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  1. Kosan saw that his item was ready, so he made his way back to the shop. He did not expect much, keeping in mind the small amount of time that passed to make the item, but he was going to see it, that was the least he could do. As he made his way into the shop, at the counter, there was Hei. "So, this is the cloak" Kosan said, as Hei unveiled his craft. It looked just like Kosan expected it to look, and from what he could see, it had the stats Kosan needed. "It is looking good. Glad you did not dissapoint. I expected a mess when i came back here, especially because it was done so fast. But good
  2. Prices : (OOC) I am a rank 7 Blacksmith 890/1280 EXP, Shop is now open
  3. Name: The Darkin Coat Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: leave blank Roll: leave blank Item Type: Coat Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 Evasion Description: Use my "How Kosan looks" in the signature for description Post Link: leave blank Kosan entered the store, with a grim look on his face. "Hello there", as he walked over to the counter and looked at what the tailor has to offer. "Hmpf" he muttered, as nothing that was on there was interesting him. "I would like to place a personalized order, i need a new coat, you see, as m
  4. Well, i am back now, and i am glad to be back.

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    2. Pinball


      ill help if you marry me irl

    3. Calrex


      Wholly cow welcome back! XD

    4. Kosan


      HEY ! CALREEX, MISSED YA BUD ! We have to get into Discord and chat


  5. Anyone needs a player for a RP ? I am available... noone wants to RP with me :(

    1. Macradon


      I'm free for RP :)

    2. Lee


      I got time and nothin much to do myself either

    3. Kosan


      Then fell free to make a post and invite me , i will RP for sure !

  6. Any OP's/PP's that need one more guy ? I am available for RP's.

  7. Hello .. I am back ^_^ .. How is everyone ... ? i am not so great . Same skype ((kosankiller)) for old players if you guys wanna add me.

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    2. Kalesh


      Sword arts work like this:

      a 1x1 sword art means it hits one time at one times the power of your base damage. So suppose your sword hits six damage, and you use a sword art that is a 2x3. You would hit twice for three times the power, aka, 36 damage total. Oh, AOE sword arts hit up to 4 enemies but cost double energy (explained in the normal tutorials) and stun sword arts cost 3 extra.

      If you have other questions feel free to PM :D

      Oh, levels are just your SP and the chart in the tutorials.

    3. Azide


      Ahahaha, looks like Kalesh has basically explained the basics, although you're free to PM me for any questions you have as well. On top of that, PST's include Takao, Lowenthal, Jomei, Ssendom, and Azrael.

    4. Toothpick


      I guess you could say that Kosan.....


      Refused to be a memory 

  8. 500+ profile views ? STOP SPYING ME YOU CREEPS

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      -spies harder-

    2. Calrex


      Quick Everyone look at Kosan's profile!

  9. I still need 2 peeps for my OP thread .. anyone feels like joinin ? I don't bite ..

    1. Helios


      I'll join ^^

    2. Helios


      Mmm, maybe not haha. Theres a lot of people in it :P

  10. Guess who is back ...

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    2. Kosan


      Kalimera , HALLO

    3. tr1ck


      ^^^ you could cause you can so you doooo

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      'I see dead people!' WB Kosan..FYI the thread with you me amri daeron and co. is still on.

  11. How are you peeps ?..

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    2. Zeri


      I said sort of

    3. Calrex
    4. Teayre


      *still hugs Kiru ic and oc* Hugs are awesome :P

  12. So fun fuuun fuuuun~ .. People are dying ! Yay ~ ! I'll make Kosan kill people as well for suuure •v°

    1. Calrex


      NOOO Don't add to the madness! XD

  13. aaaaaaand I'm not leaving anymore !.. I know some would miss me , and some would be happy if I were to leave , but I decided I'll stick around.Watch out , Kosan is Back !

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    2. Baldur


      I guess you're glad Mari didn't kill you like you asked her to :P

    3. Kiru



    4. Mari


      Good to see you stay; be it as Kosan or as another character :)

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