting out of. That was for sure. After he responded, Rebekah decided not to force him to say anything
  12. That was something he had not considered. Yes, he had always did things without thinking about the full consequences, but it never really hit home how family members would be worried about that. That was a true point. He suppose her sister just wanted to see him safely reach level thirty two before he started picking fights with others. This was her way of keeping her eye on himself. While he did not need anyone to babysit him, he knew that this gave Rebekah some peace of mind. Besides, he knew that if he could gain some important and valuable lessons from her younger sister, he would listen.
  13. Nicklaus was surprised to find out that he had already found two treasure chest, containing a total of eight items to identify. Today was definitely going well, he knew that he would need to continue to get better at fishing, he would eventually find more and better items. Currently, all of his items that he had found are tier 2 which is a lot stronger than what he had at the moment. He would be very happy to trade it in and switch to a stronger and better equipment. Now, all he needed was either another trinket or a defensive item such as armour or shields. That would help him a lot in his ab
  14. As the campsite came to life, Nicklaus knew that it was his job to continue to fish. He was looking to try to reach level two by the end of the trip. He also knew that he was not very useful in these settings. The least he could do was to make sure they had enough food to survive for the trip. He passed the fish that he had caught to Rebekah who would then cook them out here in the cold. He was wondering what type of food her sister would make. He knew he wanted something warm out here on the fourth floor. It was just the type of thing that would make the time go pass by a lot easier. Whi
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