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Section dedicated for collecting Player feedback.

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PT Event Feedback

Heyo everyone. Seeing as the playtest event is over, it's time to gather feedback. As you can see above, there's a poll on whichever system you prefer and would like to say. Please note that whichever system is decided to be overall the more desired of the two will stick around, in place of the other. That means if the playtest is found to be better overall, we'll be intergrating it into the site officially. We want to hear your opinions on the event, the combat and any crtisisms/improvements yo


ChaseR in Logistical Feedback

Staff Rewards

The topic of providing staff mechanical rewards (of any kind) for their efforts has generally been a taboo topic because of multiple reasons including skepticism from dubious intentions and a longstanding belief that staff work should be enough of a reward on its own.  However, a larger goal of staff and its individuals for the past couple of years has been to re-establish trust in staff in hopes of fostering a healthier environment. We’d like to bring it the topic to the table once more and cle
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