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  1. Kityuisa was feeling generous for some reason, feeling... Like her end was near, I want to find an alchemist that I can donate my resources to... Just in case, so that they can learn more in the ways of the same craft and the same path that I walked down on... Kityuisa's eyes then fell upon the cutest shop. It was vastly different than her own shop. Much different. Kityuisa walked on in and noticed right away the kawaii girl standing near to her. "Hello there! My name is Kityuisa! I couldn't help but notice how lovely your shop is.." Kityuisa twiddled her thumbs together, "I have a
  2. @Yukiro As I was randomly wondering what to do with this weapon that I can't use.. I chose you. Take it and do what you will with it. GAVE ITEM TO YUKIRO: Item: T2 Demonic 2HSS [1 Fallen, 3 ACC]
  3. Using (1) Devil's Egg - [Unique Item] - Changes the type of an item as long as applicable. Example: OHSS -> THASS on... to...
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