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    Gaming, Anime, Singing, Art (admirer), Caring for Animals, Spending time with Family, Mexican Food :D
    (I forgot roleplaying games lol idk how)

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  1. Hello.
    I took a super long look at this whole server. I know that it's probably not as active as it once was. If I'm wrong about that, making myself look stupid and like an idiot, so be it. But, I just wanted to share my opinion... since this is my page. That's pretty nice of y'all. Giving us a page. It's cool. I like it. I REALLY LIKE this server as a whole, and I haven't even got to RP yet. Just the amount of time put into the server to keep it running, and alive is astounding to me. And I'm so glad I joined. I'm going to commit to this for as long as time allows me, which in my current predicament is great. Considering all I really have do is spend time with my family, and work. And my job is complicated but lets just say I have A LOT of down time. I only get like 20 customers a day at the store, in a whole 10 hour shift. So, yeah. Lot of free time. Get the picture? I really hope this community continues to thrive, and grow stronger in the coming months. I hope I can get stronger too. D: , If anyone wants to send me any tips that aren't rule breaking on your end, I'd super appreciate it! If you read this far... You rock! Why not say hey if you did? If not, that's cool too. :D See ya in RP one day soon when I'm not a low leveled noob.


    EXTRA BONUS CONTENT for anyone who is super curious about things that don't matter at all like ever in any given situation. Ever. 
    Should I have went with this Character Photo, or was I correct in keeping the one I currently have? :)





    1. Morningstar


      hi! have fun writing stories :)

    2. Macradon
    3. tricolor_mina


      :3c we're so happy to have you!!

  2. _Shin

    Shin's Journal

    PROFILE Username: _Shin Real Name: Tiensão, Shin Age: 22 Location: USA Gender: Male Height: 5' 11" Weight: 194 - Toned Background: The Orphaned Survivor Born into a close-knit family, he was the sole survivor of a devastating house fire that claimed the lives of his parents and siblings. Orphaned and emotionally scarred by the tragic incident, he found himself navigating the jarring corporeality of foster care. The system, in its entirety, was riddled with neglect and maltreatment, adding an abundance of trauma to this already shattered w
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