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  1. "Ah that one, paragon levels" he told them both "I'm guessing it's a way for that asshat Cardinal to create threats equal to all, like a nerf or something. Some players are progressing so fast they can actually shrug off any threat from floor 20 and below. Cardinal might've seen that as a problem in the future and decided to "nerf" it a bit." Crozeph saw it, his level got changed but there was another level shown beside it. Some perks where available and he got freebies but that's it, the health points are what gave him a concern. "It could pose a threat for glass cannons like me having l
  2. Crozeph wiped his lips with the sleeve of his shirt, and saw that the two has already decided to know things, they were a bit off the mark though. He knew things since he woke up in Tartarus but it would be too much to think that it was more than what the two knows. He tipped his glasses and stared at his cup "what do we call ourselves? maybe something weird like weirdos of Yomi or something" he told Shirogane. "First thing to tell you both, I don't know much" he told them. It wasn't a nice start for a conversation but Crozeph figured a few things out during his escape from Tartarus to fi
  3. There are many questions that needed answering but Crozeph wasn't sure if Tartarus was the right place to go into deep thoughts about what happened. His only recollection was hitting Shadow who was close to death only to find it impossible to kill him without handling the small fry mobs that are still alive. He wanted to get the last hit but somehow failed yet he still got "an edgy katana on it's rebellious emo phase" he uttered. Sure it was powerful but Crozeph needed to control how it affects his attacks, aesthetic or not. He turned around and tried to see if some warden was following
  4. Crozeph walked back to his table and slowly poured tea on his cup "now that we're all here, we could try to do things together when it comes to looting mobs, finding rumors, or simply hanging out somewh-" he raised his cup, ready to partake of the bland tea he takes pride in making when he felt something soft touch the bck of his head. One would say it was bliss, feeling that soft part without even asking for it. If you are not Crozeph then yes but... as soon as he felt it, the body weight of the girl added unnecessary force. Sure it was her thigh but she literally dashed forward as she
  5. "I'm telling you Corezeph! we found him, he was surrounded by faes!" "She's right, how hard can it be to believe us mister" Two girls who are basically twins told him, the one with the darker hair acting all tsundere while the one with a teal green hair kept slapping the kotatsu to get her point across. "If that's the case then maybe he's dead" he told them. The girl with the darker hair then gave him a smug look "fortunately we were able to pull him out of there, you should thank us" she told him. The raven-black haired player nodded his head "thank you" he uttered. The girl pouted and
  6. The hallways got silent, the only thing one would hear was the sound of rats running in the crevices or the occasional grunts of weak mobs lurking in the dark. Crozeph slowly slid his katana back to its sheathe as after the defeat of the last spear wielder. There are several questions and he was sure that he can get answers as soon as he get his ass out of prison. "Two more floors below and I'll see an exit" he thought. He knew the place enough to see his way out, the method was weird but it sure was effective for people like him who sucks at reading maps even with the cursor pointing hi
  7. AAAArrrrrrghhh! The lancer roared again, its eyes filled with anger enough to power at least three car batteries. Crozeph couldn't give a damn though, his katana is raring to go at it again. "The remnants of Shadow's power, now at the player's fingertips" he uttered as if it was a really tragic yet ominous story "well I'm holding it with my hand not my fingertips so I guess that's different." The lancer charged forward, his spear that looked like it was filled to the brim with tetanus is aimed at Crozeph's head and then his neck. He lowered his katana and once again it oozed out shad
  8. A-Are you the one who took the quest to slay the Iron Guardian?" a villager asked him. Perhaps it may not be the best time to ask such simple question, he was not in the mood nor was he going to be grumpy to someone asking a very simple inquiry "yes, I mistakenly took it" he replied. Eyes began darting towards him as if he mentioned something about stealing wives. "Good sir-" the hooded figure who asked earlier bowed his head as the guy with raven-black hair said yes "you have done me a great favor, would it be too much to tell you of what peril you will face in there?" he added. The guy
  9. Sure enough there was no pain, Cardinal has long been keeping it PG-13 for the masses but Crozeph knew there was a different kind of pain to be felt... the pain of having an armor that is weak on facing two mobs. Lancer quickly moved in, eager to tear a set of new holes to Crozeph "never forgetti, lancers have E luck" Crozeph told him as the lancer exchange blows with Crozeph which the player shrugs off with deflects for now. The nobushi thought it would be a great opportunity to slice at his back with her naginata. She lunged forward, naginata lowered and ready for an upward attack but
  10. After the long journey, Crozeph found himself inside a shop. It looked like it was ran by Asgard and it looked nice because Marvel wasn't messing around with their lore. He saw the others grab the rewards they wanted for themselves, even Baldur was there to grab some Asgard refinery. "Should I have one of those?" he thought but what would it be of use to him? he was never the guy for doing something on his equipment by testing the fate of rng on it. "I'll take one trinket" he told the shop NPC "something that could help me with my vision, that'll come in handy someday" he added. The NPC
  11. Two spear wielders, one holding the western looking halberd and the other a guard that holds a naginata. "Oh great, something to actually inflict pain with range" he thought as he unsheathed the katana again. He is aware how terrible his armor is, the opponents he's facing right now would also be much more dangerous with the reach oftheir weapons "a weapon for thrusting against one for slicing?" The three charged at each other, Crozeph quickly accessed one AoE attack from the system and plunged his katana on the ground. Shadow-like tendrils sprouted and struck the Nobushi but the Lancer
  12. The crashing of a bunk bed scattered rodents in another floor below. Their red eyes cowering as the rusty bed bent as if it was a pretzel. The place was still as lively as a prison yet its denizens aren't really the human-friendly type. From somewhere the Banshee's scream would emanate on a random hallway. Jail cells that are completely consumed by darkness had groups of mobs gathered inside, and the sound of grating steel on the floor or pounding in the walls are what one would hear right now. Then there's this idiot trying to find his way out of Tartarus... Crozeph was the one who
  13. The weaker mobs ran away as they saw what happened to the prison guard, maybe it was expected since the prison guard is considered on the high place of the food chain but Crozeph wasn't sure that was possible. "Edgy" he uttered, continuously inspecting the features of the katana. This is the first time he also used a weapon with a fallen enhancement, he knew he had one from Night but he never got the chance to use it. "All black, can be easily concealed in the shadows, and has quite a destructive way of manifesting the enhancement" he wasn't sure also if it was safe to wield. It's not lik
  14. So close yet it feels like they are losing time as the battle drew nearer. Crozeph liked the idea of just pounding it in continuously, less thinking for now because that's something Baldur can do like having ten tabs in his browser and still have time to chop firewood. Things could be faster if Yuki wasn't getting held back, her thorns can easily whittle Fenrir's health quick but no use complaining, continue fighting. Moving past Hidden as she lands another exorcism strike to the beast, Crozeph took the chance to chip his his damage while the light tries to swallow everything unholy
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