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  1. Upgrading Basic Workshop to Extended Workshop. (Chef's Kitchen) Cost: 15,000 Col
  2. Black decided that he needed something extremely useful to his cause of becoming a better chef. He knew he had to go to a place that had the supply to meet his demand. "Everything is an investment. If you can't invest in yourself. Who's going to invest in your cooking!" Black stormed in with dynamic flair in a Chef's Apron and tied his headband across his head with over-the-top energy. He walked inside and grabbed the custom tool that he needed for gaining EXP and paid the amount for it. "I promised myself to be the best Chef in all of Aincrad! So, I'll definitely be needing this!" He cast a w
  3. Black begins to walk up to the floor after canvassing the terrain of the foreign territory. He knew he shouldn't be up here, but he felt as long as he kept to the safe paths that the info brokers had marked out that he would be fine. Black noticed a casual shop that seemed like it just recently had it's kickstart and got setup. He squinted at the window and checked out the clothes to be found there. He bobs his head and walks in. "Yo, Kyoto, holy shi-..I see you did some good things with that money we earned." I wanted to cop that shirt you got back there. He says pointing at the shirt that ga
  4. Black had arrived after receiving a notification that his items had been finished. "Goodness you are fast fast. I bet you pump out more steel than a gun factory in this place." He quips as he looks around at all the masterworks. " Black then chuckled. You get things done faster, too, it seems. I was waiting on an order for a week from one guy. " He states as he opens the trade menu. "Seven T1 Mats. Here you go!" -7 T1 Mats
  5. Black entered and slid the note on the counter. He took a moment to admire the scenery before he flashed a smile at the discount disclaimer for beginners. "Ayyeee, that's what's up. Giving back to the people. That's a good look." He beamed with delight at the Blackamith. "I got two orders for you. Shield takes priority though." "Oh, and by the way. I'm under level 15." He says as he goes to show his stats. @Macradon
  6. Hey guys! I'm down for some RP and I'm on pretty much all times of the day for American and EU RPers. I'm looking to have Black socialize and get in some nice adventures! PM me so we can collaborate on some awesome RP! 

  7. House Name: Mujuushin Kenjutsu Dojo Location: 6th Floor - Waterfall of the Sage Location Description: The most calming area of the entire floor, an area where rain never raises... a place where stress is released, a place where happiness never sleeps. It serves as a attraction for many players for dates, or for a place to just calm down after the events of this game. It is said though on players arrival to the waterfall they are found in their minds to fight against their biggest threats... the demon's that lay in their minds. Warnings are given to players to not touch the ones that
  8. Profile Username: Black Real name: Ricky Benton (Lance Corporal of the United States Marine Corps) Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5 feet 10 inches About: History/personality During Ricky's adolescent years, he grew up in the dense metropolitan city of Houston, Texas in 1992. He was the only child of a low income warehouse worker and a retail store clerk which afforded him a meager lot in life as he grew up in the rough neighborhood of Greenspoint. This habitat was known for gang violence, narcotics, high crime rates. It was an urban district often known as "Gunspoint". It
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