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  1. There was a moment of silence between the two as the player considered her next actions. Prior to coming to this quest, she had heard that the blacksmith was...well, brash. Those rumors had been right. Knowing that the blacksmith treated all the players the same made remaining still and nodding possible. She was not special. It was just how he was programmed. Nothing could be done. "Understood. I'll be back soon then." Without so much as another thought the purple haired players swiveled around and walked out. There was also nothing that said she had to stand there and take it
  2. That morning, the alarm that had been set for 8:00AM rang throughout the small room at the local Inn. Instantly lilac orbs opened and stared at the blank ceiling above. In the real world, Reyna was not much of a morning person; however, in SAO that had changed. No matter how much she tried to sleep in if an alarm was set the system would automatically wake up a player. It was useful, but also annoying. Although today the alarm was set for a reason. Today would be the day that Reyna took on the second quest in the series of starter quest. The previous day she had spoken with the Alchemist and r
  3. As a screech reverberated through the cavern Reyna's body moved before her brain could even process what was happening. One second, she was standing next to the young girl, and then the next virtual arms wrapped around the shoulders of the child, pulling her as close as possible. There was a dull sense of recognition as the sound of wings swiping the air thundered toward the duo. The child, in response, curled into the protective embraced as sobs started to escape from the small mouth. Gently, the older girl cooed, trying to quiet the sobs that seemed to draw all attention to them. Wi
  4. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to get a thread closed? Thanks in advance. :)

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      The tutorial should have you covered, scroll down a little bit to the 'Thread Summary' section: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20522-31-sao-rpg-site-guide-rules/#ThreadAnatomy

      The easiest way to submit a thread for approval is via the Discord #approvals channel, but the tutorial states that you can private message a Player Support Team member on-site for the same purpose.

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      @Them I totally missed that section. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. :)

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  5. Quest Rewards: Word Count: 4,478 / 10 = 447 * 1 * 1 = 447 897 Experience Points | 447 [Thread Progession] + 450 [Quest] 900 | 400 [Thread Progession] + 500 [Quest] Col 5 materials An Assortment of Potions: (5) T1 Uncommon Health Potions: Heals 5% of Maximum HP. (1) T1 Uncommon Damage Potion: +1 DMG for an entire thread. (1) T1 Uncommon Overhealth Potion: Adds 5% of Maximum HP to users Maximum HP for a thread. (1) T1 Health Potion, quality is based on Crafting Results [Perfect Quality]. Unlock <&
  6. "Right," Reyna murmured, turning her attention back to the hammer and chisel, "Feel the chisel pierce the rock." There was a moment where Reyna just stared at to see if he would say anything else. No other words passed the paper-thin lips. What she was feeling was stupid. How the heck did someone imagine that? Breathing in through her nose, and then out through her mouth, she tried to envision in her mind’s eye the solid metal of the tool breaking through the rock. This time when she stuck the rock a window appeared in front of her. The message, <<Player has acquired new item: rock
  7. Without another word the older NPC led the way to the back of the shop while holding the items. He laid out the materials on a thick wooden table in the center of the room; then gestured the player over. With practiced motions wrinkled hands picked up the stone and placed it in front of Reyna. "There is a tool to the right that is a hammer and chisel. Pick that up and start to use it on the rock." Following his directions, the hammer and chisel were located. With unsteady hands she placed the chisel over the rock then brought the hammer down on it. Nothing happened. Blinking rapidly, she glanc
  8. The Town of Beginnings was no more busy than usual. Players of all types decorated the street doing daily tasks or relaxing. As Reyna strolled, her eyes lingered on the groups of players as they chatted and laughed. Desire for the same interactions bubbled up but they were swiftly pushed down. For now, she needed to focus on her goal. There was some hope that along the way connections with others would come as well. Several minutes later a familiar door came into sight. Pushing open the shop door it opened into a large room with potions decorating the walls. The Alchemist was nowhere to
  9. Continuing to meander back towards town the lavender haired player decided to find the final material while intentionally heading back to the Alchemy shop. Lips pursed; a focused gaze scanned the grassy plains for something to pick up. Even as the wind gently brushed past the green stems there appeared to be nothing of interest. Slowing right outside the gate into town a broader scan was made. Then lilac orbs landed on the side of the town wall. Bright, earthy evergreen moss was crawling up the side of the cities wall. Approaching the wall, a beige hand reached out to entangle long nail
  10. It was never the plan to get distracted, but on a quest like this it was difficult to stay focused. Especially by oneself. Without someone to engage with it allowed the mind to turn inward. If she was being honest with herself, the choices she had decided to make did not bring forth feelings of pride or comfort. Instead, they summoned waves of regret and guilt. The first several nights after discovering she was captive in this game had been rough. The female player had found an Inn and locked herself in one of the various rooms. Those days were full of tears and nightmares. After so long
  11. Allowing a narrowed gaze to drift up from the ground it rose until it hit the sky. Well, not a real sky, but the bottom of the floor above. Just the thought of the other floors made her smile. After all, she had ventured to the one of the upper floors for the spear that had been gripped in her right hand. It had taken a long time to decide what weapon to even use. A sword would have been fun, but something about the polearm called to her. Perhaps it was its ability to be distant, but Reyna also wanted to be useful in close quarter combat as well. She had heard of a quest on one of the upper fl
  12. "What else is there besides rocks and flowers?" Reyna muttered to the emptiness. So far, the young women had collected two rocks and a flower. After doing a quick scan of the surrounding area all Reyna found was more rocks and flowers. It was rather boring, but at least it would get the quest done sooner rather than later. Cheese tart on the brain her gaze bore down at the land beneath the purple traditional sandals. There! Bending over to pick of another flower she brought the plant up so that the system would focus on it. It was nothing special. Just a regular, red flower with five wid
  13. Another glance in the corner of screen informed her that it was now 12:05 in the afternoon. Sighing to herself, she placed a hand on her stomach as she imagined audible grumbling that was not taking place. While Reyna had eaten that morning before leaving on this quest that had been several hours ago. Now, the lavender themed player was regretting not buy an extra cheese tart from the bakery called Tartify. The thought of the creamy, broiled cream cheese made her sigh longingly. Perhaps, after this quest was complete, she could enjoy one of the cheese tarts. There was something else abou
  14. The thought that a guild would ask her to join their ranks crossed her mind, and it made Reyna laugh a little. She was a nobody to the guilds around here. Just a low-level player who dreamed of making it to the front ranks – but that didn’t always have to be the case. Reyna reassured herself that hard work and determination would help build up her level, and then ultimately increase her HP. One day even she could make it to the front line. But that was a long way off. For now, it was safer to focus on the present and live to see the next minute. Then, hopefully, the next day. The res
  15. With each step the Town of Beginnings was getting closer into view. From the outside, the town appeared to be rather large and impenetrable with its' fortress like walls. Which made sense if one really thought about. It was a safe haven. A place where players could go and not risk the ultimate price of the game. And it was not a bad place to live. Since it was a beginner friendly town the wears and inns were decently priced. That had been a major help when it came to surviving on the first floor. The only real downside was that it was home to the Liberation Army. There was usually
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