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  1. Children wander They get lost and soon enough the forest devours them or was it the forest? Perhaps something... someone out there Will there be someone to stop this? or will they also be a fine addition to the collection? The mire of Floor 18 was always unpleasant to the less adventurous players of Aincrad, no one can blame them, not even [censored]. This also rings true to its inhabitants, be it Eriwald or Serpent's Pitch. Aside from the annoying to harsh nature of the floor, monsters also lurked on areas where one wanders aimlessly. One wrong turn can cost a player
  2. "I'm much rather concern of seeing a rat act almost that good-" Crozeph chimed in out of nowhere, appearing from behind a wall and slumping on the floor as if he was tired of exploring Ariel's place "and it's living under or near a settlement, that's something no creatures lurking or prowling outside a settlement can do" he told them. The bazaar, children who were too cautious, the talks of infestation, and the nobles not liking him. Well that last part was clearly a Crozeph thing and he didn't want to bring that up, after all, he insulted a noble who was a bit more scrawny than him. He r
  3. Crozeph took in all the sweets he stuff in his face. Surely the girl was not in the mood for something fushe wanted to blow off some steam "manners maketh a lady" he uttered as he pulled his coat in and made his edgy katana was strapped nice and easy on his waist. "Whether it's worth it or not, one only knows if it is based on the destination and this grove has one hell of a Trojan war going on whenever players jump in to do some quest" he told her as he continued to munch on some bunny shaped candies. He followed behind Dazia, Making sure the rear isn't as defenseless as how Emiya Shiro
  4. Surprisingly, the place was easy to find, maybe it was because Yuki's house is nearby and he has been going in and out of the manor hoping to run into her because he thinks that the reason he can't see her is because he isn't in the house when she is, a little bit of twisted logic but Crozeph isn't pushed to use his brain cells... yet. He arrived in front the meeting place, quite an exquisite design for him with peasant tastes. "You gotta hand it to the lioness, she knows how to make it impressive, not too flashy but definitely elegant" he thought and it seems that there are two persons
  5. "Cro... visit... remembered... Treants" A treant muttered. It was quite coherent but the long pauses took a lot of time just to greet him. Crozeph was back in the lower floor, after visiting the house of his soon to be wife, defeating a rat, and before that he was training himself. This must be one of the best way to unwind... rest on the branches with treants passing by. "Don't mind me, I suggest you take a good rest, seems like your throats need it" he told them as he continued to rest on a thick branch. The light from a good weather setting that Aincrad gave was nice, the trees bl
  6. Custom Skill Bloody Slaughter [Passive] Cost: 15 SP Effect: for every 4 mobs killed, Crozeph gains [+1 base damage], [+50 max HP]. This effect can be stacked 5 times for a total of +5 base damage, +200 max HP. Healing will be 50% less effective, be it skill or consumable. Requirement for Bloody Slaughter Must be loot minimum to add the kill counter Can only equip [Cloth Armor] Grandmaster weapon skill Description: Crozeph's weird appetite took a dark turn as he tried to pursue an improvement f
  7. "The rat attack a precious homie" Crozeph wasn't really doing good right now. despite landing a good deal of damage earlier, it seems the rat has it's own way of ensuring survival but with these bunch? the rat should've prepared more. As Night moved back when the enemy jumped, Crozeph dashed past her and tried to land a downward strike... mid-air. He wasn't good at aerial moves, he kept both his feet planted on the the gound with every attack... but that was back then. His weapon spun around as he tries to iflict cuts against the rat, no balance to think about, just try to deal damage. It
  8. tch... how unpleasant. He muttered under his breath as the giant rat moved past the other players and attacked him. If this fight was before the reset that Shadow did he would've been fine but now he's more fragile without a tank and Shadow's dredges of power is Crozeph's bitch. Ariel had warned him to look out but it seems his lack of evasion backfired more than he expected. Fortunately the people who are with him made sure it won't happen twice, that would be shame on them. "I got some mass heals so I can at least..." as he was replying to Hirru, Baldur had already given him suppo
  9. What a nice line-up of players, It was something that Crozeph wasn't expecting but will it be enough to defeat that thing that is standing between them? a rat holding a weapon and a name on its head "Telicomys? I was expecting something like Stuart or Ratatouille but..." as he saw two players move forward, Crozeph unsheathe his katana and joined them. "We can't burn it more" he thought as he saw Night's DoT weapon having less duration. For a moment he thought of using Skadi to freeze the rat in place, these creatures are quite nimble in their normal size but that doesn't mean this one wou
  10. RP 198921 2 4 2 7 Crozeph Loot | Frost Shaman 198920 3 1 17 6 Crozeph Mob | Eskimo Warrior #2 > Crozeph 198919 3 5 13 8 Crozeph Mob | Eskimo Warrior #1 > Crozeph 198918 7 9 7
  11. "Crow, up top," It was the first thing heard as he and the group made their way to the coordinates that Night sent on him or them. Finally, they've got a grasp of where the room is and what's more got something for him. "Oh shit!" he quickly grabbed the item Night has thrown at him. He wasn't a good catcher, his nimble feet is his doom. He was rather good at moving around anywhere and that makes some things thrown at him nearly escape his grasp. This one however he caught it and it was food, some kind of dessert she bought or brought but from where? All that Crozeph could see was an
  12. ♪ Chase OST ♪ The heavy sound of footsteps that the guards made was enough for Crozeph to know that they are nearby, he has angered one of the nobles and it warranted an arrest from the guards of Ladonia. It didn't really bother him, he knew he was at least above average in terms of handling them but he wasn't in Ladonia to test the limits of his fisticuffs with the nobles and guards, he was here to help with the labyrinth or whatever they will be fighting if they ever found a dungeon or a room. He leaned back on a wall in an alley, The footsteps and grumbling of the guards still l
  13. One of the eskimo moved an inch and that was all that he needed. The shaman's eyes widened, he wasn't fast nor did he make a huge leap. They only saw him move at least 3 steps forward and then all of a sudden the shaman's neck was within the reach of his katana. Everything felt like in slow motion, with the shaman trying to cast a spell for counter attack and its henchmen aiming at Crozeph's sides. The raven-haired samurai however is already at an advantage. Crozeph thrust his katana forward, piercing the neck of the shaman. It was almost a solid first blood but the spell was already cas
  14. "To believe that one lacks restraint is cruel way to create a prison, a person can never know something until the feeling or the sight arrives" Elevated terrain, just what Crozeph was expecting. He slowly unsheathe his katana and pointed it forward, three enemies and they seem to not like his presence. "A shaman of some sort and a few underlings, this is going to be bad." He kept his eyes on them, it seems that both sides are waiting for the first blood and Crozeph is sure that they'll be the first to draw it. The shaman began growling, face hidden beneath its cloak filled of runic
  15. "A stalemate, it would seem that he unknowingly ends it like that" the old man said, his niece sitting beside him as they both enjoy eating the mochi she brought in his house "then if he continues..." the girl gave a worried look, it was her who dragged him in the dojo, out of good intention to give her friend a bit of a healthy habit. "It's as you think it is, he would never move up his current rank. I myself is impressed but I also don't want to be unfair," he told her. "But remember this my dear niece, when the time comes that he can no longer ignore that other side of his quietness.
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