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  1. WTB any amount of  T2 and T3 Materials. Offer Price.

    1. Kimi


      check out shields shop


    2. Macradon


      I'd sell some Mats for 850 for each T2 Mat, and 1400 for each T3 Mat

  2. Question, do we need the resident drug dealer back in Aincrad once again?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ryo


      Hate to break it to ya @Rain but being high in Aincrad is no more. Players can no longer experience those highs, highs from other drugs, or even being drunk.

    3. Rain


      But... yall need some high quality H2O. and other alchemy stuff.

    4. Ryo
  3. Sooooo, what'd I miss in the 2 or 3 months I was gone? ._.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rain
    3. Seul


      Not much. Still on floor 20. xD

    4. Hikoru


      *looks at himself* Hit level 60 and... Grandmastered my Unique Skill :D

  4. -1 Chinese Dao [T1, +1 Damage] Marching right into the shop, the wanderer heads straight to the counter where a familiar face stood. "Yo, you said you needed an uncommon item?" The wanderer spoke somewhat quietly, but in a stern tone. As he spoke, he slowly raised his right hand while keeping a stoic facial expression. His eyes looked that of disinterest as he tried to look the player in the eye. As soon as he finished his sentence, he flicks his fingers in the air and opens a trade window with the player. You see, earlier he had asked the wanderer if he had an uncommon item or a rare ite
  5. For anyone that's in the Nerius Event or wants to join, I have Flaming Weapon Potions in my shop! They're 450 Col or 3 T1 Mats a pop. You can either stop by my shop or grab one from me in the Nerius thread.

  6. Anyone up for dungeon runs? I want dat SP.

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    2. Itzal


      rank 5 S&D, reveal and detect, and finally +3 LD

    3. Rain


      xD hahaha damn. aight you look. I'll start a thread sometime tonight or tomorrow. There's thread i wanna finish tonight.

    4. Itzal


      Alright, I'll be busy tomorrow but I can post tomorrow night.  This week's packed XD

  7. Sup

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Calrex
    3. Rain


      Back... ish. xD I'm still drugged up on meds. .-.

    4. Yui


      Hey rain :D if you want to talk I'm on discord it's the Erin

  8. Sorry I disappeared... Jetlag + sick + allergies + sorethroat that i got from my friend.... It's been a poopy week. I'll be back tomorrow... I'm almost feeling better..

    1. Calrex


      Hope you feel better man!

    2. Baldur


      Hey! Welcome back my friend!

  9. Oh look... found some internet. Hope it's fast *crosses fingers*

  10. Gonna be gone for the next couple of days maybe up to a week due to traveling. Idk when I'll find internet.

    If you have orders, just place em in my shop, I'll get to them when I get back.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zandra


      Shall we skip you in our thread or shall we wait for your comeback?

    3. Rain


      hm.... I say skip, but can you guys stretched it? :o

      I don't wanna miss a lot.

    4. Baldur


      I'll try to have any posts I'm behind on for you ready when you get back

  11. Guys.... literally... free potions... grab them.. i just want the SP...  ;^;

    Also there's T2 stuff there cause last time @Seul tried looking for some. I know how broke you are dude... grab em.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rain


      b-b-but... you have orders in my shop waiting to be picked up. -_- I've been waiting and telling you...

    3. Seul


      I'VE BEEN BUSY! Plus limited inventory space. I'll go pick up the stuff now. xD

    4. Zandra


      @Rain I know your feel :)

  12. I wanted to keep this low key and just let it naturally bloom but i guess the 3 other people who popped in to see the thread is sketched out. xD Time for the - I guess - Bimonthly drug alchemy giveaway! - by yours truly.


  13. *cracks neck and knuckles*

    Okay, let's party.

    1. Baldur


      Woo! Welcome back! And thanks for posting on my familiar thread! :D

  14. I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm taking a break from the site. If you want to order potions, just leave em in my shop and will get to them when I get back. I'll be back in maybe a week. If you really need me just pm me on skype. Peace ✌

    1. Baldur


      See you when you get back!

    2. Cygnus


      See you on the flip side, Rain! Enjoy your break. :3

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