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    Gaming, Anime, Singing, Art (admirer), Caring for Animals, Spending time with Family, Mexican Food :D
    (I forgot roleplaying games lol idk how)

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My life changed a lot recently, specifically work. Allowing me more freedom, and ability to have free time when I am not at home caring for my family. Now, with so much extra time on my hands, I have taken it upon myself to become knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of this site, and after hours of inspection, I made this account. (also after mistakenly making "therealmilkman" on here, I was like "oops" after beginning the rules! BAHAHAHAHA.

A little about me, I recently began the process of getting enrolled into college. Having kids delayed me financially, and I'm not getting any richer, so I thought, why not? HEH! I'm the other half to running a vape shop. Being surrounded by nicotine all day isn't the best, but it could be worse. I could be smoking it and dying faster BAHAH. Gotcha, you smokers. Lol. All jokes aside though, it is a very good job, with lots of opportunities to take care of online endeavors.  

I work a lot, so it won't leave me much time to be on here when I'm with family. Not to fear, as the work laptop I bought is very compact and convenient so it makes for the perfect tool to join this community. I finally can! I honestly thought I'd never be able to get a computer and join. (I could've used my phone, but who has time for that? I got fat fingers D: )  See ya around! :P

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