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  1. ID:176058A (T3/Shield/Perfect) BD: CD: LD: 187833 10 7 19 Holy Bless/Paralytic Venom (Def) 187836 1 3 7 Taunt/Paralyze 176876 10 8 16 Holy Bless/Paralytic Venom (Def) Name: Bittersweet Reception - Halcyon +4 Profession: Merchant R
  2. Oh, he was mad. Furious, even. But before a man such as Bahr, what was Jackpot to do? He knew that he couldn't really force Bahr to do anything. And though he suspected the Kingslayer wouldn't actually harm him were they to exchange in disagreement, there actually wasn't a guarantee in the matter. At the very least, his threats to visit other shops rang true. Despite the hole Jackpot had dug for himself at the hands of all of Bahr's freebies, were it not for the crimson-clad rascal, Jackpot figured he'd probably have no business at all. "Fine." And so he took the item, applied Asgard
  3. Name: Nightmare Sash Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 10 ID: 187792 Roll: CD: 12 Item Type: Cloth Armor Tier: 4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: EVA | EVA | Risky Description: "For every light, there is dark. For every dream, a nightmare." Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r10-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&comment=638452 Upgraded to Demonic and roll from the Appraiser table with Asgard's Finery. [Obtained Here] Result: ID: 187841 | LD: 14 x2 Reroll Tickets [Obtained Here] used on the newly created slot. Results: ID: 187842 | LD: 20 ID: 1
  4. Man, he sure was tenacious. While Jackpot could respect the contumacy of Bahr's endless barrage of requests, he would be lying if he said it wasn't quite annoying. What's more, it had been a while since the crimson-clad marauder had actually paid for any of these orders. "... Alright," he relented, reluctantly. "But here's the deal. This is your last free order. You hear me? I do this for you, then my debt is paid. I'm going to go broke running all these commissions for you for free. I mean, hell, at this rate you're singlehandedly responsible for keeping me in the red for the past six months.
  5. ID:176582A (T3/Shield/Perfect) BD: CD: LD: 176905 10 8 6 Bloodclot/Para Immune 176906 8 5 9 Taunt/Paralyze 176907 8 7 20 Mitigation/Thorns Name: End to War - Rose Departure Profession: Merchant Rank: 5
  6. Jackpot was jolted awake by the sudden clattering of the proverbial armory that had just been dropped in his shop, scowling at the crimson-clad warrior who had spurred their wake. Though his eyes were narrowed with grief and crusted by the Sandman's handiwork, he still cracked a wry grin at Bahr's inquiry. "You're slipping in your old age," the salesman said. "There's only three shields here - not four." "But to answer your question, yes. I should be able to take a crack at it." Summoning a magnifying glass, Jackpot got to work. In a matter of minutes, the process was complete.
  7. Current Level: 10 Current SP: 22 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Item ID: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Rarity: Item Enhancements: Description: Item Name: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Enhancements: Description: ITEM #2 Item Name: Item ID: Item Tier: Item Type: Item Rarity:
  8. Jackpot visibly recoiled as he inspected the bizarre concoction, doing his best to hold back a gag reflex that seemed wholly unrelenting. "That's... disgusting..." he remarked, pinching his nose so as to prevent its putrid stench from entering his body. "At least it's done now," he concluded, voice significantly more nasal-y on account of the pinched nose. He took a few steps backward, feigning a puke lurch as he did so, and distanced himself between the dainty woman and the meat liquid she'd crafted. Though her anxious tutor seemed proud of her pupil, Jackpot was anything but. "Don't com
  9. What was this bizarre flattery? A mob like that was the bare minimum someone like Jackpot could be expected to run into. He hadn't done a lot of damage - in fact, his output had been abysmal. Elora could probably squeeze out more damage points than he could. "I appreciate the kind words, but-" "IT'S A CARROT! JACKPOT, I PICKED A CARROT!" What? She'd found a carrot. In a stump. "Wow," Jackpot remarked, genuine enthusiastic surprise lighting his face ablaze. "Haven't seen that before. Usually when I fist a tree I'll get, like, acorns. Or twigs or... something tree-related. Ne
  10. Jackpot was only mildly annoyed when she asked if he, too, was an Alchemist. "Like I told you when we met - I'm a Merchant. Essentially one of the appraisers of Aincrad." The more he thought about it, the more unlikely it seemed that she would have overlooked something like that while assuming he was blind. How could he appraise items if he couldn't even see them? This, coupled with the fact that she'd legitimately just asked him if he was an Alchemist, led him to believe that she'd nary listened to a word he'd said since they met. "Sometimes I'll fist monsters, too," he admitted with a s
  11. Jackpot could feel his face skin and eyelids being pulled down toward his chin, almost peeling like the skin from a banana as he held back a groan in response to her obvious guilt trip. "No, you didn't force me to do shit," he responded. "And I came all the way out here already, so I may as well stick around until you learn to pick a flower properly." With a huff, he sat up, then pushed off from the ground into a standing position. He outstretched a single, open palm, beckoning the slender woman to grab hold and raise to her feet. "I don't want to fight another crab. Let's do this qu
  12. "Knowing your luck, probably not," Jackpot murmured as he fell into the grass beside his companion, a single forearm draped dramatically over his eyes as though to hide the shame of his deceptive endeavors being brought to light. It's never fun to get caught in a lie, and he'd been caught in a big one. Even though he assumed he may never see Elora again after this encounter, it was still embarrassing to have someone see him in such a pathetic state. Not only was he a liar - he was a coward. Had lying to save himself the shame of his blunders in the beginning really been worth the shame he
  13. Though Elora's lingering disdain was painfully evident, Jackpot didn't have the luxury of lamenting over it. Before them stood a grotesque, deadly crustacean. That was walking around the fields of the first floor. Somehow. "Right," he muttered as his brief respite from the throes of battle was relinquished. He was up to bat again, and only with measured precision and practiced movement would he be capable of pulling any damage through. Or, you know, dumb luck. Because as it turned out, grass wasn't the only thing that blanketed the fields of the first floor. Seemingly immovable
  14. Jackpot nearly had to duck to avoid the spear as it sailed past his head (and the mob) before lodging into a nearby tree. If he hadn't known better, he may have assumed that she was actually aiming at him instead of their shared adversary. A part of him did assume that, which only exacerbated the shaking in his knees. "H-Hey now, let's-s not get hasty here..." he managed between labored breaths as he held his hands up in a disarming manner. The crab's gigantic pincer came down between the two players as they distracted themselves with the revelation of Jackpot's sight, reducing the earth
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