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  1. Back in business No time to waste, no time to die, and die another day. Crozeph lunged forward, straight from being face down on the ground and then up to running towards Wushen. "I love the smell of stew in the morning!" he yelled. A rage fit of survival or annoyance, a little bit of both, maybe more about the annoyance. He wanted to end the battle, getting it dragged on because of his energy losing is really bad for his mental health. Ereshkigal's sharp edge grated at the scales of the dragon, eager to sink in but it seems now is still not the time. ID: 218263 BD
  2. Just one more push He thought. Things went out of hand this time when it comes to their team's flow of battle. Good thing Koga still had enough to go on. There was no feeling of fatigue or aching bones. None of that exists in the game as a way to keep players safe from torture... maybe. Crozeph fell face down on the ground, he wanted to gather what little energy he had to unleash one more attack but he also wanted it to go further. Dirt on his face, palms not sweaty, maybe arms are heavy... Yuki's spaghetti. wait... It was the thought of her, the meaning of why he does this
  3. "It fucking persists!" Cro yelled, a very rare reaction to any battle he's in. It must've been the heat or the realization that he might not be the pogchamp anymore. or maybe, it's because he's almost out of energy He didn't like this blunder, no one does. He ran, strafed, lunged not to his heart's content but to his mind's annoyance. The monster must die or else Wushen would be always giving them the maze runner treatment. Three slashes, all coming at once. Eager to reach the brimstone monster and put it down, like what a feral and undisciplined pet deserves. Three slash
  4. As Dazia continued with her intricate plan, Crozeph was already slumped on the ground and pulling out tiny weeds. He wasn't the type to reveal what he plans and he also, as much of a scumbag he is, overlaps his plan with others. Of course this has greatly benefited Jacob's Ladder and his fiance but will it work on Dazia? he doesn't care. "Elven borders? something stupid?" His ears picked up something of a good idea. Crozeph did sucker punched Elves who had superiority complex, he helped the Elves who got gang banged by goblins but in the Elven borders? He grinned at the thought
  5. Busy, busy, busy He couldn't even take his eyes for moment and try to eat something. Not that he was hungry but because he simply wanted to. Gone are the days where he is so uptight and edgy, reminiscent of Plini, and he hates the ever growing pressure the boss gives. definitely living up to its purpose He eased himself into a shin-no-kamae and set his eyes on the new elemental "The fuck you doing here Morphling, this is not the mid lane ." Less then a few seconds, he lunged. Ereshkigal once again hummed its eagerness to cut and yet the circumstances of its full potential
  6. He caught the item Night handed him as he ran. the field shifted into something troublesome yet again. "Ah, yes the coward move" he muttered. "I'll keep that in mind" he told @NIGHTas he began his charge towards a different target. An annoying addition of damage Crozeph was starting to get irked by shifting to another enemy to attack but that's just the way it is for now. He can also see his energy slowly depleting, he seem to consume way more than he thinks. This blunder has been apparent to him landing heavy blows yet leaving the enemy almost unfazed. He followed what Baldur has be
  7. Fucking direct current Crozeph felt almost sluggish, a sudden discharge was enough to actually make them halt, Wushen gaining control of the pace. Crozeph punched his left wrist and then his face "nothing to be afraid of" he muttered. Koga used an item and it restored some of their health, he knew he can count on him and Night when it comes to these kind of situations. him? he was simply like Job's Satan Once again he dashed forward, a good distance away from his teammates. The other teams weren't doing so well, one team got the rotisserie treatment. "Let's put some more effort
  8. "Uoooooooooogh!" Crozeph felt an aura envelope him like a lumpia wrapper and gave him a bump in his energy "now that's like-" he returned to his fight stance and dashed forward, Wushen towering over them. The appearance of health bars was a good sign but he wasn't sure if it is a good sign in the long run. In his experience with games, a boss health bar moving back up is a huge pain in the ass. A huge monster who is indifferent to them is nothing of a threat for him but a monster that heals itself is like a glass of water, manageable at first but will start to be a burden too much t
  9. "Sir I am afraid of heights" he told @Koga jokingly before the swordsman tossed him up higher. He wasn't sure what Koga was up to but Wushen attacked again while he was up in the air. It didn't seem to faze the tanks, the dragon too remains unfazed. It was weird for him, getting the moustache pulled hurts like hell but the boss didn't even give a sign of wincing when he tried to cut one of the whiskers off. This was a good opportunity though. Koga just did what Colossus does to Wolverine during simulation training in the mediocre X-Men movies. He raised his sword, ready to do one good dow
  10. Crozeph landed on his feet but at the same time the dragon already attacked the tanks. It gnawed on Freyd, tried to crush Nari, and flicked Night away with its tail. The damage may not be enough to scare them but Crozeph had to take the chance right now. less thinking, Baldur has already given him one tip "don't waste attacks with unnecessary moves. He quickly positioned himself to a sha-no-kamae and launched forward. He tried to run up to Wushen's orbs, hit one and at least deal an attack to its eyes. The gigantic body of the boss would tire anyone out who underestimates its size but no
  11. All the way... the blade is now fully unsheathed. Crozeph need not to keep Ereshkigal waiting, he lowered his leg and made a ko-gasumi no kamae, some kind of ninja stance he practiced somewhere in Tartarus. The sword was starting to rattle as Crozeph fixated his eyes on Wushen "do you grant wishes?" he muttered. Crozeph darted, it was fast enough that he who was behind the group was quick to reach Wushen. He went past Hidden who may have tried to slink back to the shadows and then Koga, saying something about ass and riding... curious. Ereshkigal fully enveloped his arm, never lettin
  12. Numbers ever so increasing Crozeph took another look at them. No one knows if their number is enough to win this one. He wasn't expecting an easy fight, like how codes are bound not to work at first try. He took one good look at himself too, not even a piece of hard armor. It was his intent, he had the enhancements needed to be what his role is in the battlefield, a glass cannon, an oslo paper version of Noah's ark, a milk carton atomic bomb. He then proceeded to grab the mass healing crystals from Night. There was no need to ask her what the items are for, too dumb to ask for it. Hidden
  13. "It's good that you all know each other" he thought as he ate the consumables Night had laid down for the players. It would be best if he kept interaction to a minimum. Sometimes he finds it hard to answer question from others who want to catch up. He has been drifting all over Aincrad with no purpose aside from keeping Night's Watch afloat and cleaning Mikoto no Souen. Still no chance of him meeting Yuki, "she's just really busy" is what Cro tells himself. He waved at @Hirru, a good companion but him and Crozeph won't be on the same team. "It's fine, all is well" he told himself. No sign o
  14. Purchasing the following items: Teleport Crystal x2 = 1600 col Dimensional Backpack x1 = 5000 Blank Dungeon Map T3 x1 = 300 Total --------------------- 6,900 col
  15. "A cycle maybe" he muttered. Elements were usually believed back then too flow as a cycle in some culture. It was what he learned too in his dumbass days in college. it all starts with something raw and ends into nothing. Crozeph wasn't a fan of this kind of thinking but he preferred to keep his inner voices in check when it comes to this. There have been a lot of ideas being laid down in the meeting, he has to come up with something that may cater to the final set-up once this meeting wraps up. He nodded at BIstro at the mention of the manpower and agreed, quite shorthanded sometimes. "E
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