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  1. placeholder ID: 192763 BD: 3+6=9 CD: 2 Crozeph dealt 21 x 11 = 231 - 50 = 181 damage to Hel Hel is [stunned] [3] Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 104/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped [1] Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:117/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70 [2] Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1180/1180 | EN: 68/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1 [2] NIGHT | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 146/167 | ACC: 6 | DM
  2. Current Level: 58 Current SP: Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Regis Arma - Skadi Alter Item ID: obtained from quest Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Katana Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Burn/Freeze/ACC Description: A huntress trapped in Dun Scaith, she survived and emerged victorious earning the respect of its ruler, Scathach. A huntress carrying the cold and harsh winter with her yet a feroc
  3. Just a few more strike and all the soldiers will be free of Hel's chains. The party seems to take their sweet time doing it but some things are to be considered... the essentials that Night stated. He dashed forward, katana hidden from the sight of the goddess "this isn't even a challenge, we're just not in a hurry" he told her. Three of them had already struck the chains and Crozeph added one more, things can get pretty tedious if Hel's HP went up again. "You're not gonna be able to free them that way" he told Hidden. "This is how you do it" he raised his katana and a quick downward swi
  4. "Do I like her? no." "Do I admire her? yes." "Is she beautiful? yes." Crozeph answered Dazia's question after her short growl at him about her methods. "It's hard to deny her looks and skills, also why would I lie?" he added. Ariel was quite capable back when they went on their first quest together. Now she's a well-known person in the ranks of the Frontlines and Crozeph may not be family to her, he is proud of what the lioness has achieved. He gave her a reassuring smile "I'm sure you'll find new ways for that Dewy, maybe now is not the time for you to know about it" he told her
  5. Quite a clusterfuck, it's starting to really get messy around with the soldiersput into the equation for real this time. Crozeph wasn't feeling like he can add more to what current strategy they have and with that he decided to free a soldier, if his strength was enough to actually do the job. Crozeph moved as Hidden talked about another strategy. Baldur said they need to free the soldiers and Yuki already told them to do it while she tanks, just like clockwork. he took a leap and aimed his katana on one chain, slipping the blade inside it and tries to break them free. The force wasn't en
  6. Raid Loot roll ID: 187507 LD: 20 Reward Choice: SP Shadow’s Malevolence | Tier 4 Demonic Katana FALLEN | FALLEN | PHASE | ABS. ACC The final traces of Shadow, the Malevolent upon Aincrad. All of his horrific power lies at your fingertips.
  7. Crozeph burst out a short laughter and tried to hold it in only to fail and let out a laugh like he was some kind of puppy. "Ice? clear? pierces?" he laughed again that some people in the settlement began looking at them. "That was a good one Daza but..." Crozeph lifted his index finger and pointed it at Dazia "ice melts and shatters, it's only strong at extreme temperature so in the end if the place isn't favorable to your ice spear..." he poked her forehead lightly "you'll still lose." "Calm yourself and that will enable you to see your weakness and your enemy's weakness, even shady du
  8. "I can convince myself that I'm tired or sleepy too but that doesn't last long." Crozeph began taking steps with the intent of getting back at the settlement while at the same time protect Dazia from any danger "well Dozy, meikyo shisui is simply a state of being so calm like a still water, still enough to see your reflection clearly" he told her "and in that way you know where you're lacking and from there you can work out something good for yourself..." he thought hard for a second. "Well that was all I could learn from it after being scolded by a certain woman." He wanted things to be
  9. ♪Breathe, breathe in the air...♪ Crozeph was singing when Dazia struck the skull and the beast appeared. "I don't know who Galen is but he sounds like a bucket" he told her. Crozeph watched as Dazia tried to attack the Frost Beas with her weapon. A clear miss, no amount of snowfall can cover that blunder and Crozeph shook his head while his arms are crossed. "You gotta learn meikyo shisui, you hot-blooded shojo" Crozeph told her, the japanese influence resurfacing as he looks at the Frost Beast who is about to attack them. "A clear and calm mind will not fail, especially when-"
  10. Soot, lots of it and it's an inconvenience Crozeph was back here again, Floor Nine, a floor where he tried farming the phoenix feather like it can be puked out. It was also the place where he spent time with Yuki for the first time as party member for a quest. Reminiscing this memories was quite fun, he wasn't expecting to have a lot of fun times now. Ever since his guild hopping days ended, Crozeph spent his time being part of a guild, with Yuki, and even duel with Night. Now he's back to where a new chapter in his life started, not expecting anything, just the usual free roaming he's do
  11. What a storm, perhaps victory is still far away Crozeph ran as much as he can, there are only a few openings to hit Shadow and seeing the monster struggle to breath was his cue "time to end-" everything seemed to become too chaotic. The shackles are still binding Bahr, some kind of weird goo is flowing steadily to where he is, and he is to far away still to hit Shadow. "Damn it!" he muttered in frustration. Such opportunity was taken and he knew only one thing to if he can't cut down the boss, deal with the minions. He jumped forward, his katana aimed at the shadow horror in front
  12. "Retarded is slow, am I slow?" he asked her "that thing could've grazed you but you told me you can handle them soooo-" he turned his head and tried to remember where the skull was. The instructions of the quest was pretty clear to him until now, strike some skull or skull-faced thingy and a monster will show up. They kill it and Dazia will get the essence of steel she needs. Clearer than fresh water, Crozeph sheathed his katana and scratched his head "not gonna lie, I'm quite sleep-deprived this past few days, it can make someone who is used to sleeping outside restless with the comforts of a
  13. They were indeed ambushed and who's fault it is? no one knows. Crozeph saw that Night was still low on energy and Yuki won't be able to just shrug them all off easily. Clamped, dark, damp, and smells like a hundred bats just pooed on them. Crozeph dashed forward while Yuki ran to Night's aid after getting attacked by the weird looking golems. "Looks like we got blindsided for now but no biggie-" A golem swung its arms clumsily that it almost hit him. "Gotta dodge" he muttered, the boy swung his sword and aimed for any cracks on their body. Two of the golems received a good deal of da
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