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  1. Oh glob, is this really happening again. >•<
  2. Kirbs saluted the white-haired man on her way in and grinned. Maybe it was from past experiences or she's finally feeling the effects of sleep deprivation, but she had expected the item to be finished later and not as quickly as it had actually come. She clapped her hands together and smiled as she collected the item. Again, it felt weird to be using another weapon other than her dagger. I mean, this thing is like three times bigger! Oh, the things she would impale with this weapon~. The redhead quickly remembered she had yet to pay the blacksmith and scrolled through her menu. After finally p
  3. Kirbs gleefully entered the shop and looked around wistfully. Boy, when was the last time she had come here? Now that she thought about it, had she ever even come here? She deadpanned as she walked over to Macradon. "Hellllllo, fair sir." She grinned happily before making her way to fill a request form. Once she finished, she gave him a small shrug and smiled. "No rush or anything but just message me ASAP when you finish it. I'll pay you back when I come back and get it too," she said one last time before waving goodbye and leaving the shop. @Macradon
  4. Skill(s) Being Dropped: R1 and R2 Dagger Skill SP Refunded: 13 Cost: 13,000
  5. Moi is finally back! If you're interested in rp'ing with me again (or for the first time ever), just message me in discord or on site.

    1. Matoyasu


      Hello. If you'd like, I'd be willing to rp with you and stuff. I just got my character approved, so it would be my first time actually rping on the site. My discord name is cremisius052 if you'd prefer to talk through there.

    2. Hazado


      Kirbs you always know what I will say and keep saying, I'm out of RP's so just tag one of the characters you want to RP with and we can get things on our way again.

  6. AIGHT. Sorry for those of you who wanted to do the second lessons with me. But I really, really, realllllly need to do it before I'm level fifteen so I'm just gonna do it by myself. Sorry for those who wanted to do it with me. >~< 

    1. Neopolitan


      Though you've already started, keep in mind that you would still get the rewards so long as you were in the requirements when you started the thread. On top of that, stats are locked in once you start a thread. So if you start a thread with your own post to lock your stats for the thread and then have that thread wait for others, you could still meet the requirements whille waiting (perhaps go do it for venomous warg so you don't miss those rewards either)

  7. Is anyone interested in doing the second lessons with me? Im literally too lazy to do 20 posts by myself so... yeah. Just message me if you’re up for it.

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    2. Ghost


      That sounds good, wait up Kirbs, we are gonna speed run this.


    3. Kirbs


      Alright, just message me when y’all are done~

    4. Mortambo


      I've already finished up the second one, but when you guys get to the third, I'll join up if you want a fourth member. Soloing does drag a bit. 

  8. Kirbs squeaked, launching her palm against Dustin’s shoulder. She pulled his ear down and hissed, “what the hell, mate? You know I wouldn’t date for the life of me! I’ll blow your bloody brains out if you ever pull a stunt like that again!” She seethed, pushing him away. She let out an inaudible sigh and massaged the bridge of her nose. “Boys these days, them and their blasted testosterone,” she muttered, turning her gaze back to Arabelle and her friend. ”So sorry about that,” she let out a nervous high pitched laugh. “He can be just... weird sometimes,” she made a sour face and scowled a
  9. "Ah, you're in the same guild, huh? That's interesting. Dusty boy never told me that he was in a guild." she mumbled, furrowing her brows. She guessed that she had to pry even more to get information about people— not that she didn’t mind or anything. “I always assumed he was a solo player since he was always alone when I bumped into him.” Kirbs shrugged, letting the thought slide away from her. @Arabelle She watched Arabelle turn to another player and began to chatter away. Taking the time she was given, the redhead. When she turned back around, she soon saw a familiar mop of hair c
  10. Kirbs focused her attention to the raffle winners, and she could’ve sworn she let out a groan when they called the names. Although she didn’t mind that much, it still kind of sucked that she didn’t win anything at all. Looking up, she heard a familiar, piping voice shout her name. “Oh, Arabelle was it? It didn’t really end... he probably went over to his girlfriend before I could throw another. That bloody bloke had some nerve to throw a snowball at me and not even fight back!” She exclaimed, crossing her arms with an annoyed face. I’ll get him back, she thought, he won’t see it bloody coming!
  11. Kirbs sighed as she saw Pinball get dragged off. Well that take cares of a lot of thing. She rolled her eyes and walked off to examine more of the event. Scanning over the items in the shop, she shuddered. Holy bajeesus. Those things cost more than all my bloody times I own! She grimaced and walked away. Nope, nope. I may like gifting, but no way in hell am I going to spend that much Col on some gifts! She walked over to an unfamiliar NPC. “Uh, hey! I heard there was a raffle, and I’d like to enter it please!” She grinned, putting on her cheeriest face. @Benny She looked around and f
  12. Kirbs raised an eyebrow as a small crowd of people started to form around a particular group. Oh, bloody hell. This is going to be the death of me. She pushed through some people and sighed. Oh, no ones dead. It’s only Pinball... wait what. She blinked, and then blinked again. “What’s Richard- I mean Pinball doing here?” She looked around and saw a familiar frontliner. She gave Hestia a certain look. And that certain look clearly asked ‘what the hell is going on?’ She frowned as she looked up at the taller player. “Do I know you from somewhere?” She narrowed her eyes at him with a hint of susp
  13. Kirbs reared as she felt something cold hit the side of her head. Whipping around, she scanned the surrounding groups of people. “I swear to god, whoever did that is going to get their bloody head chopped off!” She turned her head around at an unfamiliar voice. “You thought you could hide from me, Dustin?!” She huffed irritatedly, bending down to get a handful of snow. Forming into a ball, she launched it right into his face. “Frekin’ Yankee,” she muttered, crossing her arms in annoyance. Turning to the unfamiliarrirl, she broke out into a grin. “Thanks by the way. I would’ve gone bonker
  14. Kirbs rounded the corner and sighed happily. Oh sweet. Is there free food? There better be! She clapped her hands together excitedly and grinned. She walked around slowly, taking the sight in. Well... this is more than an average Christmas party... she whistled lowly as she scanned the crowds in the room. Jesus, why do all the people I know leave me alone in the world- she cut her question off when she walked head first into a person. “Ow...” she rubbed her head and frowned. Looking up, she raised an eyebrow. “Can you move next time, bub?” She asked irritatedly, frowning up at him. The night h
  15. Kirbs entered the shop with a cheery smile. Whoohoo, at last. I don’t have to stick with this crappy beginning dagger anymore. She glanced at the sheathed dagger on her hip. Time for a new weapon, whoop! Once she walked in, she quickly located Macradon. “Thanks a lot, uh... here’s your Col.” She paid him and grinned cheekily. “Thanks again,” she nodded to him and glanced around the shop before deciding to leave. “I guess I gotta get going now. Uh, bye!” She waved a hand to him and scurried out of the shop hurriedly. Whoop, finally have a new weapon. This is gonna be great. -900 Col +
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