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  1. A Quick Haunting for you. Hope everyone are/were on this site has been well as it has been a long time since I last visited. I'm happy to say I got Married! Good Luck on your future endeavors everyone.

    1. Helios


      congrats dom :) live a good life boss

    2. Oji


      DOM I MISS YOU (it's Hik)

    3. Macradon


      h0i Dom, I reminisce to the time I acted as your schizophrenia. Hope all is well.

  2. So I realized, many must not remember much of what I look like. SO I decided to give yall a free look at my set up (And cups my employee loves to make for me.) And myself I guess. P.S.: Working on Chapter 2 of Redemption of Lost Purpose. Be ready for that to drop.
  3. Chapter 1 Released

    1. Calrex


      Eternal circle of spinning Q_Q

    2. Baldur


      Just go look at his most recent posts :P

    3. Jomei
  4. Happy Gurfday pimps and players. You cannot stop the mighty warth of GURFFF!!!

    1. Oikawa



  5. This site makes me Kek.

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    2. Rain



    3. Kiru
    4. Calrex


      Lol *looks at cover photo*...

      Dom did you make that? If so my jealously level is too high! XD

  6. Hmmm...

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    2. Jomei
    3. Shirien


      Mmmm... I need to use my head... 

    4. Ssendom


      If anyone has learned anything about me. There is always something cooking.

  7. I made my final goodbye to Dom. Hope it was somewhere near decent. Enjoy the site people. Ans make sure to keep an eye on Opal, never trust the woman. :P

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    2. Ssendom


      I got an alt character. My gear will come back to me after I story rp it. (Thank you Friend Inventory Sharing)

    3. orhalimi


      OMG she killed you? XD
      So someone do kill a PK on this site 

    4. Ratatosk



      Can you tell me who your alt is? I want to meet the new berserker!

  8. Takao, I would like to note that most of staff were actually trying to KEEP me dead. I was truly the only one who brought up exactly how the skill was worded, and I FORCED the staff to regard the situation to exactly how they decided to deal with the entire "vulturing" issue when joining an OP. They decided to deal with the rule AS IS, then fix it after my death. I found the skill and caused the staff to deal with the way the skill was typed AS IS, and then they could fix it after wards. It isn't the staff's fault on how the situation was handled at that precise moment. It was the staff's faul
  9. Will edit later. Dom does a strike... blah blah blah... steps back and drops sword on shoulder. ID: 54947 BD: 9 (32 - 8 Fallen + 1 Crit = 25 * 12 = 300 - 30 = 270) Boss Stats: «HP»: 606 -270 «Mitigation»: 30 «Evasion»: 2 «Accuracy»: 2 Tristan 281/281 Hate: 5Zelrius 220/220 E: 25/52 Hate: 2Takao 205/205 E: 39/50 Hate: 2Manta 148/148 EN: 36/38 Hate: 0(Boss)Ssendom 193/193 E: 35/47 Hate: 2Jomei 169/169Opal 160/160Ebony 116/116(Boss)Mack 157/157Oikawa 169/169Ariel 185/185Macradon 153/153(Boss)Zandra 168/168Hikoru 104/104Flints 92/92Zero 120/120(Boss)
  10. 4 Crafting Days:

    21 Perfects
    15 Rares
    13 Uncommons
    23 Goods
    2 Fails (No fails in 2 straight days)

    1. Hikoru


      *slow claps* our food order for the wedding will be done in no time XD

  11. Dom waltzed into the shop of Zandra's as he had done many a time before, "Hey there girlie. Thank you for taking this offer up when I put up the trade on the notice board. Apparently so many people are scared to do my orders because they feel like they're pressured to do well. If you ever need anything Zandra, just ask. I'll fit the bill." He told her with an honest statement, grabbing his three Crafting Respite potions from the girl he turned to walk toward the door, "I'll be back when I am done with these three. And I really do mean it, if you or Jomei need anything I'll help you out in a he
  12. Dom is currently looking for an alchemist to fulfill an order of 20 Crafter's Respite Potions. For 120 mats and 50k col. PM me if you're interested in taking up the offer.

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    2. orhalimi


      I knew that my mouth would kill me one day

    3. Ssendom
    4. Amira


      Well, Pkers are also vulnerable to attacks from everyone. Disregarding them not being allowed in the safe zone, thats a pretty big penalty.

  13. Dom approached another event boss meeting, he walked straight to the center of the group and took out all of his empowerment items. Taking out a Damage Crystal and Food and Banner including a super spicy taco he increased his damage numbers by beyond absurd amounts. After he was finished with everything he consumed he ripped Despair out of it's Scabbard and jammed the tip of his blade in the ground with ferocious strength, "Alright, it's time to slaughter yet another boss. You ready for this Zelrius!?" He shouted at the Golden Haired Cocky boy, with a wicked grin as he was simply surging with
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