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  1. Van listened as the hosts bickered upon an answer for Oji, neither content with simply disagreeing on their opinions of the matter. She was glad her seat was as far away as it was, the distance between them made their voices much more reasonable in volume. Hopefully this conference would generate something positive as it currently gave the impression it would be nothing more than a bunch of grown adults throwing insults at one another and their nations. However, another player would soon take stand and suggest a more likely alternative, one that would have a reason to attack all of the nations
  2. Vanessa took her seat at the Ronbaru Roundtable, impressed by the grandeur of the theater. Everything here felt like it should have only been preserved for the elite, well beyond her status both here and in the real world. It really was a beautiful sight, though it was disappointingly rare that such luxuries were appointed for moments of glory. The civil unrest could be felt in the air, members of the audience angrily conversing about the reasons they had all gathered here. Vanessa wasn’t too happy about it either, even if she had yet to be directly involved with any side. The man began i
  3. Violet confirmed Vanessa’s earlier realization, this floor was beyond their capabilities. Both her and Senno would have been completely decimated had they ventured out here on their own. Thankfully these two kind souls would help them bridge that gap a bit, “Well, uh, thank you.” She didn’t know how to properly show her gratitude to either of them and didn’t fully know what Violet meant when she said give a head start. Feeling a little uncertain in her position in her fight, she considered whether or not it was worth even trying to damage the beast. A single point of damage wasn’t even on
  4. She felt a bit disappointed by her failed assault, but having never encountered such a thing, she didn’t take it to heart. Watching as Mina easily charged forwards and knocked it back with her rapier, she could feel the difference in strength. ‘She hit it so hard it got pushed?’ The woman would address her after asking a mysterious question to Freyd, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just never seen something this fast before.” However, with just as much speed, Freyd would show an even more tremendous gap in their strength. “WHAT WAS THAT?” He had flipped the whole gosh darn shark over. Vanessa rarely rai
  5. Vanessa let out a sigh of relief as an onlooker gave her a shout and waved her over. 'Ah, finally a kind soul.' Making her way over, she'd raise her hand to both of the girls, "Nice to meet you both, I'm Van." It felt bizarre, she was usually the only in a group with conspicuous hair, but she strangely fit in with these two gals. Accepting the gift, she looked at the details of it from the menu, surprised to have been just given such a valuable lifeline, "Um, thank you, but why-" A familiar voice would break her off mid-sentence, there weren't many voices she recognized her yet so it had
  6. This was the first time Vanessa had laid eyes on another floor. Much to her surprise, it felt like a completely different zone with the dry heat and sand in the air. A couple of strangers had recommended for her to come to this floor to level up more efficiently than on the first floor, though she still felt a bit hesitant in their advice. For some reason, they were quite a giddy bunch and it made the conversation easy to remember. "You can do much better than this floor, girlie." Another would follow up, "Floor 5's where the real grind is." "I've barely even been out of town here to
  7. Morningstar seemed like a pretty fitting name, but she couldn't bear how cute Star sounded for a boy, though she made sure not to accidentally reveal that thought. She watched as Star and the mystery girl would introduce themselves to each other, thinking it was neat that they both happened to share the same first letter for their names. A brief second later, she nearly choked on her thoughts as Valk proposed a question insinuating that the two were together, "No no no no no, we only just met a few moments before you came up to us... I-I happened to be here and he happened to show up..." She a
  8. Vanessa entered into the shop, full of vivid and strange scents. It was her first time entering an alchemist's store, but she had heard good things about Exellance Elexirium. From the gossip, even the frontliners were coming here for their supplies for the push to Floor 27. Clearly, they had to be a quality place to support such customers. Making her way to the counter, Vanessa would patiently wait for a member of staff to approach her, "Hi there, I was hoping that you might have a certain potion in stock? I need something that will help me with the familiar hunting quest." Payment
  9. Vanessa ran towards the entrance, hoping that this shop would have one in-stock. When she opened the door, she was completely thrown off to find a recording studio in front of her. She hadn't been to a shop like this before, least not one that wasn't just decorated in items for sale. Hesitant on how to handle this information, she would look around for someone that knew what they were doing, "Uhm, excuse me. I was looking to purchase a certain song for my travels. Am I in the right place for that? It's my first time here..." Item Purchased, -1 Materials:
  10. Vanessa had been looking into a quest for a few days now, preparing to capture an ally of her own. It had been advised to her to search for an artisan shop to increase one’s chances at success so she stood before The Evening Star. Opening the door and making her way inside, her presence would be alerted to those inside as the bell tinkled. She made her way down the path towards the store’s counter, keeping her eyes peeled for any good deals in the display cases. Luckily for her, one of them caught her eye – a small crystal trinket with exactly the enhancements she needed for her quest. Looking
  11. Vanessa was too engaged in her own mind space to notice the man approaching her, giving her an absolute startle when he spoke up. She instinctively clutched her chest as she backed away from the window, "Ahh... Uh... Sorry about that, you gave me quite the scare..." Breathing in and out for a bit to calm herself a bit, she responded to his ask, "Yes, this is actually my first quest. I was just checking out the shop to see what it might be about before heading in." She felt a bit flustered that she was caught off guard, knowing that if this was out there in the wild, she could've been attacked
  12. Vanessa received the notification from Rencesval and would swing by later that afternoon, eager to pick up her new equipment. Upon arriving, she would quickly make her way to the counter to pick up her fresh gear, showing her tremendous gratitude to the shopkeep, "Thank you so much again, I can't wait to finally go into the wild and try these out. I'll be sure to come back as soon as I can upgrade to a higher tier of gear!" She gleefully fitted herself in the armor and equipped the sword and shield, everything felt perfect. She bowed deeply then made her way outside, 'I'll have to make this up
  13. <<The First Lesson>> Party: Van, Morningstar, Valk Vanessa had finally gotten herself all geared up and prepared for her first journey into the wild. Even with the piece of mind of having proper equipment, she was still certainly nervous about the concept of player killers roaming out there. From her research, she should be able to handle any mobs she encountered at least. She wasn't quite sure what she would even do out there to be quite frank, beyond some mindless mob slaying, but any progress would be progress for a measly level one player. She shifted the sword ar
  14. Vanessa confirmed that she had finally made it to her destination with the sign in front of her and peeped through the blinds of the shop. Is this really going to happen or am I having my leg pulled? There was no reason for the kind soul at Freyd Edges to pull one over her, especially after giving her such a head start. She calmly took a breath, preparing herself before she would enter. Maybe I can get some equipment that better fits my needs... It was a long shot, but there was no way on Aincrad that she could turn this opportunity down. Opening the door, she quietly observed the surroun
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