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    Gaming for sure, I like to watch anime too (obviously, come on, I am here.), and I also enjoy reading which is a major bonus if you are into RP like me.

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  1. When Kalesh had taken a look at his order he raised a brow when the stats didn't quite align. The main points were there, however. Kalesh quickly equips the armor and takes a deep breath as he raised a clawed arm. He jabbed downward, stabbing his pointed metal fingertips towards the breastplate! It didn't shatter or otherwise give way, and so the red maned man nodded to the tailor "This'll do, thank you for the hard work, the important part was the defense!" He gives a wink, a satisfied customer despite the order not being top-tier. He picks up the col coins and gives Creius a thumbs-up. "Best
  2. Kalesh had been exploring the first floor's merchant district in search of a tailor to make him some armor. His usual stop was on vacation after making him the coat for the matching piece of armor he needed. He stopped himself in front a somewhat un-dramatic shop and shrugged his shoulders softly "That'll do." He says as he puts on a smile and opens the door to the shop to enter. His eyes glanced around his surroundings as he approached the front desk. His eyes did glance across the items he had in stock but none quite filled the bill for what he was going to be needing for his build. "Hello,
  3. So, when do you think Kayaba is gonna have a troll boss that's just a single solitary puppy that doesn't even attack us but we still need to kill to progress?

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    2. Mack


      Veil of Grief, no it will drop the Emo Kid Skull Cap

      Emo Kid Skull Cap: -1000 Mit, -20 DMG, -10 EVA, -10 ACC. A black skull cap that causes the wearer to become emotional and weepy. It also incites them to create drama and unrest among their friends, and to hide everyone's left boot in a misguided attempt to protect them.

      "Nobody understands my emotions, man."

    3. Kalesh


      Ooh~! hard mode enabled! Tell me, does that negative mitigation mean being damaged does MORE damage to me?

      Pity there is no pickpocket skill, we'd have some Oblivion enchanted armor pickpocket situations. Spoiler: Enchanting your gauntlets with fire doesn't let you do fire damage unarmed in that game.

    4. Mack


      Yes, if you wear the "Emo Kid Skull Cap" it will, literally, add a 1000 DMG every time you get hit and you won't be able to dodge. You'll be too focused on your own problems and life to see what's happening around you.

  4. Kalesh smiled as he saw the coat with thorns he ordered get completed first, realizing he had to be somewhere he quickly picks up his col and the order for his armor as he takes his jacket. "Thanks, I might be back some other time but for now I need to get going, see you around and thanks again for the jacket!" He puts the items in his hands into his inventory. He gives the white lion cub a quick scratch on the head and then heads out of the shop with his items happily. "Ciao~" He says as the door's bell rung to announce his exit. +Reflective Measures +3350 Col
  5. Who wants to give me one material to sacrifice to the watery abyss of fishing?.I just need one more to churn out my daily cap and stuff :P

    Warning: There is a straight 75% chance of the catch failing and becoming a boot or dead fish. After that I get to check the CD

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    2. Kalesh




    3. Rain


      *drive-by thumbs up*

    4. Calrex


      "Watery Abyss of Fishing" is right XD

  6. In honor of the dead Monkey King, I present to you all a meme from the unlisted depths of youtube. Also, hooray, 5 levels advanced rather fast, thanks for the help so far~ Making good progress! (Obligatory warning because PG-13, the F word is stated one time during the final three seconds of the video xD)


    1. Zandra


      I dont even hear what he sings xD

      Except he has no style he has no grace

  7. While waiting for his order to be filled out, he suddenly got the idea for another order! With a smile he wrote up a second order and set out materials to pay now. "Ooh, a little something extra to go with the breastplate I think." He says while pushing the filled out order for towards Ariel to examine alongside the first. He figured that a coat with thorns could prove useful when worn over armor that focused on mitigation instead of evasion. That way the damage he did take would lead to his enemies being hurt too. It wasn't an overly complex plan, but it was his. -11 Materials
  8. Welp, that's enough grave-digging for one day. *dusts off hands*

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    2. Seul


      That's something a member of Giggling Casket would say. 

      Or an undercover agent for Chuckling Sarcophagus.

    3. Kalesh


      "What about an informant for Snickering Urn?" 

      It's a much better name and I am going to fully admit to deleting my previous message because I HAVE THAT POWER!!

    4. Grave


      Can people stop digging me? It's creepyyyy >.>

  9. Requesting help with leveling up quick in preparation for Floor Boss!


  10. Kalesh found himself inside Ariel's shop once again. It seemed she had a repeat customer if nothing else, and while his jacket had and likely would serve him well in the future, it was time for something new. He had passed the tier threshold and decided to put that to his advantage for the future. "Hello again!" The crimson maned player said once he had entered the blonde's shop and as per usual approached the custom order forms. "How are things?" He asks curiously while filling out all the information for the order. "I plan to try and help out with the boss fights from now on, so I am going t
  11. Not to alarm you, @Takao, but I think you've got an impostor!


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    2. Rain


      (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Takao


      ( ͠° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Kalesh


      I am genuinely disappointed it took me this long to post this.


  12. Anyone yet to do Let There Be Light? Offering a hand since for one reason or another mine never got done.

    It's better than spending two posts in combat and 18 posts messing around :P

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    2. Kalesh


      I got no problem with it if they don't :P

      That said I am drawing the line at four people, not going any higher, sorry folks!

    3. Khrysaor


      Alright, thanks.

      Should I go ahead and reply or do you want Rain and Sierra to agree to me joining before I reply.

    4. Rain


      I have no qualms with him joining.

  13. The final boss of Calming the Soul was never the fourth demon's stats or the RNG.

    It was my own lack of creativity and coming up with four inner demons. @_@

  14. Well, I am 100% out of materials. Who wants to give me a 'welcome back gift'? :D I kid, it would be nothing but cruel~! They'd all be poured into the watery abyss!!

    On a more serious note I am kinda curious if there are any fire items around/left? I know merchants can 'make' them in a way, but I just wanted to know the odds of getting one and just... Actually I am now realizing VIP vouchers aren't a thing anymore so I can't change weapon type easily....

    Basically my end-game is to have claws that have fire attributes :P Also I only know of one fire weapon but I am pretty sure I am not worthy of inheriting it after its original owner's demise. :P Let alone change it into a non-sword.

    1. Rain


      If I remember correctly, you can change weapon types using a demonic egg. Now, how you get one... idk. x.x

    2. Kalesh


      Ah, I see. Will do some research later. That's assuming there aren't already flaming claws xD I have no idea, been MIA so I haven't been keeping tracks.

      The other option of course is to use the fabled Twinfire Sword that Zel used to have. I mean, I think it could be cool for claws. One hand being one color of fire, and the other being the second color. Really put the 'twin' in twinfire. Not many other weapon types get that advantage~!

      If it were up to ME I'd rename them into Red Oni's Left Arm and Blue Oni's Right Arm or something akin to that.

  15. It... It finally happened... I caught a decent quality monster fish!

    *wipes away single tear* After three ranks, it all pays off at last!

    1. Calrex
    2. Kalesh


      I made them all into +1 BD fish because why not. ALL THE ACCURACY!!

      Also because I demand every enhancement be a unique species and I already have that one done. SO yeah.

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