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  1. Hello everyone!

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    2. Hirru


      This is something to comeback to

    3. Teayre


      So uhhh..... A lot has changed... Where do I start xD

    4. Vigilon


      Maybe you could start in the 3.0 Conversion thread? Maybe the discord server? Idk, whichever one's more helpful should work.

  2. Open Party thread for anyone interested :3 


    1. Teayre


      This thread is inside Teayre's shop which is classed as a safezone and it's (hopefully) going to be purely RP based as I need to get back into the swing of things :3

    2. Macradon
    3. Teayre
  3. !Lurk

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    2. Macradon


      Was she ever anything else?


    3. Hikoru


      I mean, Mac's kinda right. We gotta do a thread though, Hikki has missed his guild mom xD

    4. Macradon


      Ooooooooh, Mac trying not to Kill Tea when he gets the chance would be a good plot


  4. Hello Lovelies

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    2. Calrex
    3. Spencer


      Not sure if you Remember me, but I was Clarence

    4. Teayre


      Yep I remember, Once I've got my head wrapped around any updates and my journal together (Damn you cal!) I'm going to post a thread for people if they're up for it :)


  5. So... What have I missed?

    1. Ruby


      from the replies you have been getting. pretty much nothin'.

    2. Zandra


      Well, since when?


    3. Hirru


      Since we have found the boss room, but no one will give us the bloody info

  6. @Hirru No pressure....

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    2. Helios


      u n d e r p r e s s u r e

    3. Nocturn


      Don't fall for @PieraPressure

    4. Piera


      *ten years later*

  7. Ummm... My Journal has been archieved? Whaaaaat?

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    2. Teayre
    3. Erroneous
    4. Teayre


      But I don't wanna be old! I wanna be young forever and ever and ever!

  8. Hey all, could you pm me if I owe you a reply please? Thankies <3

  9. Hi All, so after nearly two years on the site I'm going to be saying Ciao. Have way too much going on to have the time to RP. Have fun and cya.

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    2. Calrex


      No rush Tea, take all the time you need! :D

    3. Lessa


      I'm glad you're considering staying around.

    4. Macradon


      All these SAO-RPG Vets, all saying their goodbye ... It's so sad to see it happen, but it was bound to happen at some point. We will miss you, and I will remember you as "That Girl that would've killed me if those Baboons hadn't saved me by chaining me to their pole"

  10. So much love, that persuasion roll. Nat 20.
  11. Sorry to all the people I owe replies to, I was away for the weekend now back and getting on to the replies!

    1. Wolfie


      Take your time! The real world comes first!

  12. Last call for the boss fight! Join and sign up to a team ASAP I'll be placing my hand on the door and opening it soon!!!!

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    2. Hirru


      Yet you don't speak to Hirru personally.

    3. Opal


      @Hirru, you are in the vicinity of where Opal was talking. She's like right in that little cluster of people. xp

    4. Hirru


      Hirru's was getting berated by everyone at the same time, but everything has been set in motion.

      Check my latest post for the current team composition, I'm sure that everyone will be happy with it.

  13. Anyone up for doing Case of Wurms with Teayre at all?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Teayre


      Sounds cool, I'll get the first post up (Also throwing in searching for a dungeon on the 15th post)

    3. Teayre


      @Hirru my eyes are closing on me as I'm writing the first post so I'll get it up when I get up if that's alright?

    4. Hirru


      That's fine.  Hirru has Reveal as well.

      Again, I can wait.

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