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  1. Hirru gave the signal and it was time for Crozeph to move. Two enemies, looking like they needed some help to shave off the bulk they have on their body. Crozeph wasn't fond of creatures like them. He'd want tear flesh from mobs and sentinels seemed to offer less of those. He dashed, watching as Kani and Night landed their attacks, Hirru has also provided a buff for them and Crozeph will need it later on. Ereshkigal was already unsheathed and what the katana need was something to bite on. Naru kicked her scythe when she attacked while Night had an exchange with one of the golem. "Goo
  2. Stakes stained by blood jutted out constantly from the walls, floors and ceiling. Crozeph was dodging well and his katana was wrapping any portion of his body from unavoidable attacks by moving continuously. "Why that weapon of yours is troublesome, it does give off a familiar feel as if it was remnants of one like us" she told Crozeph. "One of them? so the lore of this weapon somehow coincides with theirs." Things turned for the worse with him separated from his teammate but with how a portion of the black liquid managed to latch on to Koga before he was sucked into another dimension which ca
  3. "Quite an uneasy group" Crozeph thought. despite the players knowing each other with the exception of him not knowing Nari, Crozeph shrugged it off. A long time of not meeting each other can add a toll to the ice, what they need is not an ice breaker but an iceberg destroyer or so he thought. Night's reply was more than enough, Cro needed a few info but she didn't seem like the right person to pry more at the moment. "Well no use thinking more about it now that we've done our own scouting group. Let's just hope we do better if they didn't" he told him. Hirru had done the briefing before
  4. Crunch of food, he chewed so loudly but not loud enough to be rude. It must've been the low noise of the area that made his bite louder than usual. He looked at them, he knew who they were except the girl clinging like a koala at Night. The swordsman who seem to usually be quiet seemed different. Whether it was Crozeph's observant nature kicking in at the wrong place and time or Night was too obvious with how she felt, he knew something was up; just not a specific what's up. "Nari? like that fake crab substitute? oh nevermind-" he took a bite finishing off another snack from Hirru "it's k
  5. For many people, the thought of scouting is a scary concept. The boss room is needed to be found, minions scurrying everywhere, and dangers jump out of the dark like in south Detroit. One must be prepared for the worst and be prepared with the group. Teamwork is needed to succeed by watching each other's back. If there ever was a wall to move back, it's a comrade's back. Victory may seem far but it is always there, the group must act as if they have Excalibur, the sword of promised victory. None of those matter at the moment for a certain guy, the resident trash panda of Jacob's La
  6. "You enter my mansion, accuse me of these missing children, agitate me with your nonsense, and try to end us here-" the walls and floor continues to to distort "right inside my mansion, such insolence" she uttered with disdain yet she wasn't there. Crozeph looked down on the floor, eyes brimming with intent unknown. He and Koga was separate, what's worse was he was followed by a woman three times his size. He sighed, "what could possibly go wrong?" wasn't the right question. "How worse can this get?" he uttered. He drew his katana quick, blade lowered, eyes dead serious as a woman walk
  7. There was a rumbling sound and it was undeniable. Crozeph easily ticked off the enemy along with Koga, not what he planned... not like he had one really." Crozeph tried to draw his katana but it seems the witch has them both frozen "In this place I am the queen, you do my bidding and now I want you to kneel for my daughters and be..." "Be naked?" Crozeph blurted out as he struggles to unsheathed his katana. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SENSELESS RAMBLINGS MORTAL! IT IS STARTING UNNECESSARILY AGITATE ME!" The woman had the fury enough to drive fleets away but for Crozeph, hopefully t
  8. Crozeph sat near a counter and watched as she prepared the food. He was not used to having someone make food for him except Yuki and for some reason he does miss her more as he saw the guild mate prepare food for him "I have no recollection if I won or not, rarely keep track of what col I have" he told her. It was quite a battle though, she fought a half naked Calrex as if it was nothing. "I am Crozeph, one of Baldur's student and a member of the guild too, I tend to disappear a lot from this place but it's good that I'm here while the others are also here too." He thanked her at th
  9. He sat beside the table, looking like a kid waiting for what the chef has to offer. It's been a while since he had something that Yuki made, Shirogane can't even hold a candle to Yuki when it comes to cooking. He heard her say things about burden and sharing it, he knew what she wanted to say but sometimes there are things that can't be done skillfully like cooking or using a katana. "We'll get used to seeking each other out for greater burdens, I know you're strong enough to hold your own against many things. You don't have to sweat it, if you need me I'll just be where you left me, here in o
  10. A dungeon? thankfully it's not a high level one? Crozeph knew she was near invincible but it felt like he was missing out on doing something boyfriend-ish like protecting or helping her "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you" he told her. There are times where Yuki was an arrow let loose, you can only watch it fly and pierce through anything before it stops. She was like that, he knew what he got himself into, he wanted to see her like that. He wasn't that strong to keep up but he would always watch. Enough of those deep thoughts for now, as Yuki pulled him in with her inside the house, Croze
  11. The contents were about to be consumed, Crozeph was less picky about what to eat. He lived off what is edible in his point of view in his time in Yomi before Baldur pulled him out of his hole and Yuki giving him the best meals he can have.Speaking of his wife, Crozeph needed to know a few stuff from Baldur and he was about to gobble the contents that seemed like black pepper, the woman made sure he was found out, lighting the kitchen and all that stuff. Crozeph stared as he, munching on a raw potato. He was too lazy too cook and he was hungry after sleeping in Baldur's estate in his designated
  12. "They probably think I'm still sleeping somewhere" he thought. Crozeph has been rummaging in the kitchen. A long time of having no one to cook for him, someone like Yuki, made him try to cook for himself or at least learn something to cook just in case he finds her or she comes back... but when. Now cooking would be easy, if he wasn't biting off every ingredient he finds. After the battle with Shadow, he has been trying to actually do something worthwhile with his katana. He wasn't getting overwhelmed by how wild it was but it sure is like wrecking shit. If you try to slice a tomato with
  13. Something is flying towards them, and Crozeph just found out Hirru's barrier isn't that effective on defending for themselves. "I guess we just have to do this the shounen way" he uttered. Crozeph launched himself up, eyes on the bogey and in an quick glance, he unsheathed his katana, a long streak of amorphous liquid came out and latched on the cannonball and Crozeph sliced it in half followed by the black liquid to throw it off two different directions. The wind was the real villain, Crozeph got slammed down to the deck as soon as he managed to deflect one projectile. He got back
  14. The woman gave a soft laugh as Koga asked for recipes and how she built her home, Crozeph looked more of a dumbfuck to her. However the raven-haired player's eyes tell of something different and so is his companion asking for recipes "I could give you tips on how to make an extravagant. "No matter how I tell myself this Crozeph is a simpleton, his eyes have been looking at everything" she thought. Crozeph's hand was still at the hilt of his katana. "First off, I didn't build this place alone, I had the help of my beautiful daughters. Crozeph was intrigued yet it was understandable, the ga
  15. "Definitely not the fun version, we just have to make sure the one not having fun is her" "I am surprised to see guests that are older, I have my fair share of children ruining my beautiful yard and its bountiful fruits" the woman told them. Crozeph gently elbowed Koga who was picking caramel apples clear as day before she came out. "Ahaha no we're not here to ruin your yard, Koga is more than happy to keep his hands off your ample fruits" it took him a few seconds before he realized something "that sounded wrong a little bit" he looked around him and saw what Koga laid his eyes upon. A p
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