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  1. He takes the glass of water from Freyd’s hand, smiling brightly. “T-thank you… so, so much.” He pours the water down his gullet, swallowing the ice cubes whole. “Huh? What? Oh- yeah, I didn’t expect it to be so hot. I’ve never been here before but some rando said I have to speak to an NOC named Abdullah. That he will give me a letter which I’ll then have to deliver to another NPC. Any idea where to find him?” He says, adjusting the blade on his back due to it being a bit crooked in the straps of his armor. He nods his head at Bee, then looks at the animal on her shoulder. “Woah what the h
  2. Sora was having.. a bad day, he has not eaten, he has nearly died four times, he has been lost for hours, and frankly… he has no idea what he is doing. He was sent out here, told by another player that there is an NPC by the name of Abdullah, and that all he has to do is speak to him for a travel quest, which wouldn’t require any combat. Of course Sora believed them, why would he not? He did not expect people to lie, considering the situation they all share. He still has yet to find any sort of shelter, nor has he seen a single player or NPC. He just walks slowly through the blistering he
  3. Profile: Username: Sora Real name: Morine Arashi Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5’8 Background: He was born to a middle class family in Osaka. His family was decently happy until his mother left his father for a more wealthy man. She left when Morine was only 5, and then 3 years later his father remarried, afterwards, his father and stepmother had a baby boy and named him Tada. However, his stepmother passed away due to complications arising from birth, leaving him, his father, and his newborn half-brother alone. If they thought things couldn’t get any worse, their fat
  4. Okay soo. I have returned to this server after about a year. My name is Oliver, you may call me Oli if you’d like. I’m a male, I’m now 22 and I’ve since graduated university and landed a position in the CSI Department at my local police department in Chicago. I was born in Ireland however, in a teeny-tiny village called Dingle. I then moved to America due to family issues and began secondary school there. Eventually getting into a university, where I studied chemistry, I got my associates degree a long with an internship. I’m big into gaming, literature, and cookin’. now
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