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PT Event Feedback



Which combat system would you rather see stick as the official one?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Which combat system would you rather see stick as the official one?

    • 3.0's Current System
    • PT's System

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  • Poll closes on 07/26/2021 at 08:59 PM

Heyo everyone. Seeing as the playtest event is over, it's time to gather feedback. As you can see above, there's a poll on whichever system you prefer and would like to say. Please note that whichever system is decided to be overall the more desired of the two will stick around, in place of the other. That means if the playtest is found to be better overall, we'll be intergrating it into the site officially. We want to hear your opinions on the event, the combat and any crtisisms/improvements you may have for us, so please, note them down in the replies alongside your vote, if possible.

As for the event, while it's over, players still have up to the 25th of July, 23:59ET to close any and all playtest related threads. Any threads submitted for closure past that will not be rewarded with mon or anything more than the standard rewards and loot obtained in said thread. Additionally, now would be a good time to head over by the event's page and take a look at Mintaka's Treasury and spend your mon. That's all for now- go ham. ^^

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Firstly, I'd like to say that I think that the Playtest system was masterfully made, the best system for balancing weapons that I've ever seen and I've been around since the first sword art was created. I think NIGHT and ChaseR need a serious round of applause and a crispy set of high fives for. The only thing I'm worried about with this new system is that certain enhancements becoming just far too powerful and some that have always been relatively underpowered. 

3.02 System Change Proposal
Note: All changes made are considered only if the PT Sword Art System is Implemented.  

► Holy and Fallen Damage
                 Reduce Effect from (2 per slot * Tier) to (1 per slot * Tier)

Holy and Fallen are way too powerful due to their incredible ability to scale with tier and multiplier. With the new PT system, even the ST-I and AOE-I sword arts are stronger than the 2.6 and 3.0 versions in most cases with the addition of specializing. With this increase, Holy and Fallen are too powerful to not use. For good measure, compare them to another enhancement that is widely considered to be one of the greats: Phase. The maximum mitigation that players are going to face up against is 200 or so. Against a target with 200 MIT, Phase can be considered to be a flat +100 DMG. This is essentially Phase's maximum output as it drastically downscales as the opponents does. However, a single slot of T4 Holy or Fallen on an ST-B deals +184 DMG (8*23) regardless of an opponents MIT. This is absolutely broken. I understand this is a major drawback to characters who focus on these enhancements (myself included) but we can't disagree with the fact that they are breaking the game and making content impossible to balance. As we progress through the game, this problem will only elevate.

► PT Stamina
Increase effect from -2 EN of all attacks to -3

Stamina is worth having for everyone, but honestly -2 is lackluster for the cost of SP. It'd be nice for an extra -1 EN. 

► PT Precision
               Decrease effect from +2 ACC to +1 ACC.

With the ability to choose both Precision and Ferocity, there is no longer a point for this being +2 ACC. With this in place, the amount of ACC a player can have is just far too insane. I think this needs to be drawn back so that it isn't worth a Rare Equipment piece. Nimble doesn't even match this and it requires a Mod slot instead of just a cheap add-on. 

► Combat Shift: Rounder
Change effect to: +2 to all Sword Art multipliers, +3 to EN cost.  No other Shifts may be taken.

Rounder isn't even seen a potential option thanks to how lackluster it is. Buff it up a bit, give it a higher additional cost and a couple player's may take some interest. If this is too powerful, increase the EN cost to 4.


► Absolute Accuracy
                        Change: Counts as a slot of ACC towards the cap. 

Once again, ACC is far too high, capping off currently at 10 (maybe 11, I might've missed a statue or some other random buff or skill) and Abs. ACC not only makes it impossible to miss, but also increases that amount even higher. Not as OP as Holy or Fallen, but it definitely serves as a powerful tool.


► Paralytic Venom (OFF.)

                       Add: -1 EVA to opponents for 1 turn who are immune to paralysis

I understand that Para. Venom has the highest range to activate; however, nearly every single boss is immune to Paralysis which makes Para. Venom the only unique disabling enhancement that does nothing to an immune target as typically, the bonus damage from Freeze is allowed through (which I agree with.) A little something for Para. Venom would be nice as it is one of the least used unique enhancements.

► Purify

                        Add: Removes all Debuffs as well



New Enhancements:

► Efficiency? 
Cost: 1 Slot
Cap: 3 Slots
Availability: Trinkets, Weapons
Adds +1 CD to an attacks roll, making it easier to activate ST-B

► Absolute Evasion
Cost: 1 Slot
Cap: 1 Slot
Availability: Cloth Armor
Effect: Enemy Minor Critical attacks (9 or 8 with Focus) no longer automatically hit. Gain +1 EVA. Counts towards the EVA enhancement cap. 




Hiding Skill and Stealth Changes:

Sorry, I RP a stealth character, ignore these if you want honestly. 

► Blindside and Untraceable
                            Remove Blindside and give Untraceable Blindside's +2 to Stealth Rating

Blindside is honestly the worst mod in the entire game if not for its +2 to stealth rating which is the only important thing about the mod then nobody would ever pick it up. -1 ACC on a critical attack from stealth is garbage. Crits from stealth don't even happen enough for me to remember the mod. Just trash it entirely and give Untraceable (which is only good for RP purposes honestly) the love it deserves. 


► Mechanical Change to Vanish 

Vanish is a free action that a player activates at the beginning of their turn, rolls against a opponents stealth detection, and then attacks. The way this sounds roleplay wise is just really weird. I stealth and then actively hide against the opponent? No, it needs to be changed. 

The only reason Vanish is still this way is because there was some individuals against the idea of End-Turn Free-actions. The problem with this is that Vanish needs to be an End-Turn free action. As it stands, Vanish is literally just auto-hit expensive charge. It makes no use of thematical stealth and hiding from an opponent at all. 

Change Vanish to activate at the end of a turn where instead it becomes more of a defensive mechanic than pure offense. The opposing side will then roll their search roll against the stealthed player. (That actually makes sense doesn't it? The searcher looking for the hiding player instead of hiding away from someone's search.) This gives Stealth what it was intended to do, to be able to avoid damage occasionally. Since Stealth is intended mostly for Cloth Armor (the armor with far less durability) it inherently makes so much more sense. 

Of course, this would also mean that Vanish-on-kill would activate immediately instead of the next turn (which also just flows so much smoother)

And for those that could be against this change, I may remind you that this would just change Vanish to act like Stealth since a normal stealth activation would cause the enemy to search instead of rolling against their search rating. 

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