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  1. Thread Summary [Total] Kura | +200XP, +400col
  2. it took him a while, but the answer was simple. reductive. spread one's odds around enough, and quantity would best probability, even with the worst of margins. this made sense to cardinal, made sense to the reporter of troubles. but it hurt, didn't it? cardinal's gift to sentient kind. numbness remained on the tip of her tongue; at the back of her throat, stars from the lake of reflection dug deep into her vessel. the passage of time, observed when she closed her eyes. seconds ticking by. minutes and hours. each moment in the passing held its own value of pain. two pieces of informa
  3. Her head turned if only to examine the item her carried out. No, she didn't need to have done so, having already seen it from moments before. Listening to this player speak, placing his faith in others... "I see," the entity replied. There was a lack of understanding behind her words as she spoke. because players were such confusing subjects, weren't they? even after observing them for so long, she thought she could've figured them out. but she can't. and every one of them is like this? DAY's eyes remained, contemplative, on the trinket for as long as it remained held out for he
  4. strange, how that feeling of muted rage almost paralleled her own. Two careful blinks. The entity watched him carefully. strange, how this player barely knew her other, and somehow wouldn't judge her as an objective figure. "—Is that so?" strange, how the player before her was upset, upset at all, because there was no way his reasons would match her own. so where did that conviction come from? In the interim, she could read his expression. A glance down at his pockets, a lingered gaze; those items carried her person's signature. So he knew of the player, in actuality.
  5. A Gemini of...— "—Is that so?" DAY's smile was bright, as though it could chase away the clouds in the sky. There was a humor in this situation, an irony in his speech. When her eyes opened from glee, she waved her cone around, hold on her smirk almost slipping. "Well, I happen to know of them running around, to be honest. And actually..." Her mouth met ice cream once again, just shy of a bite, and she stared at Kura, gaze shy of traces of deception. "They change their appearance a lot, you know?" She let herself take a pause before speaking, licking away the sugar and fros
  6. "Mm, yeah~?" A welcome surprise, just like the ice cream. DAY had to fight her instinct on laughing despite the food in her mouth. Firm enough to remain in her mouth even as she spoke; it felt as though it was supposed to be chewable, yet it failed to hold under pressure despite its malleable texture. NIGHT was right on this endeavour, the entity noted, as she nodded to Kura's speech. Nothing else mattered but a sudden glow of pride. "You should tell my partner that," she hummed, continuing to twirl the cone in her hands. "You know, the other player from the other day? I bet s
  7. A shuffling of fingers, the entity twirling the cone in her hand absent-mindedly. Her other rested on her waist, eyes watching the tip of her ice cream as she spun it around. "So, about yesterday. I heard you were looking for a Quest NPC, is that right?" More information that went unfiltered; neither of them seemed to respect the idea that the other wouldn't have known about their meet from the previous day, assumptions entirely glossed over. DAY took a bite of her treat as she filtered through Kura's response. She waited until she'd savored the portion before piping up with a query. "Wha
  8. Daemien's shop wasn't nearby, and neither was it flavorful. A pity, because had the man figured out his way through Cardinal's secrets, it would be no doubt that players would be flocking to his store no matter where he went. Maybe he could even afford enough to setup a static front, too, instead of needing to cart his lifestyle around. On the other hand, the first floor made shopping quite the convenience. Just a few days ago, new players had appeared with different sorts of cuisines, desserts being one of them, a sort that Daemien wasn't keen on making. Ice cream. Turkish ice
  9. —There was no space in the interim that she could recover from this, not without touting the stranger as a miscreant, an unfortunate witness to her crime. NIGHT thought twice about the questions that would be fired her way given a few moments, the inspection, the attention her mistake would unwillingly draw, gods she was a fool, she should've never let herself slip up this easily— And as for her accomplice, the construct blinked twice, signs of a grin rising on her face, pride near spilling from her expression. "Hah! See, NIGHT? Even the other players can see that I'm special! Well, not t
  10. "I'm looking for what I think is a quest NPC. She was blonde if I recall correctly." [✓] Quest NPC? Check. [✓] Blonde? Check. That list of requirements ran through her head as she stared blankly at the stranger. A blink, before she understood his instructions. "... Mm." Her head turned to the side, looking back into her home. How did she call for her housemate, again? Her thoughts went back to Lynn, mouth searching for the words. Instead, her head rested against the edge of the door, eyes nearly closed as she let out a sigh. Her holler bounced down the hallway. "DAY,
  11. It was a beautiful DAY that NIGHT woke up to again. No, she would never admit it. No, she didn't let herself linger the moment she cracked open her eyes. The bed she slipped out of was warm, player not even giving that silent NPC a glance; if she'd stayed for too long, found her gaze lingering, that foul beast would awaken. There was already a sun out for the morning, NIGHT didn't need another star so soon in her schedule. A quick wash in the bathroom. Hasty paces downstairs. The woman had a towel in her hands as she dried them off, finding herself still groggy from the sudden r
  12. Something very wrong had to be up with this dungeon. For you see, NIGHT couldn't tell what any of her party members were doing. In actuality, she knew they must've been hemorrhaging the next boss on their gauntlet. A shift in terrain; they fell out of the sky, most likely, and had somehow landed in a dark interior where the wolf bound in chains had snapped himself out of tethers. And that large man by their side? She hated his presence; no, they didn't need any help, she believed, and neither did she have a reason to trust Cardinal in a combat capacity. But neither could she her int
  13. SHIROGANE | Approved. Total EXP: 4500 Total SP: 50 Current Level: 10 Notes: // PLINI | Approved. Total EXP: 4000 Total SP: 45 Current Level: 9 Notes: //
  14. The odachi was wrapped in silk when she brought it to his store. Must've been strange a sight; weapon in hand, grasped at the middle of its blade, NIGHT knocking at the entrance of a random eatery before forcing her way in. There should've been an alarm or a call from its owner at her trespassing. It didn't matter if there happened to be neither. The player slid the weapon, neatly bundled, onto one of the nearby tables. With a quick glance, she stole another look at the menu and the hotdogs on sale. There was a thought to purchase something while she was here. The thought, just like
  15. It's fine. For some reason, Cardinal had decided that, just in case no one had seen NIGHT stumble from earlier, she'd put on another show for them in due spirit of the occasion. Like they hadn't been fools to have challenged the dungeon without coming in fully prepared -- Oh wait, was that only applicable to NIGHT? She ruminated on this when her rush into the centerfold only garnered her a missed strike. The force of following through with Galaxy Destroyer was great, even as she attempted to redirect it diagonally elsewhere once Hel had started to shift, bending to the wills of her t
  16. BEAT | Approved. Total EXP: 266750 Total SP: 185 Current Level: 31 Paragon Level: 33 Unlocked Paragon Rewards: Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 10% of EXP earned in that thread. Lv. 10 | +3% EXP Gain. Lv. 25 | Gleaming Scale (3), Equipment Change Ticket (1), Free SP Reset (1) Notes: // CORDELIA | Approved. Total EXP: 212000 Total SP: 180 Current Level: 31 Paragon Level: 28 Unlocked Paragon Rewards: Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 10% of EXP earn
  17. Hey! Staff is currently looking to update 3.0 systems. From previous discussions, this has meant ideas like working on Sword Arts to remove cooldowns. Today, we'd like to gauge interest on another aspect of the game that 3.0 has brought about: Unique Skills (US) and Custom Skills (CS). The way to obtain a Unique Skill is simple: at the time of writing, Level 31 characters may submit a thread every week to roll for a US. There are 10 US available to players at the moment, meaning that once ten Level 31 characters have succeeded in obtaining a US, no other players may roll upon it to obtain
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